In two years, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro has filed perjury charges against a witness recanting testimony from an old murder conviction three separate times.

There's not a single prosecutor in America who has filed such a case more than once.

"It's denial that the tough-on-crime days of the '80s and '90s were as bad as they were," says City Council Member Jason Williams — a denial...
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He Says Police Pressured Him To Lie. Now, He Could Get 40 Years For Perjury
Janet Jenkins and Lisa Miller gave birth to a child, Isabella, in 2000. Three years later, the couple split and Miller became an evangelical Christian, renouncing her sexuality and taking Isabella with her to another state.

Despite a court order, Miller wouldn't let Jenkins see Isabella —and then appeared to flee the country.

Now it appears that the Liberty Counsel — the group that...
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Did Anti-LGBT Group Help Kidnap a Kid?
Today, Speaker Ryan pulled the #AHCA from a vote in the House. We consider that a victory for the American people.

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Thirteen states have introduced bills to prevent Islamic law from being used in court cases. Nine states already have such a law on the books.

To be clear, the U.S. Constitution already protects Americans from being subject to "foreign law" — making these bills redundant as well as xenophobic.

“The legislators behind the bill should take a break from wasting taxpayer time and money, admit...
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Many Montana Lawmakers Seem To Be Falling For A Conspiracy Theory About Muslims
We've been down this road before. There's a substantial body of research about the effects of 1990s efforts to make welfare recipients work. The main takeaways?

Work requirements aren't feasible for those with disability, mental health issues, or child and eldercare responsibilities. Work requirements do not help people get employed at higher numbers than they already are without the extra...
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The Trouble With Medicaid Work Requirements
Very little about President Trump's second executive order banning travel from Muslim-majority countries is new.

Just like the first order, it's been temporarily halted by multiple federal judges because it discriminates on the basis of religion; just like the first order, it is still an attempt to fulfill Trump's campaign promise of a 'Muslim ban.'

Today we filed a federal lawsuit in...
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SPLC lawsuit: Latest Muslim ban unconstitutional, harms families and others
As part of President Trump's first executive order, ICE has issued its first weekly list of suspected crimes by immigrants in "sanctuary cities." The list is long, detailed, intimidating — and misleading.

Trump's ICE Bulletin Aims To Shame 'Sanctuary Cities,' But Its Numbers Are Skewed
The white supremacist website The Daily Stormer is encouraging white Twitter users to pretend to be black in order to take "revenge on Twitter" for banning white supremacist ads and users.

Its article "How to be a Ni**** on Twitter" says its secondary goal is to "create a state of chaos on Twitter, among the black Twitter population, by sowing distrust and suspicion, causing blacks to...
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The Emergence Of The White Troll Behind A Black Face
Immigrants are not committing more crime than in the past.

But the definition of 'criminal' has broadened significantly. That's how Immigration and Customs Enforcement has produced numbers like its recent report that 'criminal removals' comprised 92% of all deportations last year, compared to just 3% in 1980.

But for many of the people deported last year, their only 'crime' was being in...
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How Immigrants Became Criminals
"Mark Krikorian, whose group the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) we listed for the first time this year as a hate group, argues that our list is intended to shut down debate about issues such as immigration.

"That's not true. Our purpose is to help the public understand just who’s doing the talking. In the beginning, after all, they were the usual suspects: Klan factions, neo-Nazi...
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Hate groups like Center for Immigration Studies want you to believe they’re mainstream
Johnnie Mae Chappell was walking home. She was the mother of ten. She had nothing to do with the race riots taking place in Jacksonville that day.

Four white men who were fired up about the riots saw her walking and shot her. Only one was ever charged.

Fifty-three years later, the family of Johnnie Mae Chappell is still seeking justice. On the anniversary of her murder, the march continues.
In 2014, Oscar Ramirez fled a car accident because he is undocumented and was afraid of local police cooperating with ICE. Since he fled, Ramirez has faced deportation; the other motorist had to deal with a hit-and-run; and the police had to spend time and money investigating.

When undocumented immigrants are afraid of deportation, trust between residents and local law enforcement erodes,...
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SPLC: Trump immigration order would harm communities and law enforcement
The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the American Healthcare Act, which would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, today.

"Republicans are planning to cut Medicaid — that's the one that keeps poor people from dying — by $880 billion.

"Going to the doctor is part of staying alive. Obstructing access to health insurance, even a tiny bit, will lead to deaths. We...
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What The American Health Care Act Doesn't Understand About Health Care
"Maria's abusive husband promised that if she reported him, he would have her deported. He was a U.S. citizen, and she was undocumented; he spoke fluent English, she spoke almost none. When police came they told her that since his name was on the lease they couldn't legally ask him to leave — and she couldn't leave their children with him.

"What Maria didn't know is that she was eligible for...
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Under Trump, Undocumented Immigrants Who Suffer Abuse May Face an Impossible Choice: Silence or Deportation
In 2005, Gorsuch wrote, “American liberals are addicted to the courtroom [to] effect their social agenda on gay marriage."

In 2009, he rejected a transgender woman’s discrimination claim when her school denied her access to the women's restroom. In 2014, he sided with Hobby Lobby in a case to allow employers to withhold reproductive health care that conflict with an employer’s religious...
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LGBT Groups Say Trump’s Pick For The Supreme Court "Poses A Significant Threat"
Until 2015, the NCAA boycotted South Carolina because the state still flew the Confederate flag over its state house grounds.

It ended its boycott after the flag was taken down in June 2015, following white supremacist terrorist Dylann Roof's massacre of nine black parishioners at a black church in Charleston.

On Sunday, the Confederate flag was raised again.

NCAA March Madness game soured as Confederate flag is raised outside South Carolina arena
At a recent New York vigil, they walked in pairs — a Muslim and a Jew — to offer readings and prayers in Arabic and Hebrew.

After the ceremony, they hugged and posed together for selfies. "We need each other's friendship," said Abdullah Antepli.

US Muslims and Jews strengthen bonds amid acts of hate
Google has announced that it will take more steps to vet online content that could be considered hate speech, after advertisers complained that their ads were appearing on offensive sites.

But Google's hateful content problem has been larger than just advertising; offensive sites continue to spread false information in top search results.

Google Tries to Stop Ads From Appearing Next to Hate Speech
The Trump administration's 2018 budget proposal would cut and trim federal agencies that help the country's poorest and most vulnerable populations.

One of those agencies is the Appalachian Regional Commission, which funds essential services for rural towns in the region.

“When you’re a smaller place, they don’t look at you as viable so they don’t want to waste money on you. They don’t see...
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Trump’s budget targets rural development programs that provide a quiet lifeline
"I can't hide my face on the subway. It scares me that as a trans person of color, I'm not sure anyone would jump to my defense.

"I'm afraid for my friends and family who've already been targets (because of religion, immigration status, ethnicity). I know my presence as a black, trans person of color is an act of resistance. It's bigger than just bathrooms.

"I'm prepared to fight because I...
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What It's Like to Transition in Trump's America