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Feel the party come alive as lights pulse and sync to the beat, with MHC-GT4D when you #PairWithXperia. [ Link ]
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Pick your favorite photo or video and share it instantly on your BRAVIA TVs and connected devices via photo sharing plus . Watch this video to know more.
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Sony #XperiaXZ helps you shoot steadier footage eliminating the impact of shake in every possible direction thanks to world’s first 5-Axis video Stabilization, in a Smart phone. [ Link ]
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For the instant adrenaline rush, put on the MDR-XB80BS headphones and make your workout sessions super fun. [ Link ]
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Whether you’re hiking on a rainy day or skiing in the snow, the rugged design of FDR-X3000 keeps it protected. [ Link ]
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With #XperiaXZ, adjust manual shutter control like a pro and create amazing light paintings all by yourself. [ Link ]
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Your smile deserves the best! #XperiaXAUltra [ Link ]
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Immerse yourself into the ultimate sound bar experience with HT-CT790 / 390. [ Link ] #PairWithXperia
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#XperiaXA, with a fast-launch camera button is what you need to capture moments that just can’t wait. [ Link ]
With it’s compact and portable design, SRS-XB2 will always be the life of the party. [ Link ]
Xperia phones let you stay updated all the time. Watching a movie? Worry not, get all your notifications simultaneously with the #NotifyBRAVIA feature. #PairWithXperia
Its #MemoryDay guys, and we are looking for some of your most cherished memories. Be it travel or your first day at work, share your best memories with us!
The Sony #XperiaX is designed to comfortably fit your hand, your routines and your taste. [ Link ]
Designed to create a total harmony between design, technology, people and their way of life –Sony #XperiaXZ [ Link ]
There shouldn't be a fixed time to capture beautiful smiles. #XperiaXAUltra #SelfieFlash [ Link ]
Crafted with a seamless metal back, the Sony #XperiaX is an undeniable stunner. Click to know more: [ Link ]
Play music and use your smartphone on the road, just by talking. Watch the video to explore more! [ Link ]
Sound bar, subwoofer and rear speakers create authentic surround sound, putting you right at the heart of all your favourite movies. #PairWithXperia [ Link ]
Sony #XperiaXAUltra’s main camera is always ready with Hybrid Autofocus to freeze the action in a bright, blur-free shot. [ Link ]
Listen in super silence or tailor sound to your environment with Sony MDR-1000X. [ Link ]