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This is what the sun looked like every day in 2016 through the eyes of the European Space Agency's Proba-2 satellite. The satellite's SWAP camera can detect extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, which allows it to observe the hot, turbulent atmosphere of the sun's corona. On its way to the minimum of its 11-year solar cycle, the number of sunspots and solar flares are diminishing. [ Link ]
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The #Apollo1 fire marked the first time that a crew died inside a spacecraft.

Landmarks, On and Off Earth, Honor Apollo 1 Astronauts 50 Years After Fire
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The company is in discussions with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Bigelow Aerospace Seeking More Use of Experimental Space Station Module
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Many #meteorites found on Earth are remnants of one titanic solar-system collision that took place more than 460 million years ago.

Early Meteorite Bits Reveal Clues About Solar System's Evolution
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The first set of images from the GOES-16 satellite have been released by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N0AA). The geostationary satellite will be used for weather forecasting, severe storm tracking and more [ Link ]
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Billions of years ago, when the solar system was very young, showers of material slammed into the infant Earth, its moon and Mars.

Chunks of Failed Planets Might Have Scarred Early Earth
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Star Wars #TheLastJedi is scheduled to be released December 15.

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The crater is 88 miles (140 kilometers) wide -- close to one-third the diameter of Mimas itself.

The Peak on Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon Mimas
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The rocket put a missile-detection and early warning satellite into orbit for the U.S. military.

Atlas V Rocket Launches US Missile-Warning Satellite
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French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet snapped this gorgeous photo of Italy by night from the International Space Station. A docked Soyuz spacecraft is seen in the foreground. [ Link ]
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Check out Saturn's weird hexagon seen through multiple filters & set to techno music:
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