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Ever wondered why different beers are poured in different glasses? It’s not just about the look. Find out more here: [ Link ]
South African Breweries
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We celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation amongst the youth of South Africa. One of the ways we do this is through the SAB KickStart Ignite Awards. To find out more about it, click here: [ Link ]
South African Breweries
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We always recruit and develop people who can be better than ourselves. Want to join the team and push us to new heights? Click this link: [ Link ] to apply for one of our Graduate programmes.
The Opportunity is here, Make it Yours!
South African Breweries
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Whether you’ve just begun your mentorship journey or are already in the middle of it, DOWNLOAD the mentor pack to strengthen your movement: [ Link ]
South African Breweries
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Do you want to WIN a personalised profile picture, cover photo and case of your favourite SAB beer? All you have to do is tell us why you love SAB in the comments below.
Can you guess when Carling Black Label was first brewed in South Africa?
As much as life is unstable, a strong sense of self lasts a lifetime. Help them build it. Take the pledge and help curb underage drinking: [ Link ]
Get your 2017 off to a great start. Explore our graduate opportunities for 2018 today. Click here: [ Link ] for more info and to apply. The Opportunity is here, Make it Yours!
Women and beer are two things that do mix. We’ll be celebrating both on 11 March with International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. Find out more here: [ Link ]
A light bearer is nothing without their light, just like a mentor is nothing without their mentor pack. Download it here: [ Link ]
Have you ever wondered what the inside of SAB looks like? Wonder no more! Next weekend we’re having a tour at our Alrode brewery. Get your tickets here: [ Link ]
Be their biggest supporter. Take the pledge and be the mentor you wish you had: [ Link ]
Try this delicious, beer-infused dessert! Share this recipe: [ Link ] and spread the love. For a different delicious recipe, check out our SABreweries Twitter page.
Do you have a business? Do you need guidance and support? Then you should apply to be part of the Tholoana Enterprise Programme. Find out how here: [ Link ]
To begin your journey towards curbing underage drinking, you’ll need the mentor pack. Download it here: [ Link ]
Before you can fully enjoy the beer that you’re drinking, you need to make sure that you’re tasting it the right way. Learn how to taste beer like a pro here: [ Link ]
Loving beer is all about getting to know it better. The first step is finding out how it’s made. Find out in exactly a minute and a half. Check out the video below: [ Link ]

The Brewing Process

A helping hand to lift them up. Take the pledge here: [ Link ] and join the fight against underage drinking. #BeTheMentor
Happy Valentine’s Day from SAB! To celebrate, we’ve hidden some hearts on this @CarlingBlackLabelSA can. How many can you find?