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¡ǝɹnʇuǝʌpɐ ƃuᴉʇɟᴉɥs-ʎʇᴉʌɐɹƃ 'ʍǝu llɐ uɐ ɹoɟ ʞɔɐq s,ʇɐʞ

Gravity Rush 2 is out now, exclusively on PS4. Get out, explore Hekseville and defy gravity: [ Link ]
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Think you've got what it takes to become a legendary samurai? Test your mettle in the Nioh Last Chance Trial, coming to PS4 for this weekend only.

Find out how to take part: [ Link ]
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Gravity shifters, the time has come! Explore Hekseville and defy gravity in Gravity Rush 2, out today only on PS4:
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The biggest sale we've ever held wraps up this week. Move fast if you want to grab a bargain in our January Sale.

January Sale | PlayStation Store
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˙ʎʇᴉʌɐɹƃ ʎɟǝp

Gravity Rush 2 floats onto PS4 in just a few hours! Preorder on PlayStation Store now to preload and be ready to play at midnight:
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Serious skills and nerves of steel are what you'll need to survive in Nioh. But there are a few extra tools which could help you on your way...

Find out more ahead of Nioh's release on 8th February.

The magic, forging and fighting styles that are critical to survival in Team Ninja's Nioh - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
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Gravity shifters, it's almost time! Gravity Rush 2 drops onto PS4 on Wednesday.

Preorder on PlayStation Store:
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We're into the final week of our January Sale, with hundreds of discounts on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games on PlayStation Store: [ Link ]
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Want to test our next major system software update? Sign up for the beta program for your chance to be the first to try upcoming PS4 features.

Sign up for the next PlayStation 4 system software beta program today - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
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Gold or silver, black or white, red or blue and even green camo. No matter which you choose from, the new DUALSHOCK 4 range gives you more ways to play.

Find out how and check out the complete range at: [ Link ]
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Always wanted to play with gravity? Here's a glimpse at what you could be in for if you did...

Gravity Rush 2 flies onto PS4 on 18th January: [ Link ]
You've seen the world, now it's time to meet the characters who inhabit it in the brand new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn.

The PS4 exclusive from Guerrilla Games arrives on 1st March. Find out more about Aloy's world: [ Link ]
Take the top spots on the podium with the new Gold and Silver DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers, available from today: [ Link ]
Say hello to the glacier white PS4, launching 24th January.

Find out more: [ Link ]
The PlayStation Store January Sale continues, with new titles just added. Get the lowdown on the blog.

New additions to PlayStation Store's January Sale -
We made a gif to show off our new DUALSHOCK 4, but something went wrong. We can’t see a thing…

The green camouflage DUALSHOCK 4 is available from today. Check with your local retailer for details: [ Link ]
Gravity Rush 2 drops onto PS4 on 18th January / 20th January in UK and Ireland: [ Link ]
Explore a new galaxy when Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on PS4 on 23rd March.
With a new year comes new games to play - your January PS Plus Monthly Games are now available on PlayStation Store! Hilarious classic Day of the Tentacle and critically acclaimed survival title This War of Mine: The Little Ones can be downloaded now by PS Plus members

Find out more: [ Link ]