These children have faced more than they deserve. Your donation is a commitment which promises them of a better life. Can you commit to give? #CommittedGiving

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Established in the year 1984 and opened in 1985, SOS Children’s Village Varanasi has completed 25 years of service in childcare. The village is located in a rural area about 25 km from the city of Varanasi. Apart from having a well-equipped learning centre, library and much more, the campus also has a kindergarten. #WorthAVisit #SOSIndia
While all of you show affection to your loved ones by giving them flowers, gifts and surprises, there are close to 20 million children in India who are deprived of this special feeling. Your donation can open the doors of love and care for these children. #SOSIndia #SOSChildren #DonateForLove
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As part of SOS Family Strengthening Programme, we have taken up various initiatives for strengthening poor families at various locations. A major focus of that has been on girl child empowerment. Under this, SOS Children’s Village Rourkela along with ICA (Institute of Computer Accountants) has organized a program, which provides computer education to girls who have not completed their...
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We believe that every child has the right to a family that cares for them. Let us ensure that no child grows up alone. #NoChildShouldGrowUpAlone

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In a world where compassion plays a vital role in bringing people together & achieving harmony, many empty hands are seeking your help. Your contribution can help shape up their future. Avail 100% tax exemption by donating before 31st March. #SaveTax #SOSIndia #TaxExemption

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On this day of love, let us pledge to spread love unconditionally, specially among those who need it the most.
#Valentinesday #SOSIndia
With just Rs. 900/ month, you can assure a better life for a once parentless child. Be the change they need in their life. Sponsor a child today! #CommittedGiving

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They say learning takes you far. What do you think? Can you caption this picture? #CaptionIt
Equipped with a kindergarten, activity hall, clinic, community house and a village store, SOS Children's Village Hyderabad stands strong to take care of the overall development of the children. With regular health check-ups and administration of basic vaccinations children's health and hygiene is taken care of on top priority.
#WorthAVisit #SOSIndia
220 million children worldwide, are growing up without the loving care of a parent or support they need as children. Make this year different for at least one of them. Donate, for no other reason but love!
#SOSIndia #SOSChildren #DonateForLove
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A big shout out to brilliant telecallers who are interested in joining the SOS Family. Come for a walk-in-Interview at our National office at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. You can also email your resume to or call us at 011- 43239200.
In a global survey, children were asked how do they know if their mother or father loves them. Shockingly 1 out of 10 children couldn't answer that question. You know why? Watch this to know: [ Link ] #NoChildShouldGrowUpAlone

No child should grow up alone

We asked children: “How do you know your mom or dad deeply cares for you?”

YOU can become the reason someone smiles today. Laughter is contagious and best when shared with others. #PictureOfTheDay
There are beliefs and values on which organizations are built. SOS Children’s Villages of India began as a self implementing child care organisation with the core belief of providing a loving home to every child. We have values that guide our actions and way forward. Do you wish to know what they are? #AboutUs #SOSIndia #SOSChildren
You know what’s the most gratifying feeling in this world? To see a once abandoned child rise up from an unthinkable past to a bright future, all because of support from people like you. Don’t you agree? #SOSIndia #SOSChildren #DonateForLove
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When Sillady a place located in Nagore town was affected by Tsunami, @SOSVillageIndia took the onus of helping out the families in need under their Family Strengthening Programme. Amongst the families who approached us, there was this one woman’s story that made us realize that our support was helping them out in not one but many different ways. Here’s Ammaponnu’s story in her own words. ...
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There are more than 20 million children in India who are abandoned or parentless. The time has come for us to take the onus and do something for them. And while you decide to help one such child, you will also get 100% tax exemption on your donation. #SaveTax #TaxExemption #SOSIndia
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Devi’s life story is no different from the ones we read in newspapers. With troubled marriage, no savings or support from relatives and 4 children to feed and educate. Devi ran a petty shop and her 2 elder children assisted her. But the income wasn’t enough. Devi approached SOS Family Strengthening Programme team and SOS India assisted her with essential resources to grow her shop. Today, her...
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After Jammu, SOS Children's Village Srinagar, was planned to provide help and support to children suffering from the decade old militancy in the state. The village became operational in April 2004 with 22 children in 3 families. Now the village has 6 family homes thus promising a better future to many once parentless children. #WorthAVisit #SOSIndia