Sophie Guidolin
03/25/2017 at 06:17. Facebook
Happiness is an inside job. If you place materialistic value on your happiness (or physical) meaning 'once I hit xyz weight I will be happy' 'if I had a boyfriend I would be happy' 'if I got that promotion, my life would be happy' etc- you will never truly be happy as rather than experiencing the present moment that life has to offer, you're wishing away the days waiting for the happiness you...
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Sophie Guidolin
03/24/2017 at 22:27. Facebook
I am working getting a list of questions I have been asked regarding contest prep together for my 'summary/recap/follow up' comp prep VLOG to help out as many people as possible.
β–ͺCheat meals- I don't believe in 'cheat meals/food binges' the term cheat automatically denotes a negative- which is not something females EVER need encouragement with. I do agree with calculated refeed days, however...
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Sophie Guidolin
03/24/2017 at 06:19. Facebook
Sophie Guidolin
03/24/2017 at 00:53. Facebook
Check out this hunk and his new BOD MENS program!!! Launching NEXT WEEK!!!!!
Once you learn how to be happy, you won't tolerate being around people who make you feel anything else. βœ”
Who's coming to Hold Your Own this Friday night for our 'Friday night at the bar'? lets train together!!!
I am still on cloud nine!
First place 1 year after the twins.
Rule number one- self doubt kills dreams.

Watch my VLOGS to follow my whole journey to stage
Stay away from those who try an belittle your ambitions, dreams and goals.
Let's talk HEALTH
Rule number ONE- your health is ALWAYS the number one priority
You do not need to cut out macronutrient groups in order to lose bodyfat.
You also need to ensure you hit all of your micronutrients for optimal health.

When you're truly happy within yourself, it shines out brighter than the sun
train with me!
I can't tell you how good it is to be back with my babes I have just had a big chat (to myself ????) on snapchat- let me know if I missed any of your questions
Jet lag has me GOOOOOD I have been crashing at 7pm and waking at 3am! ????
It's crazy how the body adapts to its surroundings so quickly! ????I am soooo excited for a few things coming up next week- It's my birthday on Thursday and we are off to Melbourne I cannot wait!! the best part is that my whole family are coming too, my mum is meeting us there, my Aunty lives there, my brother in...
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I was BLOWN AWAY to make top 10- But then, I had to pinch myself when I made TOP 5 in a world line up of 26 athletes from around the world! Watch my day 2 VLOG here:
[ Link ]
and see how the placings went!! Thank you to everyone for the support!
First call outs in the top 10 #asf2017 #arnoldclassic #ifbbbikini (I'm in the middle in red) these girls were REDIC- from Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Canada and more- not only am I STOKED to be standing on a stage with them- i'm 'holding my own' and made first call outs #surreal #mama
[ Link ]
[ Link ]
For the dreamers, the believers, the ones who go towards their goals even when it scares the hell outta them.... keep going confidently, because you never know what you may be capable of.
Thanks everyone for the overwhelming support over the last couple of days- HUGELY appreciated!
Comp day VLOG to follow as well as an exciting announcement later in the week!
Words cannot express how much courage it took for me to get back on stage today.
It's been a year since having the twins, and 3 years since I last competed.
Today, I stepped on stage as a mum of 4, with the goal in mind that if I can do this, I can sure as hell show others that they can too.
Today, whilst I won, before I stepped on stage I was content with any placing because for once in my...
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I wasn't expecting this at all! Watch my face
Sophie Guidolin post twins comeback! #twalk
Sophie's return to the stage! IFBB Bikini Opens