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Back to Back..
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The blessed blessed life.. all day rehearsals with these special special people.
(P.S Kaunsa Gaana Hai Ye.. bolo bolo..)
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PUNE, please spread the word. This show has had ZERO publicity thanks to various hiccups..
Tomorrow we play the
Fakiri Festival at the Phoenix Market City..
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01/19/2017 at 18:03. Facebook
The Vice Chancellor of SNDT University, Mumbai has passed a diktat about 'decent' dressing for girls in the campus! No sleeveless tops & no short skirts allowed apparently.
This is Mumbai & this city sets the gold standard in India for women's freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom to be employed in all kinds of jobs, freedom to choose what we wear, freedom to fight back...
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But he who dares not grasp the thorn..
Should never crave the rose..

Pics: Aurobindo Sengupta
Event handled by :
Asian Goose Events
[ Link ]
Albatross Events
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Chai & Chats.

Pics : Aurobindo Sengupta
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PUNE, Free Entry for the Fakiri Festival this Saturday, at the Phoenix Market City.
Spread the word please.
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Just read that even the 'Bruce Springsteen 'cover' band walked out of the Donald Trump inauguration, leaving it high & dry in terms of talent & entertainment!! Relief to see musicians have some spine & a political world view.
Out here in India, I continue to feel sickened by the mostly obsequious & uni-dimensional lot, especially in the mainstream, bowing & scraping, looking to please &...
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‪Corporate ball room venues are the toughest in terms of acoustics for bands & vocalists. Feels like swimming in muddy waters! ‬
Sound & Light check, Gurgaon.

Pics: Aurobindo Sengupta
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01/17/2017 at 13:53. Facebook
An announcement of the release of a BG music soundtrack of a film that Ram Sampath has scored & team OmGrown has slogged on for over 2 years.
It's Bombay Times, so, no need to mention his name. Genuine creators, creativity, musicians, writers.. all such people be damned. Why do we care.
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Shundori Komola.. Hai!
Rehearsals for the Fakiri Festival today!
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Two guitars & full on commitment, Hitesh Dhutia.
Two smiling incredible professionals, Sanjoy Das & Chinmay Harshe & sound in my band.
Back in the airport. Next city now! #MusicRun #SonaLive
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Desire, lust, seduction and the carnal side of humans are not something to be shoved under the carpet...
My full interview here:
[ Link ]

'Few unsavoury elements ruined city’s image; let’s weed them out' - Bangalore Mirror -
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Early morning airport diaries have no smiles..
Bengaluru to Dilli!
Corporate gig tonight.
#SonaLive #MusicRun
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01/14/2017 at 11:51. Facebook
Thank you Bengaluru!
For giving us & so much ❤.
No better way to bring in Makar Sankranti, Lohri & Pongal!
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01/14/2017 at 09:59. Facebook
The perfect song for today's festival!
'Udi Udi Jaye' music & song composed by Ram Sampath & written by Javed Akhtar for #Raees.
Listen to the FULL song here:

(The edited promo version does not do justice to it!! :)))
Udi Udi Jaaye..
Ram Sampath, no one brings cultural context & meaning into film music like you do though I say this myself.
My favourite section is that with Karsan Sagathia doing the Gujrati sections..
listen to the full song, this one is just a small edit for the video..

Udi Udi Jaye | Raees | Shah Rukh Khan & Mahira Khan | Ram Sampath

Now playing on Gaana - Celebrate Uttarayan with Raees and Aasiya. Song : Udi Udi Jaye Music Composed & Produced by : Ram Sampath Singer...