New on the blog! Sharing my skincare secret weapon from BIOSSANCE and a sneak peek of the guest bath in my new house! #biossance [ Link ]

My New Skin Care Secret Weapon and Guest Bath Sneak Peek | Song of Style
Flares and fringe wearing The VOLON in Paris #thevolonbag #thevolon
Starting my Valentine's Day with my Valentine @jacopomoschin
[ Link ] #liketkit
Infatuated with this shade of pink just in times of Valentine's Day. Also happens to be called Infatuation from @LauraMercier. I'll be taking over @LauraMercier's instagram tomorrow so make sure to follow along! Going to share my fashion week makeup tricks and more!

Thanks for my beautiful makeup @browsbymeredith! #mercierpartner #sponsored by #lauramercier
I feel like so many people are neutral on situations of injustice. Maybe they choose to be silent in fear of repercussion or maybe it doesn't go with their 'feed' or brand.
BRAVO @prabalgurung for having so many beautiful diverse models in your runway as well as for making a statement in current issues without having to sacrifice your collection. I got teary at the finale. #prabalgurung #nyfw...
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Room service cus it's Sunday and I'm . Yay for @11_howard for not being stingy with their avocado on their avocado toast.
@mrselfportrait killing it again and taking the bar even higher. #nyfw I loved every single look and can't wait for the new shoes!
NYC reflections. #GentleMonsterxSongOfStyle

Red latex vibes. Also wearing my #GentleMonsterxSongOfStyle black 101US sunnies! Get yours online or at their NY store before they sell out!

[ Link ] #liketkit #nyfw
Making my @louisvuitton bag even fancier with a white bandana during #NYFW to show my support for human unity and inclusiveness because duh, we are all #tiedtogether regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.

[ Link ] #liketkit
Unpacking my #NYFW wardrobe at @11_howard
You guys, my #GentleMonsterxSongofStyle 101 sunnies are now on sale! Get them before they sell out! [ Link ]
Thanks for having me at the show @tommyhilfiger #tommynow #tommyxgigi
Now, I hope my flight to New York doesn't get canceled!
Tomorrow at 5pm PST. #GentleMonsterxSongOfStyle
Find out why I'm jumping up and down and why I was tearing up on my latest vlog! Link in bio ❤
I got to open and close for the @rebeccaminkoff show today! I wasn't nervous at all because I was surrounded by so many great people and heard so many people cheering me on! Thank you so much Rebecca for letting me be part of your show and thank you for bringing such a diverse group of BEAUTIFUL and KIND girls to walk for your show! It was such an honor and I love what you promote! #rmgoesgrove
Got my nails done by my favorite nail artist and friend @_michellesaunders! I hope I get to see you guys today at The Grove! I'm OPENING and I have no idea what I'm doing (I'm just gon wing it lol) so I need all the support! P.S. Going on #instagramlive right now! #rmgoesgrove
I was gon' stay home tonight and rest before tomorrow's show but then I just got this beautiful new @lauramercier editorial eye palette and now I've been playing with it and my makeup is on point so I kinda want to go out tonight! Anyone else have the same problem? #merciermuse #ad
Hey L.A.! I can't wait to see you guys at the @RebeccaMinkoff fashion show at The Grove this Saturday 4:30pm! Make sure to stick around after the show! I'd love to meet you at the meet and greet! ❤ #rmgoesgrove
Photo by my dad. Thinking of doing an #InstagramLive today! Maybe around 4-4:30 PST? Would you guys want that? If so, let me know below!!!