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Meet the RGBC–IR sensor of #XperiaXZ which recognizes balanced Red-Green-Blue colors as well as invisible infra-red light to capture the true color.
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If you own the #XperiaX you can never miss a moment, 0.6 Sec is all you need to snap -[ Link ]
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#PairWithXperia via NFC/Bluetooth and immerse yourself in the ultimate sound bar experience with HT-CT790/390. [ Link ]
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Designed seamlessly, to give you an experience of infinite viewing, that’s the near borderless #XperiaXA for you. [ Link ]
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Ever tried motion blur and light paintings? #XperiaXZ gives you the power! With its manual shutter speed option, control the exposure time, create beautiful light paintings and do a lot more. [ Link ]
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Seeing is believing!
Sony BRAVIA® TVs, have advanced display know-how at their fingertips, which when optimized for Xperia, one gets a smartphone with remarkable colours, clarity and contrast. #XperiaXZ [ Link ]
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#XperiaZ5Premium comes with a mirror back, to reflect all the good things in life! [ Link ]
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#XperiaXZ comes equipped with 13MP camera and image sensor that predicts movement to keep your subject in focus, and capture without blur. [ Link ]
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#PairWithXperia to send movies and music from your smartphone to your TV with Google Cast™ and use your phone as a remote control. [ Link ]
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Revolutionize your listening experience with the SRS-X99 wireless speaker, where every song is in the exceptional clarity of High-Resolution Audio.
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Now click brighter selfies even in low light. Sony #XperiaXZ comes with 2.6x large front camera sensor that ensures crisp & clear shots. [ Link ]
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Get started instantly when you can #PairWithXperia and make a One-touch connection via NFC. [ Link ]
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Bring your selfies to life even in the dead of Winter, with #XperiaXA that gives you amazing selfies even when the light is low. [ Link ]
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Now create party atmosphere at home with club-like speaker illuminations.
Control the lights on the system, and watch them sync to the beat of the music with MHC-V77D #SonyAudio

Know More: [ Link ]
For exceptional clarity of High-Resolution Audio, just #PairWithXperia via Bluetooth for wireless streaming and multi – room listening
The #XperiaXZ helps you shoot steadier footage eliminating the impact of shake in every possible direction. Did we mention it’s the world’s first 5-Axis video Stabilization, in a Smartphone? [ Link ]
Want to switch between cameras to click multiple photos? Try #XperiaXA and just swipe, simple! [ Link ]
Whether you're hanging out with friends at home or taking the party elsewhere, the compact design of #V44D features built-in handles for portability and convenience.
How cool is this when your #BRAVIA AndroidTV helps you to share your #TakenOnXperia pictures with friends! Check Photo Sharing Plus here.
Long Weekends, Road Trips and a phone full of your favorite Music Tracks to accompany you all way. #XperiaXZ makes it possible for you to store as much as you want, with its internal memory expandable up to 200 GB. [ Link ]