Sophie Guidolin
01/17/2017 at 10:32. Facebook
She needed a hero, so that's what she became
Because... STRONG FEELS so so good!
I remember that old saying 'nothing tastes as good as 'skinny' feels' - who ever came up with that has never heard the saying- 'nothing feels as good, as not needing to ask a man to help you move furniture'
Sophie Guidolin
01/17/2017 at 10:03. Facebook
Workouts for men, designed by men, targeting the results asked for by men. Exclusive to the gym; THE BOD’s men’s workouts are in a league of their own, formu...

The Bod Men's

Workouts for men, designed by men, targeting the results asked for by men. Exclusive to the gym; THE BOD’s men’s workouts are in a league of their own, formu...

Sophie Guidolin
01/15/2017 at 22:00. Facebook
The Bod Booty Bands are almost here!
* Only $24.95
This Wednesday at 4pm on the 18th of January (AEST), get ready to jump straight onto to grab your own limited edition set of booty bands!
I have a (pretty MASSIVE) announcement:
Watch here: [ Link ]
Read here: [ Link ]
Only 7 days left until THE The Bod BOOTY BANDS launch!!!
I freaking love these bands and have used them, integrating them into my bod program the last 12 weeks with awesome results- I know you will all love them too!!!
One week to go!!!
Real talk You know that feeling that you get when you're about to do something SO out of your comfort zone that your hairs stand up, you panic inside and you're not sure HOW you will actually be able to complete the goal you have set for yourself?

That's me.
Right now.
I am going to do a VLOG on Thursday and fill you in on some pretty MASSIVE things I have set myself in 2017, being...
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Dinner with my hubby ❀
The never ending summer β˜€
Rock pools yesterday, beach today, pool later ????

(I follow maintenance/level 2)
Let's clear something up:
Alot of people confuse my images (and every other 'fit' chick) with being 'skinny' this is a term that I try really hard to distance from myself as I am strong, I am lean and I am FIT.
I am not 'skinny';
The definition of skinny is frail, weak or 'unattractively thin'
Comments range from telling me to eat a burger (which I make no secret that grill'd...
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Who else is starting the STRONG?!?
Cannot wait to start 2017 with all of the new THE BOD babes!
Remember to tag #thebodresults #thebodweek1 etc so we can all support each other in our online community
Don't forget, our CLICK frenzy ends in just 1 HOUR- no further extensions- #thebodresults

follow my snapchat: sophie_guidolin
Happy New Year!
We now have our website back up and running after crashing the internet earlier
We are extending the sale until 12noon tomorrow for you all
Happy New Years, we are spending it in a beautiful room with a view of the fireworks, room service and our babes ❀
Let's make 2017 as amazing as 2016
For those asking, yes-
is now back up and live! We have EXTENDED the sale until NOON tomorrow
After a massive day, it is a date night of my favourite kind- room service on the balcony with views of the fireworks, my babes in bed & one final date with my husband ❀
What an incredible 2016 it was, thank you to everyone for joining us on our daily lives.
Next year will be just as amazing as this year, because we choose it to be everyday.
Just a reminder, @thebod_ is now back up and live...
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Merry Christmas
We had 'brunch' this morning:
Baked Eggs
Chia seed puddings
Fruit salad
Homemade beans and more ❀
Soooooooo full everyone is now napping don't you just love it, Christmas Arvo everyone is worn out, full and asleep watching Christmas movies?
What's on your menu today?
I have sneakily just changed the prices on my website to kick start my Boxing Day sale...
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Products as low as $4!
My Christmas gift to you is here!
Get in early and start your Boxing Day shopping with huge discounts on both my printed and digital books and guides!
Starting from as low as $4.50, (!!!) you are going to get a bargain today one way or another!

Get shopping now! [ Link ]
Mmmm 1 more sleep still haven't set your menu for tomorrow? There is still time to grab my 12 days of Christmas recipe book at 20% off! (day 9 pictured) Merry Christmas
A topic I don't often talk about is weight and scales. As a woman, I don't think that we should constantly weigh ourselves in order to be happy with how we are looking/feeling but rather go by the way our clothes fit, the energy we have and the results we see when we look in the mirror. However, after speaking to so many females and hearing a lot of women struggling with the numbers,...
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for all the times I have been told that I look like a man, that my quads are too big, that my shoulders are huge- I do this for one person... ME. ???? I love to lift weights it's MY version of 'me time'- it makes me feel like I have just slept on a rainbow and woken up with a unicorn as my pet. No girl who lifts is actually going to care if you don't like her body, because I can guarantee you...
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Because I think more people need to be told this, and actually BELIEVE this <3 :D x