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It isn’t always easy to design your home. Luckily, we’re here with some interesting tips from the pros.

Designer Speak: How to Style Your Home Interiors like a Pro -
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Change the way you view and experience tiles with Somany Ceramics’ Tile Visualizer. #VirtualReality
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Change the way you view sanitary ware with our new and smart French collection.

Somany’s New French Collection Is Style with Substance -
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This Valentine's Day, celebrate trust, stability and loyalty - Celebrate Love. Somany Ceramics' wishes you and your special one, a very Happy Valentine's Day.
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If a long bath is all you need at the end of a working day, then the ambience of your bathroom will be best enhanced by calming colours and textures from Somany Ceramics.
What makes you love your space? Tell us and win exciting prizes!
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Somany tiles help you adorn your favourite corner with soothing colours, giving you the freedom to enjoy your Sunday morning coffee with a smile on your face.
Tell us why you love your space and win an exciting gift for your Valentine. #ValentilesDay
Nothing in the world relieves stress like reaching home after a long day. Especially when that home is a reflection of your style. Let Somany help you transform your dream home this year.

Why do you love your space? Tell us and win an exciting prize. #ValentilesDay
Home is where the heart is, and we at Somany Ceramics try to help you express your love for your space.
This Valentine's Day we wish to celebrate the same comfort and love. Stay tuned for more information!
The enviable grandeur of Somany Tiles will leave you stunned. Let these exquisite designs brighten your home decor. #PremiumExpressions
Feature walls look glamorous and can give life to an otherwise dull room. Read on to find out how you can transform your rooms with feature walls.

How to create the perfect feature wall ? -
Tiles are more useful than you think. No wonder every kitchen is adorned with different varieties of tiles. #TileTalks
Bathe your room in alluring and modern designs from the Somany collection. Resonating with luxury and style, our floor tiles are sure to add glamour to your space. #SomanyDecor
It’s not always easy to take care of every detail when building or redoing your home. Leave it to Somany Ceramics to get the perfectly tiled bathroom.

Tips and tricks to achieve a perfectly tiled bathroom -
Wishing everyone a very Happy Basant Panchami. May this season bring you and your family happiness and prosperity. #BasantPanchami
Let your personal style shine with our stunning and luxurious new collection, inspired by natural colours and textures. #NaturalExpressions
Take a look: [ Link ]
The age of smart toilets is here and you can choose from an exclusive range of the best sensory toilets from our French collection.
The Aurore Sensor Urinal is modern and functional – uncompromised on hygiene and comfort. #LuxuryRedefined #FrenchCollection
Somany Ceramics salutes the largest democracy in the world. Let's make our nation proud. A Happy Republic Day to all! #HappyRepublicDay
A centerpiece that will make your bathroom the center of attention. Spoil yourself with our perfectly balanced square stylish design of The Renee Table Top Basin. #FrenchCollection #LuxuryRedefined
Redefine your bathroom with our state-of-the-art designs from our French collection. A neat straight line square design and striking ceramic waste plug make The VIDA one piece toilet, eye-catching and chic. #LuxuryRedefined #FrenchCollection
The Chanel One Piece Wall Hung Basin from our luxurious French collection is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetic design and modern utility.
Find the missing piece of perfection for your bathroom. #LuxuryRedefined #FrenchCollection