Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort
06/23/2017 at 15:38. Facebook
The stage has been set, who's fixin' up a Southern Julep this weekend?
The stage has been set who's fixin' up a Southern Julep this weekend
Paul Ford
Carolann Gardner
Matthew Poultney
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort
yesterday at 13:00. Facebook

Join the #SouthernWelcome party for a chilled night in or a chilled night out and wIn a case of Southern Comfort, lemonade & lime!

Just tag 3 friends you'd want to share a can with for the chance to win.
Southern Comfort
Pam Lawrence
Teena Evans
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort
06/21/2017 at 12:32. Facebook
Well ain't it a scorcher today, folks!

The longest day of the year means all y'all have plenty of time to freshen up with a Southern tipple...or two
RogerandMaureen Andre
Al Dil
Emma-louise Williams
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort
06/18/2017 at 11:00. Facebook
Fix the ole man something special today... ????

The Old Fashioned, the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day.
Susan Davis
Allan Watson
Wayne Clark
Hey y'all, the toughest choice of the week is here. In the left corner, the Southern Mule and in the right, the Southern Swizzle. Which is the winner in this Southern showdown?
Douglas Smith
Susan Wood
Catherine Ann O'Reilly
Hands up if you managed to join us in London or Manchester for the first stops of our CANpaign trail? βœ‹
For those folks that missed out, feast yer eyes on what went down when we rolled into London. Next to experience the #SouthernWelcome party...READING!
Lesley Graves
Cathee Lewis
Andy Menary
Are you staying in or heading out?

Wherever you are, let the good times roll and crack open a can of Southern Comfort, lemonade & lime this weekend.
Are you staying in or heading out Wherever you are let the
Southern Comfort
Tony Lynch
Jackie Gray
Y'all fancy impressing your guests with the ultimate summer tipple?
Eileen Orr
Lee Pritchard
Kathryn Pearson
Our CANpaign trail starts today!

We'll be hitchin' up in Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush. Don't be foolish now, come and join the #SouthernWelcome party.
Liam Redfern
Ron Barb
Our CANpaign trail is taking us across the UK, who's ready to come join us onboard the CANpaign bus?

For more information
Mark Corfield
Kelda Sangster
Jane Moore
Who’s joining the #SouthernWelcome party?

Our CANifesto has arrived so kick back, crack open a can of Southern Comfort, lemonade & lime and let the good times roll!

For more information
Anne Bunton
Dolores O'Connor
Carolann Gardner
It's a long weekend so why not enjoy the longest ever Southern Comfort serve!

Who would you share this with? Enjoy responsibly folks.
Wendy Isda Stig Greenwood
Jasmine Molyneux
Gavin Stephen Green
Time for a post-work tipple

Which one are you choosin'?
Derek Baker
Toni Marsh-Williams
Nicola Vaill
Brighten up those Monday Blues and give your week a #SouthernWelcome with the Southern Mule...
Karl Taylor
Eileen Douglas
Joanne Boyland
Turn up the volume and drink in the sweet sound of the weekend....
Simone Massam
Chloe White
Andy Menary
Cocktails or chicken? Which are you eyeing up first?
Kathryne Mahon
Martin Towle
Ian Montgomery
Kick off the weekend in Comfort...
Jack Lear
Dillon Thomas
Jerry Evans
It's high time y'all fixed up your summer tipple

Give a warm #SouthernWelcome to...The Southern Julep. Enjoy responsibly now folks.
Turner Denise
Sheila Wells
Barbara Pattison
The weather forecast is sunny, with a strong chance of Southern Comfort. Y'all ready to raise a glass to the good times?
Carolann Gardner
Teresa Mcall
Alex White
Olive Bell
Graham Buckley
David Slowey