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Sonu Nigam
01/14/2017 at 11:10. Facebook
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Hunger, can only be explained by the one who has gone through it. Fight Hunger Foundation, has been fighting to eradicate Hunger earnestly, and I am with them in a very small humble way. Please support us to Fight against Hunger..


Presenting our new anthem ‘Hope in The future’ by legendary musician and Fight Hunger Foundation’s brand ambassador Sonu Nigam. Singer: Sonu Nigam Lyrics and...

Sometimes, it's not necessary to sing, to entertain :) Nurai Island yesterday.
Judges have their evidences too.
Presenting the Original 3.... :)
God's Grace truly.... At the age of 15 years and 1 day... With love

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Amarjit Singh Kohli's program - Sonu Nigam got first prize

My little Teesha Nigam on a Musical high

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Singularly devoted

We call such hair, Jhabre baal in our house. :) Cap does this, usually to the hair.
[ Youtu.be Link ] The Love for Katna Nai, is overwhelming... God's Grace and thanks :)


Presenting d first single of my Monstrously Talented sister @Teesha_Nigam .. Am sooooo Proud of u my Child.

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Katna Nai | Official Video Song | Teesha Nigam | Punjabi Pop 2016

That's how a true brother praises his Sister.. ;)

Sonu Nigam: Teesha sings like a monster [ Mid-day.com Link ]

Sonu Nigam: Teesha sings like a monster