The ACA requires both private insurance and state-subsidized Medicaid to offer mental health and substance-abuse treatment as an 'essential benefit.'

Its premise is the simple, radical, critical idea that mental health must be taken as seriously as physical health.

If the ACA is repealed, so is that premise.

Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Could Lead to a Mental-Health Crisis
“If we are going to stand up to xenophobia, to racism, to islamaphobia, to homophobia," said Linda Sarsour, who has been busy organizing the upcoming Women’s March on Washington, "if we are going to say hands off our healthcare, hands off our reproductive rights, hands off our undocumented sisters and brothers — then we need to say that right here in Bay Ridge.”

A March Against Hate Shows Bay Ridge Grappling With Trump’s America
A federal judge put Pasadena, Tex., under federal oversight after finding that city officials had discriminated against Latino voters. But an appeal is expected.

Important and relevant words from President Obama's final press conference yesterday: "The reason that we are the only country among advanced democracies that makes it harder to vote is — it traces directly back to Jim Crow and the...
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In Texas, a Test of Whether the Voting Rights Act Still Has Teeth
Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.): “Do you believe there's any safe level of lead that can be taken into the human body, particularly a young person?"

E.P.A. pick Scott Pruitt: “That’s something I have not reviewed nor know about."

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Il.): “You are seeking to be the E.P.A. administrator and you’ve not looked into the issue of lead in our drinking water supply?”

In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared
Right now, the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) is running ads promoting the hashtag #StopSanctuaryCities on Twitter. FAIR is an anti-immigrant hate group founded by white nationalist John Tanton. They purport to be a think tank — they're not. Don't fall for it.

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Horrible: Almost 30 Jewish community centers received bomb threats yesterday. This is the second round of threats in two weeks.

Dozens of Jewish community centers receive second wave of threats
"Initially, a lot of people felt this was an isolated incident, but the movement sent a clear message that, yes, on a daily basis, black and brown kids are being killed and nobody is held accountable.

"I refuse to not say anything, but to be the voice for my son."

"I Think About My Son Every Day": Trayvon Martin's Mother on Life Five Years Later
At least 150 Coloradans turned out last weekend to tell their Congressman not to repeal the ACA. But Rep. Mike Coffman only let four constituents in at a time. He gave each group just five minutes to talk to him. And then he snuck out the back.

“Next time,” one woman pleaded, “please be sure you hear all your constituents!”

GOP Congressman, Overwhelmed by Constituents Concerned About ACA Repeal, Sneaks Out of Event Early
"The theory that homosexuality is a disorder is – like the notion that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it – outdated and refuted.”

— Judge Peter Bariso Jr. ruling in SPLC's 2012 case Michael Ferguson, et al. v. Jonah, et. al.

Betsy DeVos "never believed" in conversion therapy, but donated millions to organizations that do
How did Dylann Roof go from being someone who was not raised in a racist home to someone so steeped in white supremacist propaganda that he murdered nine African Americans during a Bible study?

The answer lies, at least in part, in the way that fragile minds can be shaped by the algorithm that powers Google Search.

It lies in the way Google’s algorithm can promote false propaganda written by...
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"This ACA debate is real for me. It's not health care. It's life support." This is the story of so many Americans. The Congressional Budget Office has reported that if the ACA is repealed without replacement, 18 million people will lose coverage in the first year alone.

Right now, the confirmation hearing of Rep. Price as the head of the Health and Human Services Department is occurring. He...
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Obamacare saved my life. What now?
"It is difficult if not impossible to calculate how voter suppression affected voter turnout or the outcome of the presidential election. What is indisputable is that these roadblocks deterred many people from exercising the franchise, particularly in states like North Carolina with a long history of racial voter suppression. Many of those new election laws were promulgated after the Supreme...
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Voter Suppression Works Too Well
Education reformers, including Betsy DeVos, got Michigan to bet big on charters and school choice. The result: a death knell for Detroit's public schools.

That's because the cost of losing a student is far greater than the cost of educating one. Overhead costs like heating the building don't suddenly drop because a child leaves the district.

The result is a negative feedback loop. As...
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School choice gutted Detroit’s public schools. The rest of the country is next.
In the more than 60 years since Brown v. Board of Education, many schools remain segregated or have even re-segregated.

But separate has never been and never will be equal. "We can't just say, 'This school is not good enough for my child.' If it's not good enough for my child, then why are we putting any children in those schools?"

How The Systemic Segregation Of Schools Is Maintained By 'Individual Choices'
"We need people’s movements. This battle is not going to be over in 2018 or 2020," says Project South's Azadeh Shahshahani.

"We can’t work in silos anymore — we are the ones who can save ourselves.”

Has a new civil rights movement already begun?
Repealing the ACA means 18 million people would lose their insurance — and that's just in the first year. During the same time period, premiums would go up by 25%.

By 2026, premiums will have doubled — and the number of uninsured Americans will have risen to 32 million.

How Repealing Portions of the Affordable Care Act Would Affect Health Insurance Coverage and Premiums
A recent NYT article chose stereotypes about people who use food stamps instead of facts.

"The headline announced “In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda,” and the article was flanked by photos of a grocery cart overflowing with 2-liter bottles of soft drinks and a store aisle that is nothing but a wall of soda.

"The actual conclusion of USDA’s study—'both food stamp...
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In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Not What the New York Times Reported - Talk Poverty
"The only way to approach moderation is to do so honestly, admit that it is suppressive and censorious, and be wholly self-aware and open about what is hidden and why it has been banished. Unfortunately, transparency and self-awareness are not hallmarks of Silicon Valley, and it appears the recent major pushes to purge platforms of terrorist content have resulted in little more than infighting...
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The Messy Mission of Kicking Terrorists Off Social Media
A great interview between Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and the late Julian Bond about Martin Luther King Jr. back in 1997.

"Did we win the civil rights revolution?"

"We won it in the sense that we eliminated legal segregation in America. That is no more; that is finished. If you look at the young people I teach and compare them with myself at that age, their lives are so much richer and fuller....
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From the Archives: A Conversation With Julian Bond

#ReclaimMLK #BlackLivesMatter