Have you ever seen noodles being made? We loved this cute noodle making shop in #Kathmandu and promptly went for a bowl after seeing it!
Heading to Sri Lanka? You'll more than likely be spending a few days in the capital, Colombo. Here's our guide to where to stay, what to see, what to eat and how to buy beer!

Colombo - South East Asia Backpacker

Namaste Kathmandu! After almost 10 years I return to the first city that I ever visited as a 23 year old nervous backpacker. The city is still as intriguing as it ever was! #Kathmandu #Nepal #Buddhism #Hinduism #Spirituality #Mountains #Monkeys #Sunset
Do you fancy a seven day group adventure in Bali and the Gili Islands? Explore this unique Indonesian Hindu island, learn to surf, enjoy island hopping on paradise islands with no cars, have bags of fun, and above all, meet like-minded people to continue your onward travels with!

A group trip can be a great way to start your travels, meet people and get into the swing of backpacking in SE...
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7 Day Group Adventure in Bali & Gili Islands, Indonesia - Backpackerbookings

One of the prettiest and most chilled out cities in Asia, Kuching is a great base from which to explore the natural wonders of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo...

Kuching - South East Asia Backpacker

What do you think about this latest news from Cambodia?

Angkor Wat puts limit on number of tourists watching sunsets

One of our favourite cafés in Southeast Asia! Have you visited?

Joma Bakery: A Café with a Conscience - South East Asia Backpacker

Have you ever considered writing a book all about your travels? Here are some tips for getting that story out there, by our editor, and author of book "Backpacker Business", Nikki Scott.

Could You Turn Your Backpacking Adventures into a Travel Book? 10 Tips for Writing a Best Selling Travel Memoir! - South East Asia Backpacker

Visas can be the most complicated part of planning travel in Southeast Asia. Your visa questions answered here!

Updated Visa Guide to South East Asia! - South East Asia Backpacker

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia during "monsoon" season (June - October) and are worried about what you'll experience? Here's why we love the low season and why, if you plan your destinations wisely, it might just be the best time to travel!

The Perks of Travelling in South East Asia in the Low Season (June - October) - South East Asia Backpacker

A tacky party island full of stag parties and seedy bars? Have you been warned of visiting Phuket because of its boozy reputation? There's another side to Thailand's biggest island...

Phuket - South East Asia Backpacker

The best place for trekking in all Southeast Asia? Have you experienced the raw beauty of Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos?

Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos - South East Asia Backpacker

Thailand is not renowned as a surfing hotspot, but it can be a great place for beginners wanting to ride their first wave!

Can you Surf in Thailand? Yes You Can! - South East Asia Backpacker

Central Thailand has two popular UNESCO World Heritages sites, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, both the homes of former ruling dynasties in the history of Thailand.

Both sites, on the face of it are pretty similar and both are close to the well-trodden train route between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. So if you have to pick one, which should you check out?

Ayutthaya Vs Sukhothai - Which Should You Visit?

Did you experience reverse culture shock upon returning home after your travels in South East Asia? Don't despair! It's a common phenomenon...

Why Did I Ever Come Home? Battling with Reverse Culture Shock! - South East Asia Backpacker

Monday 13th March is Thai National Elephant Day (Chang Thai Day) and it's good news for elephants in the wild in Thailand!

Number of wild elephants in Thailand on the rise - The Nation

One of the best short travel videos about Asia we've seen!

6 Months Walking in Asia!

From island hopping on a traditional banca fishing boat, to singing karaoke... Here are the top 10 things to do when you travel to the Philippines!

Top 10 Things to do in the Philippines - South East Asia Backpacker

We love getting dirty here at #seabackpacker. Learning all about soils on our #Permaculture Design Course today with Rico Zook. #permaculturedesign #nature #hippies