Our champion Vidushi played exceptionally well in the India Vs. Spain Floorball match yesterday. Her goal helped India draw with a 1-1 score. With that India is in the 3rd position now in the ongoing Special Olympic World Winter Games in Austria. We are so proud! Let us wish Team India all the luck for tomorrow’s deciding match! #IndiaIsProud #BeBoldForChange
According to the UNCRC’s Rights for Children Article 2, no child should be discriminated over race, religion, colour, culture or disability. At SOS India, we motivate every child to pursue their dreams just like our champions playing at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. Go, go girls!
Sometimes, reaching out and extending your support to someone in need pays off in unexpected ways. 20 million children in India are abandoned or parentless. They need your support and they need it now! #SaveTax #TaxSaving
Our 4 champions; Kiran, Diksha, Vidhushi and Dulfisha, have set out for their ultimate journey. A journey that has inspired every once parentless child at SOS. A journey that has strengthened their belief in great talent, hard work and determination. If you would like to wish them for games, share your wishes through the comments below. #BeBoldForChange #WomenOfSOS #austria2017 Herbalife
Four Specially-Abled Girls from SOS India are all set to make history at Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. Watch repeat telecast of their journey to Special Olympics on NDTV Prime tomorrow at 12 noon. Join us as we cheer for them!
Watch the fascinating journey of Kiran, Dulfisha, Vidhushi and Diksha to Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. Tune in to NDTV Prime tomorrow at 3.00 P.M. to watch their story. #austria2017 #heartbeatfortheworld
There can be no tragedy bigger than children losing their parents at a nascent age. Your taxable income can ensure meals, proper education and a better life for these children. #SaveTax by donating now!
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A child, who lost her both parents, had rickets problem in her legs and has been fighting with a mental disability for years now, stands proudly at the Special Olympics World Winter Games’ podium. With hard work, determination, and support from her SOS mother and teachers, Dulfisha is about to realize her dream. Join us as we cheer for her.
Abandoned at birth, these four young girls didn’t let their varying degrees of disabilities stand in their way. Their hard work and talent has led them to be chosen for the most prestigious sports event of the year. Cheer for Kiran, Vidushi, Diksha and Dulfisha as they make us swell with pride. Way to go girls! #BeBoldForChange #WomenOfSOS #SOSIndia
Let me know once done!
Our champions have beaten all odds to make their Special Olympic dreams come true. Their journey wasn’t easy and is worth sharing with everyone. Tune in to NDTV Prime on 18th March at 3 PM to watch their story. If you miss the first airing, catch them on 19th March at 12 noon.
Kiran, Vidushi, Diksha and Dulfisha have embarked on a journey to make their dreams come true. These specially-abled girls have been selected to represent India at the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017. Stay tuned to know all the updates about their wonderful journey. #BeBoldForChange #WomenOfSOS
Happy Holi Everyone! Watch this special video of our children wishing you a Happy Holi.
Every year on Holi, Raghav sits in a corner and smiles while looking at people celebrating with colours. With nobody to call their own, millions of parentless and abandoned children in India have the same fate as Raghav’s. Let us pledge to make one life better today! Donate now and save tax.

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Here's an #InspiringQuote to make you believe that good exists.
We are proud to announce that SOS Mother Ms. Supriti Patnaik and SOS FSP caregiver Ms. Rani were awarded with the prestigious Indian Women Achievement award 2017 at Enormous Blue. The event was held on International Women’s Day at Crown Plaza Mall, Faridabad to felicitate women who have contributed to the society in many ways. Way to go, #WomenOfSOS!
Love is that beautiful feeling you get when your loved ones are happy in their life.

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Join us in our journey to empower many more women like Nishu, Sitara & Santosh!
Our girls are soaring high!! Three cheers to Vidushi, Kiran, Diksha & Dulfisha, all set to realise their Special Olympic dreams in Austria! #WeAreEqual #BBBP #BeBoldForChange #internationalwomensday #IWD2017