Like many backpackers, I read the book "First They Killed My Father" by Loung Ung on my first trip to Cambodia, tears streaming down my face as I read about the horrors of her childhood and learnt about the all too recent atrocities of the Khmer Rouge.

Now, instead of bounding around the temples of Angkor in her tomb raider outfit, Angelina Jolie has directed an important new film that tells...
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FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER Trailer Tease (2017) Angelina Jolie Netflix Drama Movie HD

FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER Trailer (2017) Angelina Jolie Netflix Drama Movie HD © 2017 - Netflix

Home to India's highest plunge waterfall, a beach that's shaped like the yogic symobol 'OM', two thousand year old temple ruins, the best rock climbing in India, as well as one of the biggest coffee and spice growing regions, AND one of the most important technology cities in Asia... which state am I talking about? Contrasting and colourful Karnataka of course!

Special thank you to Vijayshree...
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Karnataka - South East Asia Backpacker
Rock on! Where are the best places to rock climb in South East Asia?

Rock Climbing - South East Asia Backpacker
Heading to Myanmar soon? You'll probably be passing through the old capital of Yangon. Here are some tips for newbies to this interesting city!

Yangon, Myanmar - South East Asia Backpacker
While it’s totally acceptable (and enjoyable) to be a beach bum and spend your days sipping fresh coconuts and topping up your tan…

There’s a lot more to be gained from a backpacking trip to Asia!

If you think you might like to add more strings to your bow whilst you travel, read this. From permaculture courses to TEFL courses, this in-depth article will guide you towards the life changing...
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Do You Want to Learn New Skills Whilst You Travel? 10 Courses & Workshops in Asia that could Change Your Life! - South East Asia Backpacker
Will you break down? Will you be able to catch some zzzz's?
Will you (fingers crossed!) get a seat on the bus that’s jammed right close up to a good looking guy / girl? Will you EVER get there?
Here are some essential tips for backpackers taking public transport in South East Asia!

10 Essential Tips For Public Transport in South East Asia! - South East Asia Backpacker
Are you interested in taking a Massage Course whilst you are in Thailand? Either to learn traditional Thai massage, foot reflexology or oil massage... Or perhaps you'd rather lay back and just be the receiver!?

Here's a short history of Thai massage and our recommended schools to take a Massage Course in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Koh Phangan...

Traditional Thai Massage - South East Asia Backpacker
"To be a woodcarver you have to be incredibly relaxed. You have to try and feel like a yogi."

Beautiful video by the talented film maker Marko Randelovic about a 69-year old master wood carver in Bali who's met the likes of Vladimir Putin, Obama, Ronald Reagan and others during his illustrious career. Now you can find him resting in his amazing museum just a few kilometres north of Ubud....
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Gardua | Bali's Wood Carvers Keeping Their Craft Alive

BALI: The master woodcarvers of Bali are striving to keep their unique craft alive for the next generation. I Made Ada is a master wood carver from the renow...

Helpful and inspiring article by Cherie from the Travel For Change Blog on how to be more eco-friendly when you travel this year. Some great tips and common sense travel hacks!

Eco-Friendly Travel in 2017 | TRAVEL FOR CHANGE BLOG
The highest mountains in the world, a reincarnated Goddess, an abominable snowman, a road called Freak Street, a temple where Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles used to chill in the 60s, and the place where you can eat delicious momo's every day! Where else, but mesmerising, hypnotising Nepal?

Nepal - South East Asia Backpacker
WE DID IT! Here's the final part of our day-to-day diaries of becoming Yoga Teachers in Goa, India!

A Huge Thank You to the wonderful school of Parimukti and all of the teachers for sharing with us their knowledge and passion! The 4-week course was a potentially life-changing experience that we'll never forget.

Read the final stage of our journey here... (it's really only the...
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Becoming a Yoga Teacher in India: Review of 200-Hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course at Parimukti – Part 3 - South East Asia Backpacker
Putting your backpack down for a while and volunteering with a worthwhile organisation, is not only good for the local community, it can gift you with a different perspective as a traveller.

Check out this interesting article by traveller, ZheWei, who volunteered with the International Humanity Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia and saw the city in a completely different way than the average...
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A Different Perspective: Volunteering with the International Humanity Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia - South East Asia Backpacker
It's soooooo hot here in #Karnataka #SouthIndia. Do as the locals do in many parts of Asia and find shade anywhere you can!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Did you get struck by cupid's bow whilst travelling? Was it happy ever after and you are now living on a paradise island together? Or was it a tale of missed flights, Facebook stalking and dodgy Skype connections!?

Falling in Love on the Road... Reflections of Relationships on the Go - South East Asia Backpacker
One of our most popular articles ever! It seems that everyone is looking for some FREE entertainment in Chiang Mai! Check out our alternative list by awesome Chiang Mai based travel blogger, Paper Planes. Enjoy!

10 Alternative and Free Things To Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand - South East Asia Backpacker
Are you thinking of adding the Philippines to your South East Asian travel itinerary? You should do it!

From 'Surviving on a Deserted Island in Palawan' to a '2000km bicycle ride across the Philippines to Raise Awareness of Plastic Pollution' .... Here are loads of different articles to inspire you to visit this incredible archipelago. Happy Sunday reading!

The Philippines Archives - South East Asia Backpacker
Enjoying a relaxing time at Vijayshree resort & heritage village in Hospet after exploring the incredible ruins of #Hampi #Karnataka in South India. #IncredibleIndia
Are you thinking of making a big life change in 2017? Could you leave home and make a life of long-term travel work for you?
Read on my friend...

Thanks to Where in the World is Nina? for the inspiring article!

Can You Make a Lifetime of Long-Term Travel Work? Tips for Working Abroad... - South East Asia Backpacker
For all those who want to adopt the street dogs of South East Asia. Here's someone who gave up their day job to help them! Inspiring story.
Just a few hours from KL, Melaka is a fascinating mish-mash of colonial history, fusion food, architecture and people. It's definitely worth a few days of your time in Peninsular Malaysia!

Melaka - South East Asia Backpacker