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Sony Mobile ZA
today at 09:11. Facebook
From spinning and swirling to twirling, whatever the action, there's a way to capture it with the #XperiaXZ: bit.ly/2c7fGOq.
Sony Mobile ZA
12/05/2016 at 06:35. Facebook
When function meets style. Stay in character with the Xperia Z5, whatever your personal aesthetic: bit.ly/2e1nbtN.
Sony Mobile ZA
12/01/2016 at 11:27. Facebook
Take your game to the next level with Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in the Xperia X: bit.ly/2gBsRMT.
The smartphone camera with advanced movement and colour capture. So life looks as beautiful as it is. Capture life in motion with the Xperia XZ: bit.ly/2fTR5gO.
The Xperia XZ is created specifically for nights like this, when you want to shoot moving objects clearly, even in dim light. Start your own adventure: bit.ly/2fTR5gO.
Green Turtle is calling the Xperia XZ the best-looking, most comfortable phone we have created! Read their full review: bit.ly/2goUwg3.
Join @kahnmorbee as he collects his new Xperia XZ. Catch him at the Vodacom Shop in Cresta Shopping Centre at 10.30 am this Wed for a quick selfie.

Buy or upgrade to the XZ like Kahn and get a free waterproof Sony Walkman: bit.ly/2fneQ2n.
The wait for The #WowOfNow Show champion, chosen by you, is over…
Congratulations to Shafen, who wowed the world with this show of speed. Check out the rest of the action here: [ Stack.la Link ]
The Xperia E5 packs long battery life and smooth performance into a stylish handset with strong specs. See how it makes every day easier: bit.ly/2fbko1f.
Have a look at the astonishing camera features of the new Xperia XZ. Imagine capturing the special moments in your life in such vivid detail!

Get the full picture: bit.ly/2fOySFk
To create something spectacular, you'll need something incredible. See our new crown jewel – the premium Xperia XZ: bit.ly/2c7fGOq.
All the #WowOfNow Show entries are incredible – but now we need a winner! Vote for your favourites and you could win the awesome #Xperia XZ: [ Bit.ly Link ].
Capture the Wow of Now moments without blur, flat lighting and offset colours. The Sony Xperia XZ captures moments in exact detail. In store now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Champion climber Jan Kříž has taken The #WowOfNow Show to new heights with his electric ascents, captured with #Xperia XZ.
Vote for your favourite fast moves at [ Bit.ly Link ]. There’s also a chance for you to win Xperia XZ too!
The adaptive battery in the Sony XperiaXZ learns your charging habits and intelligently adapts the charging process. For instance, it charges to 90% while you sleep, pauses, then tops up to 100% to start your day. This increases the battery lifespan by reducing the time the device is charged over 90% .In store now: bit.ly/2fjfjkA
Never again worry about a litte rain. The Xperia Z5 has Sony’s leading waterproof design. See why it's still one of the world's premium smartphones: bit.ly/2e1nbtN.