Thank you Madala Clement Mashele for interacting the most with us throughout 2016. As a token of our appreciation, we’ll be sending you a case of your favourite SAB beer, Carling Black Label. Will you be the 2017 fan of the year?
The key to saving in January is to use things you already have instead of buying new things. Try using you empty SAB bottles to create a one-of-a-kind garden.
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Mentorship comes with an instruction manual. It’s called the mentor pack. Download it here and start your journey to change a life: [ Link ].
Who needs to spend money on envelopes when you can make your own ‘message in a bottle’? Use it as an invite to your next party, or just a simple thank you message to a loved one. #SAB #SavingsTips
This week discover the 6 enemies of beer, finding out how they individually alter the beer drinking experience. To find out more visit our blog: [ Link ]

Breaking Beer | SAB
It’s never too late to change a mind, change a way and build a new path. Take the pledge to curb underage drinking: [ Link ]

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Now that you’ve properly settled into 2017, it’s time to get into it. Download your mentor pack to prepare yourself for another year of stopping underage drinking. Get it here: [ Link ]
Going out all the time can get expensive. Try spend some time at home or at friends’ houses with your favourite SAB beer to save money on transport, food and drinks. You could even throw a beer tasting party. Find out how by clicking on this link: [ Link ]
Did the month of December take its toll on your wallet? To help you get to February, we’ll be giving you some SAB saving’s tips throughout the month. Tag a friend who you think will need these tips.
Introducing the BACPlus Calculator, created by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking. It’s the perfect responsible drinking guide for the festive season. Try it out, click here to start using BACPlus: [ Link ]
This holiday, raise a glass to the new Cranberry-Rose flavoured Brutal Fruit. Have you tried it yet? What did you think?
Having family of friends over this Day of Goodwill? Spoil them with this delicious recipe: [ Link ]
SAB wishes you a happy and safe holiday season!
A beer tasting party is the perfect way to celebrate the festive season! Find out how to throw one here: [ Link ]
Here it is, the #SABrew, as voted by you! Thank you to everyone who voted. Join us in the New Year as we show the beer being made and announce the winners.
As much as people believe that #BeTheMentor is only about curbing underage drinking, a mentor’s influence can spill over into other spheres of a mentee’s life. Learn more about this from our blog: [ Link ]
We’ve got a list of the perfect beer gifts! Check it out here: [ Link ]
Your vote, your label. Take some time to think about what you would want to see on the #SABrew bottle. Then vote for your favourite design using the reactions.
Thank you to everyone who voted for the #SABrew. The people have spoken and you have decided that the SA Brew will be a GINGER BEER.
The voting doesn’t stop here. Like it if you’re ready to pick the label.