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A protective cover that doesn’t hold you back.

Discover what’s possible with Style Cover Touch and Xperia X Compact: [ Link ]
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Thanks to the dedicated camera button, capturing spontaneous moments is no problem for Xperia XZ.

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Need more Xperia? For photography tips and creative inspiration, follow us on Instagram:

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Curved glass and rounded edges; discover Xperia XZ, with an exquisite loop surface design.

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Xperia X Compact. Designed with style.

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Curating the hottest hits around, Filtr helps you go further with your fitness. Check out their most empowering playlists on Xperia Lounge: [ Link ]
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When the sunlight fades, it's time to get creative with your Xperia.

For inspiring tips, tricks and tutorials for low-light shooting, visit our Photography Hub: [ Link ]
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Stand up, stand out.

Explore the possibilities of Style Cover Stand: [ Link ]
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Xperia XZ. Designed for the palm of your hand.

…And a treat for the eyes, too. [ Link ]
Just say cheese.

Capture quality selfies every time with Xperia XZ and its 13MP front-facing camera.

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What’s the soundtrack to your workout? If you’re needing motivation, Filtr has the perfect playlist for you. Check them out on Xperia Lounge: [ Link ]
Like a download or two?

Make it easy on yourself (and your smartphone) with Xperia XZ and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, providing upload speeds that are 3x faster than our previous processors. [ Link ]
The superior video image stabilization in #Xperia XZ is perfect for our Sony Square NYC #MannequinChallenge! Watch to the end for an unexpected surprise… #WowOfNow
Elegantly crafted comfort, find your perfect fit with Xperia X Compact. [ Link ]
Capture life in motion with Xperia XZ…

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Switch to Manual mode to get creative with the settings for a photograph that's unique to you.

Want more expert photography tips? Join us at the Photography Hub: [ Link ]
How many steps could you take in the next 2 hours?

New active Challenges are waiting to be conquered, with Lifelog. Get your walking shoes on… [ Link ]
Smartphone, smart size.

Discover Xperia X Compact: [ Link ]
Good things come in small packages, after all.

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Communication is transforming.

Come along for the ride with our latest innovations…

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