A massive thank you to the AMAZING students who shared their YOUniversity stories with us! It just goes to show that everyone's journey is different and there's more than one way to get to university!

If you've missed out on a uni offer or you're feeling disheartened because your ATAR was lower than expected don't worry we can help you! SAIBT has flexible entry requirements which mean you...
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Don't spend tonight worried about whether you'll receive a uni offer tomorrow! You can apply to SAIBT today and rest assured that we will help you get there anyway!

You don't need a uni offer or an ATAR score to come and study with SAIBT. We offer you extra support during our diploma programs that helps you prepare to transfer straight into the 2nd year of most UniSA degrees. There's no...
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Happy holidays! The SAIBT offices will be closed from midday today and reopening on the 3rd of January. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!
The amazing team at UniSA talk you through some important info for those of you who are thinking about changing your preferences! You can also contact us directly if you have questions or concerns about direct entry into your chosen uni degree!
We know that you might have questions about your ATAR. We're offering live chat support to answer your ATAR questions, just follow the link below!

There's more than 1 way to get to uni, we can show you how! SAIBT offers 8 month diplomas that can lead you to the 2nd year of most UniSA bachelor degrees even if your ATAR is lower than expected!

[ Youniversity.video Link ]


Are you still not sure what you want to study? Perhaps you're worried your ATAR will be lower than expected? We can help! Come along to the UniSA Preference Information Session and we can talk you through your options.

Wednesday 21st of December, 4-6PM
Brookman Hall, UniSA City East Campus

[ Unisa.edu.au Link ]

Preference Information Event - Events calendar - University of South Australia

Only 6 days until the SACE results are released! During result release SAIBT will be offering an online live chat service that will help answer some of your questions about your ATAR and how it's possible to go to uni even if you don't get the required ATAR.

Watch this space for more info on the live chat. In the meantime you can always visit

Good luck guys!

#saibt #youniversity...
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This BBQ event is free and it is only for students of SAIBT & CELUSA with sister school Eynesbury. Mmm.. I can just smell those sizzling sausages right now! Oh.. yes and ice-cream for dessert of course :) Email jodie.bishop@unisa.edu.au with your student id'# to book. See ya soon! Oi Oi Oi Jodie.

Aussie BBQ (Oi Oi Oi) free

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and now for a summer break :)
The University of South Australia and South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) training in Hong Kong at the Navitas offices. A massive thanks to Hody Unisa and Ethan Zhang as well as the students who shared their stories! Go team!
With Aussie Desserts
Come along for a sizzling sausage, juicy salads and a cool dessert. A great chance to make some extra friends and plan some holiday activities at our final social event for 2016. This event is only for current students of SAIBT Eynesbury and CELUSA who have prebooked. This event is free. Bring your student id. card with you. Email jodie.bishop@unisa.edu.au via your institute email address...
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End of Year BBQ

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The last one! Holiday workshop of 3 of 3: Job Interview Skills. Don't sleep in today because you have the rest of the holidays to sleep :)

This event is only for current students of SAIBT Eynesbury CELUSA. It is a two hour workshop and due to time limitations, the workshop will not restart for latecomers. A booking is required. Email jodie.bishop@unisa.edu.au via your institute email address...
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Job Interview Skills Workshop (Free)

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Join one or all three workshops this week. This is session: Volunteering Information Session. All students of SAIBT Eynesbury and CELUSA (only) are welcome to attend.
Email Jodie via your institute email address for all enquiries and bookings.

Don't sleep your holidays away! Come along and prepare for experiences and opportunities in the community during 2017. Please note that this is an...
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Volunteering Information Session (Free)

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Join one or all three workshops this week. This is session 1: Job Search Workshop. All students of SAIBT Eynesbury and CELUSA (only) are welcome to attend. *Bring your student id.card. jodie.bishop@unisa.edu.au for details, bookings, questions and directions. Please use your uni email address or provide your sudent id. # for enquiries and bookings.

Workshop contents: Australian style...
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Job Search Workshop (Free)

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Have you changed your mind about what you want to study?

Nathan changed his mind about his university degree and we were able to help him transfer to the a Bachelor of Physiotherapy even though he didn't have the necessary prerequisites. There's more that one way to get to you and we can help you achieve your #youniversity experience!

Nathan's story

A fancy lunch/afternoon tea event with some interesting Aussie desserts.
This event is only for students of SAIBT Eynesbury and CELUSA. Please email jodie.bishop@unisa.edu.au (with your student id #) for all bookings and enquiries :)

High Tea & Aussie Desserts

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