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Elena Kelly is an Irish Artist and Photographer, inspired by nature in both her native Ireland and across the world. Working with her α77 and α7R cameras and a 90mm Macro lens, Elena’s photography captures the detail that is often passed unnoticed. Art By Elena
A selection of wonderful images captured by Mike Ridley Photography with the Sony Alpha α7S and α7R II. See more of Mike's work here: [ Mikeridleyphotography.com Link ] [ Instagram.com Link ]
The wireless MDR-1000X: our best noise cancelling headphones ever. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Explore our booth at IFA 2016 with a 360 view!
Explore our booth at IFA 2016 with a 360 view!
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IFA Berlin 2016 | Latest in Audio, TV, Cameras & More

Say hello to our new products from IFA 2016!

Sony Ireland

From trains that travel at bullet speed to some of some of the world’s best electronics – Japan is the spiritual home of engineering and innovation.
If you're looking to capture the action and excitement of a sporting event this summer then this is the camera you've been waiting for.

Capturing action with the a6300

Looks can be deceiving – our teardown of the X90C TV takes a look at some of the engineering excellence packed within a slim and beautiful design.
Some incredible light paintings by Darren Hopkins taken with his Sony α7 and a tutorial to help you get started.

See more of Darren's work here: Facebook [ Bit.ly Link ] Instagram [ Bit.ly Link ]
There's never been a better time to invest in a new lens. Offer runs until September 4th. T&Cs apply.

Sony IE | Up to €80 Cashback on Sony lenses

With the spotlight firmly on Brazil and Rio, Sony Imaging Ambassador Lianne Milton’s Brazil Hinterland project aims to document another important story of the country. "The Sertão’s history, steeped in systemic discrimination, inequality and poverty, reveals a steadfast and resilient people whose rural way of life has persisted through adversity for generations."

Hinterland: Stories from the Caatinga

A collection of stunning landscape shots from around the UK taken by James Grant Photography with the Sony α7R.
"Sony is a Japanese company, our design spirit has evolved with Japanese simplicity in mind". #Sony70

#Sony70: Wabi, Ma and Zen - the story of Sony Design

Our MDR100 headphones were designed with the minimum of lines, leaving only the essentials to produce an object of supreme simplicity.
Bring the bass this summer with our SRS-XB3 portable speaker.
Our XD93 4K HDR TV: Elegant simplicity of design that finds harmony in its environment.
The benefit of choosing an αlpha 7 series camera over a DSLR? We believe that design that strives for the simplest and smallest form produces a thing of unobtrusive beauty. #SonyAlpha
Feel the vibe of the streets with Extra Bass headphones from Sony.
Learn more about the MDR-XB650BT: [ Bit.ly Link ]