It wasn't long ago that the Statue of Liberty didn't need an annotation.

'Refugees Welcome' banner unfurled on Statue of Liberty
Reporter: “Is the message in this administration that anti-Semitism is not allowed, xenophobia is not allowed? Anti-Muslim sentiment — has the President been forceful about that issue?”

Sean Spicer: “The President, in terms of his desire to combat radical Islamic terrorism, he understands people who express a peaceful position have every right in our Constitution. But if you come here or...
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Asked About Anti-Muslim Hate Groups, Spicer Talks About Islamic Terrorism
For his tireless service. For his unwavering commitment. Thank you, John Lewis — and happy birthday.
"Under the Obama administration, undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes were the priority for removal. Now, immigration agents, customs officers and border patrol agents have been directed to remove anyone convicted of any criminal offense.

"That includes people convicted of fraud in any official matter before a governmental agency and people who 'have abused any program related...
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New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions

“My only recommendation is to start killing the hell out of them,” one participant said, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, based in Washington, D.C. “I’m ready to start taking people out.”

N.C. conservative activists accused of threatening Muslims
"American Action Network is a nonprofit organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the federal tax code, which means its primary mission must be the promotion of social welfare, not politics. Such nonprofits don’t have to reveal their donors.

"Nonetheless, some information about American Action Network’s donors has trickled out over the years. Several of the publicly identified donors have to do...
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Nonprofit tied to insurance, drug giants behind healthcare overhaul ads
The net wealth of poor families in the United States went from around $0 to around $15,000 in debt.

Trend has been flat since 2010.

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When accepting love for love means life.

Incredibly important findings via JAMA.

Same-sex marriage laws linked to fewer youth suicide attempts, new study says
A fourth wave of bomb threats were made at Jewish Community Centers today. At least 10 around the country according to the Jewish Community Centers of North America.

This brings the total number of bomb threats made at JCCs to at least 67 since they started on January 9th.

St. Paul Jewish Community Center re-opens following earlier bomb threat
"Two hunters accused in a shooting on a remote Texas ranch near the Mexican border had told authorities that they were attacked by immigrants who had entered the country illegally.

"Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez told Odessa television KOSA that a grand jury indicted Michael Bryant and Walker Daugherty last week on charges of using deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the...
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Hunters charged in Texas shooting had blamed immigrants
Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Executive Order 9066 that sent Japanese-Americans and immigrants into internment camps.

Historian Nicole Hemmer collected these artifacts of the racism that made the order possible.

More than 110,000 Japanese Americans, who mostly lived on the West Coast, were forced into interior camps.

"Quintana says some employees got calls from management the day before telling them not to miss or else they'd lose their job. That's why he said a lot didn't call in, for fear.

"Most of the employees had been working there for years and have small children. Quintana is a permanent resident and feels like the termination was unfair."

21 workers fired for taking part in 'Day Without Immigrants' protest
"Where could the demonizing and dehumanizing of the foreign born lead but to a whiter America? You have heard the lies from Mr. Trump: that immigrants pose a threat, when they are a boon. That murders are up, when they are down. That refugees flow unimpeded into the country, when they are the most meticulously vetted people to cross our borders. That immigrants and refugees are terrorists,...
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Breaking the Anti-Immigrant Fever
"A new study from... the University of California San Diego is one of the first to analyze certified votes across all states after the implementation of voter laws in multiple elections, and it found just that kind of racially discriminatory impact.

"Specifically, they found 'that strict photo identification laws have a differentially negative impact on the turnout of Hispanics, Blacks, and...
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How Voter ID Laws Discriminate Against Racial Minorities
Today is the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Executive Order that enabled the establishment of Japanese internment camps.

By June of 1942, more than 110,000 Japanese Americans were relocated to remote internment camps built by the U.S. military in scattered locations around the country. They were not allowed to return to their homes until January 1945.

Executive Order 9066 was...
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"Gatestone Institute produces a regular drumbeat of articles and punditry. The institute claimed that the Obama administration refugee policy 'exposes Americans to the jihad.' Muslim refugees in Western countries are depicted in Gatestone Institute posts as rapists and hosts of 'highly infectious diseases' that threaten the health of the German people."

Her Father Championed Jewish Refugees. She Finances the Anti-Muslim Refugee Movement.
“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim,” Stein allegedly told his comrades.

The militia plot was a harrowing reminder of the dramatic uptick of anti-Muslim hatred in the United States in the last few years. But it also highlighted how the so-called Patriot movement — composed of people who believe the federal government is involved in a conspiracy against American liberties — has adopted the...
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One More Enemy
"Culpability for Till’s death rests on millions of shoulders. The unlikely thing was not that Emmett Till was lynched, but that his lynching actually stirred a national response.

"The mechanisms working in Jim Crow Mississippi in 1955 still animate life today. America has never really found justice for Till.

"The writing is on the wall: It could happen here. Or, it could happen here again."

How ‘The Blood of Emmett Till’ Still Stains America Today
86 years ago in Lorrain, Ohio, Toni Morrison was born Chloe Ardelia Wofford.

Her contributions to American literature and society are legendary — and ongoing. Happy birthday, Toni. Thank you for your work.
The police said that 22-year-old Victor White III, while detained in the back seat of a locked police car, his hands shackled behind his back, had committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a handgun that an officer had not found during an earlier search.

"I can't say anything," said the coroner's investigator, "but you should look into your son's death."

The Preacher and the Sheriff