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Sophie Guidolin
2 hours 16 minutes ago. Facebook
For those wanting to follow our receptionist, Faiths journey to stage- watch her live updates weekly!
Hold Your Own
Sophie Guidolin
yesterday at 12:33. Facebook
Out to dinner tonight
#thingsthatmakeyougommmmm ????
Sophie Guidolin
yesterday at 08:36. Facebook
After reading a few articles going around today, I thought I would share this again:
[ Instagram.com Link ]

Instagram photo by Fitness Mom & Bikini Model ???? β€’ Oct 19, 2016 at 9:21am UTC

Sophie Guidolin
yesterday at 06:28. Facebook
Saturdays ☺
Sophie Guidolin
11/30/2016 at 07:21. Facebook
This video received a lot more demand than I thought it would after putting it out there yesterday to see if anyone was interested in a posing video, I got a massively overwhelming response!
so I feel like I must warn you all
I am incredibly 'rusty', as I haven't competed in over 2 years and there is a lot of new poses coming through now, but a year after having twins I am pretty happy....
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Sophie Guidolin
11/29/2016 at 09:19. Facebook
Yesterday I finally got back into my 'Comp/progress' bikinis to do my updated timeline which I have done over the last couple of years as circumstances has changed, from comps, post Comps, pregnancy, post pregnancy and now 1 year post twins. ☺
At the moment:
I am still unable to train upper body as normal due to my reconstruction.
I am training 3-4 days a week, mostly early mornings before the...
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Sophie Guidolin
11/28/2016 at 11:04. Facebook
As promised, here is the update to my timeline I posted last year, and the year before! LOL
(lets hope for my sake there are no more 'updates' hahaha)

Year round, bikini ready- comp or not. I use these bikinis as my 'go to' for progress- you can't hide much and they're the bikinis I wore at arnolds, which believe or not, I feel my physique is now better than- go figure! LOL

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Sophie Guidolin
11/28/2016 at 06:17. Facebook
Finally I can let you all know what we have been madly working on over here! ????
I am sure you're all well aware of my LOVE for booty bands, as I have been using them for the last year in all of my sessions to really help with that glute activation and those booty session- I think it mays off ☺
These bad boys are sold in a set of 3 with different levels, to give you...
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Mmmm I love Sundays
This mornings breakfast, head to my snapchat for how I made it
Along with my free (and fool proof!) pikelet recipe, chia seed puddings and more to come throughout the day ☺
If you enjoy my recipes and want more, head to my website- guaranteed Christmas delivery is still on now

I'm proud to not be 'normal'- what even is normal?
I share all my favourite quotes on Instagram:
I waited my whole life to have my own baby girl- tutus, bows and everything girly #twingirls #doubleblessed #sogood
Reminiscing about my twin pregnancy with Evie and Aria.
These photos are 3 months apart ☺ #twinpregnancy #thebodresults
Follow me on Instagram and turn post notifications on to watch my journey on The Bod!
I love posting my updates and progress with you:
It's a new week The Bod
I understand you may just be starting out on a healthier lifestyle, so this week if that is you, here are 3 things I want you to start doing:
✌Only drink water.
✌Get 7-8 hours sleep each night.
✌Exercise for 90 minutes over the space of the week- this could mean 15 minutes in the morning- or a walk on your lunch break- whatever it is get moving
Happy Monday! Whatever...
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"The best gift you can ever give someone is your time" ☺
Nathan Wallace and I are heading out for dinner with all of the girls doing our THE BOD
program who made the effort to travel to the Gold Coast this weekend. ❀ thank you to my beautiful hair dresser Bridget at Stefan Robina for doing my hair for the weekend A massive shout out has to go to Janelle for watching our kiddies so we can...
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Holy wow!
What an EPIC morning at Hold Your Own soooo many amazing THE BOD babes there, I feel SO incredibly lucky that we were able to teach SO many girls exercises they have never done before, teaching them the foundations of correct technique from the very beginning- I JUST LOVE that!!! Thank you for everyone who tuned into my Facebook live session too- it's still available on my Facebook...
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The Bod meet-up. Nathan Wallace squat & deadlifting technique session!
Let's talk boooot-tay for a minute yes yes, everyone's got one
I personally have never wanted a 'big' bum and my training doesn't reflect training to get bigger flutes- just toned and not too jiggly.
I mentioned on Insta recently that I've been doing a lot accessory exercises to complement my training on The Bod (for helping the perkiness and tone of my overall booty).

l am still receiving bucketloads of questions regarding the levels of The Bod.
For more info, you can read our FAQs on
All BOD programs are designed for fat loss, strength gain and an overall fitness increase- regardless of the level.
However, all levels are programmed according to the exercises- so if you can't do the exercises in the level, you need to do the level before.

PRO BOD is...
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Tuesday night date nights ❀
#weddinganniversary ❀