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Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds answer the web's most searched questions with WIRED.
#LIFEmovie is in cinemas now: [ Link ]
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Don't forget you can support Sony Foundation Australia tomorrow and see SMURFS: The Lost Village before it opens in cinemas.#SmurfsMovie
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Straight A superhero. #SpiderManHomecoming
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Very interesting interview with former Big Day Out Photographer Sophie Howarthphotography on #2ser about meeting #Aisholpan at The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia in 2014 - the exact same time #TheEagleHuntress was being made. A selection of Sophie's beautiful photography from that time is currently on show at DendyNewtown in Sydney in conjunction with the film release. Listen to the...
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The Herald Sun calls #LIFEmovie "A slick, suspenseful and stomach-churning sci-fi thriller..."
See LIFE in cinemas this weekend! [ Link ]
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Anyone heading out on the water this weekend? #SmurfsMovie is in cinemas from March 30.

Special charity screenings in aid of the Sony Foundation this Sunday! Check with your local cinema for session times.

Smurfs: The Lost Village Exclusive "River Chase" Clip -- Regal Cinemas [HD]

Smurfs: The Lost Village opens April 7, 2017. In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clu...

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"The half hour of work that you get from Ryan is gold" - Jake Gyllenhaal
Get tickets for #LIFEmovie now: [ Link ]

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal
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Be captivated by the vast expanse and beauty of Western Mongolia, and meet the gorgeous young role model #Aisholpan in the all-ages charmer #TheEagleHuntress. Now showing.
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Get ready to hold on for dear life. #LIFEmovie is in cinemas now! Get tickets & session times:
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Snappy says the countdown is on! #SmurfsMovie is in cinemas April 6.
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Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Jimmy Fallon about how people get a little too obsessed with his friendship with Life co-star Ryan Reynolds and why producers had to lecture them on set.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Do Not Have a Bromance

Jake Gyllenhaal talks to Jimmy about how people get a little too obsessed with his friendship with Life co-star Ryan Reynolds and why producers had to lectur...

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WANT a sneak peek into #SmurfsMovie before it hits cinemas from March 30? Be sure to check out Jabba's school holiday movie special at 6pm Friday on 7Flix!
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Have you heard the latest news from Smurf Village? Before you join #TeamSmurf on their first fully-animated adventure from March 30, check out the all-new #SmurfsMovie #FacebookStickers!

Send all your favorite Smurfs today: [ Link ]
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In 2 days, come face-to-face with humanity's biggest threat. #LIFEmovie
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"Two films about girl power this week, and what’s surprising about this mix-and-match is that the more evocative, exciting and moving one is not the glamorous Disney retelling of a fairytale but a Kazakh-language documentary set on Mongolia’s minus 50C frozen steppes. " #THEEAGLEHUNTRESS (now showing) scored 4/5 stars from #THEAUSTRALIAN read the full review here [ Link ]

Girl power is out of this world
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We’ve all been there Clumsy! Follow the adventure in this clip from SMURFS: The Lost Village, in cinemas from March 30. #SmurfsMovie
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It's #TriviaTuesday - did you know the answer? #SmurfsMovie
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Watch Sunrise's interview with Jake Gyllenhaal for #LIFEmovie!

One-On-One With Jake Gyllenhaal