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Congratulations to Cheryl Mishio on breaking out of the friend zone and winning our affection this Valentines Day. It was clearly love at first bite with this meal.
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Congratulations to Charissa Naran – our Colours of Summer winner with the most likes and reactions and the owner of a new Xperia™ XZ. Congratulations Charissa!
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What do you get when you mix blue, green, red and purple? A colour that doesn't look good at all, Which is why there can only be one winner of our Colour of Summer competition. Vote for your favourite today!
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Though this photo is lacking a six-minute synth solo and some hairspray, it’s still awesomely 80’s enough to win Shaun McManus a copy of Yakuza 0. For your chance to win, simply upload your most 80’s inspired photo.
Treat yourself this Valentines Day to a brand new Xperia™ XZ. For you chance to win, simply upload a pic of your ultimate V Day meal.
For extra points tag someone who’d you’d love to share the meal with.
T&C’s here: [ Link ]
With its superior low-light mode and triple image sensor; The Xperia™ XZ produces photos which blur the lines between incredible and unbelievable.
Now’s your chance to pick your favourite pic from our kaleidoscope of Colours of Summer. Like or comment on your favourite photo before Friday, February 17 to let us know who you think deserves to win the Xperia™ XZ. We know it’s exciting but try to control yourself - we’ll only count one comment per person, per photo.
Congratulations to Charissa Naran, our final Colour of Summer finalist. Her photo was so gorgeously green that we feel healthier just looking at it. But is it colourful enough to go for gold and pick up the blue ribbon? Have your say tomorrow when we begin voting for our Colour of Summer grand prize winner.
Check out this totally rad shot from Andrew Thuch for our Yakuza 0 competition. We’re giving away copies of the PS4 game to the most righteous 80s themed entries so upload your gnarly pics in the comments for your chance to win.
With powerful processing, adaptive charging and a state of the art camera - the Xperia™ XZ is more than just a pretty face, back, top and bottom.

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Rise above the average with the Xperia™ XZ and its stunning photo quality. Capture the finest details, true-to-life colour and movement without blur, all with just a click.
Lettuce, lizards and leprechauns; if it’s green and in picture form, it’s perfect this week’s Colour of Summer. For the chance to win the Xperia™ XZ, tag your envy inducing Green shots with #XZgreen. But please, no photos of a certain early 2000’s punk band.
Congratulations to Bec Cronin, our third Colour of Summer finalist. Bec’s pic blue us away with all its blueness. We’ll be announcing the next colour to capture tomorrow, so have your imagination and phone on standby.
Time to rewind to 1988 – a time where white suits were cool and it was hip to be square. To celebrate the release of Yakuza 0, exclusively on PS4, we have 4 copies of the game to give away. Post your most 80’s photo in the comments below and you’ll be in the running to win.

Check out the full T&Cs at: [ Link ]
The Xperia™ XZ goes from standby to capture in an incredible 0.6 seconds. Which just so happens to be exactly the same speed a soda syphon stream takes to hit you in the face.
Shimmy through the streets and pirouette on the pavement with the Digital Noise Cancelling technology on your Xperia™ device. Paired with Sony’s DNC headphones, external noise can be reduced up to 98%.
See life the way it was intended with the Xperia™ XZ’s RGBC-IR sensor. By measuring colour and infrared information, the Xperia XZ analyses and adjusts to light sources, giving you life-like, ultra-clean photos that never need a filter.
TL;DR: Our camera’s very clever so your photos look awesome.
From dark alleys to spontaneous fire performers; if it’s in front of you, the Xperia™ XZ will make it a picture worth capturing.
Missed out on last week’s Colour of Summer? Well now’s your chance to get off the bench and into the game with this week’s colour – Blue! For the chance to win the Xperia™ XZ, tag your beautiful Blue shots with #XZblue.

Used your Xperia for your shot? Tag it with #takenwithxperia

Check out the T&Cs at: [ Link ]
Congratulations to Troy Simpson, our second Colour of Summer finalist. Troy’s pic was so red, it literally stopped us in our tracks. We’ll be announcing the next colour to capture tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled and your phone with you!