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This crew is about to uncover more than they bargained for. #LIFEmovie, in cinemas NOW.
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We were better off alone. #LIFEmovie, in cinemas TODAY!
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! #LIFEmovie, in cinemas Tomorrow. Get excited!
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One research mission could be our last. Follow the fight for survival in #LIFEMovie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds - in cinemas March 23.
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The objective was simple: intercept a research pod from Mars. But some things were never meant to be found. #LIFEmovie in cinemas March 23.
Get ready for sci-fi thriller #LifeMovie with a look at the stars who have blasted off to explore the final frontier.

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What began as a mission, has become a fight. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Dr. David Jordan in #LIFEmovie, in cinemas March 23.
What ended life on Mars just entered Earthโ€™s orbit. Rebecca Ferguson stars as Dr. Miranda North in #LIFEmovie.
Some things were never meant to be found. Ryan Reynolds stars as Rory Adams in #LIFEmovie, in cinemas March 23.
We discovered life, but it could be the end of ours. The exclusive #TomerHanuka #Mondo poster for #LIFEmovie, in cinemas March 23!
We discovered life, but it could be the end of ours. The exclusive #TomerHanuka #Mondo poster for #LIFEmovie, in cinemas March 23!
Do we really have to give you a reason to see this cute little guy #StreetCatNamedBob is in cinemas now!
Who can you count on when it matters? #StreetCatNamedBob is in cinemas now!
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All muscle, all brain.. 100% terrifying. Watch as the crew has its first encounter in this Extended Sneak Peek. See #LIFEmovie, in cinemas March 23.
โ€œIโ€™m ready. Iโ€™ve got Bob.โ€ Comment below with your story of how a pet has made your life better and donโ€™t miss the true story A Street Cat Named Bob, in select cinemas Thursday!
Get ready to fall in love with Bob when #StreetCatNamedBob opens in select cinemas next Thursday! The incredible true story of young homeless busker James Bowen, who took in an injured stray ginger cat and found the inspiration he needed to change his life for the better. In select cinemas March 9.
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