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#InnerSpace Tonight: Our list of films that we hope get Oscar nomination + a look at how VR is changing the world of architecture. 6e 3p.
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Clearly, Logan is a significant departure from previous X-Men movies.

Hugh Jackman Says Logan Is Set In A New X-Men Universe
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Familiar faces return on an all-new season of #FaceOff. Tune in January 24 at 9e 6p to see 16 All-Stars compete for the crown.
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The next chapter of Luke Skywalker’s saga finally has a name.

The Next Star Wars Movie Just Announced Its Title—And It’s Badass
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Familiar faces but a whole new competition. #FaceOff Season 11 is the season of all stars. Don't miss the season premiere Tuesday at 9e 6p.
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Everything is at risk in the season 3 finale of #TheLibrarians tonight at 8e 5p.
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New challenges. Familiar faces. This year 'Face Off' returns for the ultimate FACE OFF ALL STARS.

Season 11 premieres this Tuesday at 9e 6p.
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Everything the librarians have worked for is at risk in the season 3 finale of #TheLibrarians. Watch tomorrow night at 8e 5p.
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Fans will get a chance to learn more about the Black Panther before the film arrives.

The Black Panther Marvel Comic Series Is Expanding With The Crew
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Sci-fi fans may not have to wait until July for another addition to the Planet of the Apes universe.

A Planet Of The Apes Virtual Reality Experience Is In The Works
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Split will divide audiences into at least 24 different camps. Our review:

James McAvoy Twists Himself Into More Than A Dozen Creepy Characters In M. Night Shyamalan’s Split
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Tonight on #InnerSpace: The top 5 reasons to be excited for the new season of The Expanse + Vin Diesel is back in action for xXx: Return of Xander Cage. 6e 3p.
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Tonight on #InnerSpace: James McAvoy reveals why he jumped at the chance to work with director M. Night Shyamalan in the new thriller Split, and Maxim Roy shares details about the second season of Shadowhunters. 6e 3p.
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The new Logan trailer is here and it’s darker and bloodier than ever.

Watch The Mini-Mutant Kick Everyone’s Ass In The Latest Logan Trailer
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The Stars are Better off Without Us. #TheExpanse returns to Space February 1st @ 10e 7p
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Looks like they were holding all of the mighty morphin’ action for trailer No. 2.

New Power Rangers Trailer Delivers Zordon, Zords, And Strong-Ass Holograms
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If there’s a single reason the MCU is still going strong, it may be Marvel's willingness to constantly introduce new ideas.

Get Ready For ‘Many New Worlds’ In Avengers: Infinity War