Sonic The Hedgehog
03/24/2017 at 16:55. Facebook
Never type angry.
Sonic The Hedgehog
03/23/2017 at 16:53. Facebook
Join us on our Twitch channel today at 5pm Pacific as we speak to series musicians Tomoya Ohtani and Jun Senoue! [ Link ]
It's all in the eyes to avoid being pinched. #StPatricksDay
Here's a better look at Sonic Forces, from yesterday's SXSW Gaming panel!
Sonic 2017 is now Sonic Forces! Stay tuned tomorrow for the first gameplay footage of Modern Sonic.
For a recap of today's panel, visit [ Link ] in one hour!
Gotta snap fast to solve this puzzle.
To make pi from scratch, you must first unroll the universe. #PiDay
See you at SXSW!
Visit the mountain vistas of Green Hill Zone Act 2 in Sonic Mania!

For a no commentary version, click here: [ Link ]
Strength comes in many forms. #InternationalWomensDay
Shred through the week like it's Ice Cap Zone. #MondayMotivation
Bet you can’t resist breaking all of them.
When you're a jewel thief and really good at hide-and-seek.
When hedgehog hunting, always remember...