"The last time I saw my dad, I was in a towel. He was in handcuffs. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had an order of deportation for a man three doors down. But when my dad couldn’t produce documents, they took him instead.

"Life got a lot harder. I was a freshman in high school. Today, I’m a special educator on the southwest side of Chicago, serving a predominantly Latinx community. A...
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The last time I saw my dad I was in a towel

Column: I'm a teacher, a 'Dreamer,' and I know why my students are scared

Bonnie Riley
Carol Humbert Lowery
Edward Johnson
Greybull High School sophomore Bailee Foster: "How do you plan to help Wyoming live up to its name as 'The Equality State?'"

Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY): "We always say that in Wyoming you can be just about anything you want to be, as long as you don’t push it in somebody’s face.

"I know a guy who wears a tutu and goes to bars on Friday night and is always surprised that he gets in fights....
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Greybull High School sophomore Bailee Foster How do you plan to help

Senator Insinuated LGBT Violence Is Justified Because Sometimes They "Kind Of Ask For It"

Irfan Chris Ahmed
Bryan Norman
Ann Telford
Our report on Trump's first 100 days.

White nationalists and their agenda infiltrated the mainstream.
Our report on Trumps first 100 days White nationalists and their agenda

100 Days in Trump's America

Beverly Sanchez
Joanne Barhite
Kathleen Haag Williams
Happy birthday, Coretta Scott King. Rest in power.
Happy birthday Coretta Scott King Rest in power
Jude Bug
Girlish Kainaiakii Harrison
Geoffrey Wood
Two years ago, Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams kissed on the sidewalk in Huntington, West Virginia. Steward Butler yelled homophobic insults at them, exited his nearby car and attacked the two men.

Now, the West Virginia Supreme Court is debating whether that assault is a hate crime.
Two years ago Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams kissed on the sidewalk

West Virginia Might Decide Gay People Aren't Protected From Hate Crimes

Kelly Wildridge Whyte
Patricia Babits
Javan Swasea Clark
"The notice Tiffany Lacroix received in November had 'SUBPOENA' printed at the top, next to a logo of the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. It ordered her to meet with a prosecutor to discuss the upcoming trial of Cardell Hayes, charged with murdering former Saints player Will Smith.

"But it wasn’t authorized by a judge. It wasn’t issued by the Clerk of Court, which sends out...
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The notice Tiffany Lacroix received in November had SUBPOENA printed at the

Orleans Parish prosecutors are using fake subpoenas to pressure witnesses to talk to them

Christopher B Dabbs
Hannah Duffy
Irfan Chris Ahmed
Yelled from car windows. Spray-painted on buildings. Written in emails. Handwritten on notebook paper. Hissed on the sidewalk. Shouted.

“Go back to your country,” or “Get out of my country” — the same script, over and over.
Yelled from car windows Spraypainted on buildings Written in emails Handwritten on

97 Ways Of Saying The Same Hateful Thing: 'Get Out Of America'

William Bejda
Grady Frank MeMe Jenkins
Tony Cooper
Yesterday: a federal judge blocked Trump's executive order cutting funding for 'sanctuary cities.'

Today: the Department of Homeland Security announced a new office aimed to support the victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

Both initiatives are from the same playbook. Both seek to demonize immigrant communities. Neither is based in fact. Neither will make the country safer.
Yesterday a federal judge blocked Trumps executive order cutting funding for sanctuary

Trump's Sanctuary Cities Plan is Straight Out of Breitbart, Radical Right Playbook

Charles Arnold
Lisa Graziano
David Mondello
"I don't know a thing about a woman being turned away," said the soup kitchen director. "It was a man that was turned away."
I dont know a thing about a woman being turned away said

South Dakota transgender woman denied entrance to soup kitchen for wearing a dress

Cam Loft
Dale Richner
Curtis Wilson
A federal judge blocked President Trump's executive order yesterday to cut funding to 'sanctuary cities,' citing an SPLC amicus brief.

“When local police are forced by the federal government to be federal immigration agents, nobody wins,” said Naomi Tsu, SPLC deputy legal director.

“Such policies create lasting harm by degrading trust between police and the community, decreasing public...
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A federal judge blocked President Trumps executive order yesterday to cut funding

SPLC: Trump immigration order would harm communities and law enforcement

Charlie Biel
Betsy White
David M. Whalin
Yesterday, the Alabama house voted 87-0 to make sure adoption and foster care agencies can deny licensed LGBT couples — and anyone else they choose — from caring for children.

The bill now only needs the governor's signature before becoming law.
Yesterday the Alabama house voted 870 to make sure adoption and foster

Foster care bill would leave kids without caring homes

Dina Robinson
Christopher Stark
Adam Crain
"There is unprecedented fear among immigrants nationwide: reports of domestic-violence victims afraid to call the police; parents keeping their kids home from school; a mother hiding out indefinitely in a church.

"How can anyone in government effectively enforce any law—not just labor laws—under these circumstances?

"The president claims to be protecting American workers, but his actions...
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There is unprecedented fear among immigrants nationwide reports of domesticviole

Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants Are a Gift for Bad Bosses

Andy Longo
Bob Zielazinski
Cleis Abeni
Missouri Sen. Gary Romine owns a rental agency that has labeled its map of a majority-black neighborhood "do not rent."

A former employee says Sen. Romine regularly used racial slurs against him, telling him among other things, to "quit acting like a n*gger."

That employee is suing Sen. Romine for discrimination — so Sen. Romine authored a bill to eliminate workers' ability to file...
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Missouri Sen Gary Romine owns a rental agency that has labeled its

Sued for Discrimination, Missouri Senator Pushes Law Limiting Discrimination Suits

Lin Kernan-Jensen
Lekisha Bridges
Nancy O'Quinn
Alex Jones, an influential and prolific conspiracy-theorist, has accused the yogurt-company Chobani of importing disease and "migrant rapists." His target: Chobani's Turkish-born CEO, who Jones says is plotting to populate rural areas with criminal refugees who want to destroy America.

Alex Jones is the same conspiracy-theorist who says the U.S. government was behind 9/11, the 1995 Oklahoma...
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Alex Jones an influential and prolific conspiracytheorist has accused the yogurt

Chobani Bites Back, Sues InfoWars For Smearing Idaho Operation, Refugees

Andrea Ritter
William Bejda
Debra Felker Propst
“White people need to solve the problem of white supremacy,” says former neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini. “It’s white people’s problem, we created it, and it’s a problem we need to fix.

“There really is no difference between what happened in Charleston with Dylann Roof and what happened in San Bernardino. They’re both terror attacks based on ideologies of extremism ― yet we still don’t call it...
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White people need to solve the problem of white supremacy says former

Former Neo-Nazi Says It’s On White People To Fight White Supremacy

George Cooper
Patti O'Connor-Wegeng
Ana Rothschild
Ashley Helgerson
Cara Elizabeth
Edric Z. S. Chung
“Conversion therapy is fraud, plain and simple. It's premised on the lie that LGBT people are ill and that they should be cured. The scientific community has concluded it doesn’t work — and that it can cause serious harm.

"It’s high time the federal government ban the sale of conversion therapy. Nobody should be permitted to dupe desperate kids and families into purchasing this dangerous...
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Conversion therapy is fraud plain and simple Its premised on the lie

Ted Lieu Introduces First Federal Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

Dick Buick
Erin Kinsey
Gina 'Guion' Petschauer
"For years, a network of immigration hard-liners in Washington was known chiefly for fending off proposals to legalize the status of more people.

"But with the election of a like-minded president, these groups have moved unexpectedly from defense to offense, with some of their leaders now in positions to carry out their agenda on a national scale."

“You would have to go to the 1920s and...
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For years a network of immigration hardliners in Washington was known chiefly

With Ally in Oval Office, Immigration Hard-Liners Ascend to Power

Southern Poverty Law Center
Irfan Chris Ahmed
Shaun Strawser
Attempts at passing restrictive voter ID laws have proliferated in recent years, despite a serious lack of evidence that they do anything to actually prevent voter fraud. Last week, North Carolina's State Board of Elections released the results of a thorough audit of the 2016 election.

"It found that 4,769,640 votes were cast in November and that one would probably have been avoided with a...
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Attempts at passing restrictive voter ID laws have proliferated in recent years

Now we finally know how bad voter fraud is in North Carolina

Southern Poverty Law Center
Kirby Wohlander
Susan Trestman Crane
"A prison is a prison is a prison, some might say.

"But to the loved ones trying to maintain ties, miles make a difference. To get to prison, one must also have disposable income. To get inside, one cannot have spent time behind bars.

"In the neighborhoods Kristal’s vans sweep through picking up riders, poverty and mass incarceration have winnowed the visiting population. Those left,...
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"A prison is a prison is a prison some might say

Behind bars, beyond means: the crushing expense of loving someone in prison

Regina Masterson Deuschle
Daniel Kendrick
Janice Covert