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Many parentless children are waiting to be noticed, to be cared for and to be loved. Your donation helps us bring these children under our loving care. While you make a difference in these children's life by donating, you also get 100% tax exemption under section 80G. #savetax #sosindia

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SOS Children's Villages of India is an independent, social development organisation that provides family-based care to parentless or abandoned children in India. Our FBC programme reaches out to over 6,500 once parentless or abandoned children in 32 SOS Children's Villages across India. Each children's village has 12-15 family homes, with every home consisting of 10 children on an average...
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Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. Are you dancing with us? #SOSIndia #SOSChildren #PictureOfTheDay
Becoming a star national football player is a dream for many youngsters. Isn’t it? Sometimes it may remain just a dream for most and a lot of people may give it up. But Seema was someone who did not give up. She followed her dream till she became a star footballer in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Her performance and dedication opened new opportunities for her. She has been selected to play at...
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Today India celebrates the first harvest of the season with great merriment and different names across the country. No matter what you are celebrating, Lohri, Pongal or Makar Sankranti, our wishes are always with you.
Your sponsorship enables a child in need to grow up in a loving family with a mother and siblings, receive education and become a responsible citizen of the country. Your support not only helps in holistic growth of children but also ensures their emotional well-being. #SOSIndia #SOSChildren #NoChildShouldGrowUpAlone

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The SOS Children's Village in Chennai was established in the year 1979 to help needy and parentless children of Tamil Nadu. The Children's Village is located in the suburbs of Tambaram, about 25 Km from the City. The village has a primary school, medical centre, tailoring centre and community centre along with a youth facility. #WorthAVisit #SOSIndia
They say by helping others you help yourself. Every donation made at SOS Children's Villages of India is 100% tax exempted.
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Over 20 million children in India are abandoned and parentless, who have no one to call their own! Every day they struggle for basic necessities of life, a ray of hope. Your support can lift them from this darkness and bring some light in their life. Donate, because:
Knowingly or unknowingly people touch each other’s life. There are instances that will always rebuild your faith in humanity and love. At SOS, we come across many such stories that make us believe in the good in this world. One of our SOS Mother Ms. Reena Desai remembers last year’s Mother’s day by narrating her story with us. Here's one of #SOSTouchStories
Jammu, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir, has witnessed unrest for many years, leaving hundreds of children without a home. SOS Children’s Village Jammu came into existence in 1998 to give such children what they deserved, the love and affection of a family.
Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. Every donation you make to SOS Children’s Villages of India are 100% tax exempt under section 35 AC (80GG) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
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They say, it’s hard to bring down someone who has a balloon and we have lots of them.What do you think? Caption this moment of joy in your own words. #CaptionUs
Like every year, Settled Youth Day was celebrated on 31st December with great fervor at SOS Children’s Village Jaipur. Close to 100 settled youths were present for this event. The event was graced by a surprise visit from none other than Mr Arun Chaturvedi, Minister Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of Rajasthan. During visit he interacted with the youths and board members, visited a...
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Dr. Mandeep Singh and his family volunteered to organize a video conference for the members of Bal Panchayat, at FSP location Autopin, Tilak Nagar. This activity was organized with 10 students of Francis Parker School following efforts of Mr. Laxman Sorout, Sr. FSP Co-worker, SOS Children’s Village Greenfields. Our children from the Bal Panchayat as well as students from California interacted...
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When her grandmother brought her to the SOS Children’s Village Puducherry, little did she know that one day, Bharathi will make everyone proud. An artist by nature, Bharathi engrossed herself in all the creative activities happening at the village, like dancing, drawing and clay modelling. She participated in various competitions and also took interest in sports. Today, she is pursuing nursing...
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May 2017 brings lots of joy, peace and success in your life!
With a new year, comes new responsibilities and numerous opportunities to do good in this world. Together hand in hand we can build lives of many abandoned children.
This holiday season, all we wish is that all dreams, big or small, come true. Let's help these children's dreams turn into a reality.