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What does this Martian volcano have in common with the dinosaurs?

Mars Volcano Died at Same Time As Dinosaurs
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ICYMI: President Donald Trump signed the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 on Tuesday, March 21, which sets a $19.5 billion budget for the agency for fiscal year 2017.

President Trump Signs NASA Authorization Bill
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As one reader pointed out, this is basically a story about spaceballs.

Breakthrough Starshot's Interstellar Sail Works Best As a Ball
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What is that thing? You're looking at the Latching End Effector, the "hand" at the end of the Space Station Remote Manipulator System, otherwise known as Dextre. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who took a spacewalk at the International Space Station with Shane Kimbrough on Friday (March 24), added lubricant to Dextre so it can move around more freely. More ISS photos: [ Link ]
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NGC 1448 is a spiral galaxy, but it looks more like a sparkling space frisbee. From our edge-on view of the galaxy, its round shape and spiral arms are difficult to discern. The Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 captured this view of NGC 1448, which lies about 50 million light-years away in the constellation Horologium, or the Pendulum Clock. More Hubble images: [ Link ]
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Need a reason to #lookup this weekend? Here are two: Mercury & Uranus. As the planet Mercury climbs the western evening sky in late March, it passes close to distant Uranus. Today (March 25), Mercury will sit 2 degrees to the right of Uranus, and then climb slightly higher tomorrow evening. The best observing times are between 8:15 and 8:45 pm local time, when Mercury should be readily visible...
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What's inside the box that the folks at Life sent us? Is it viscous magnetic stuff OR a vicious xenomorph? Only one way to find out... [ Link ]
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The ghostly zodiacal light offers an ethereal glow to this stunning night sky scene peppered by meteors as seen by Jeff Berkes Photography during a trip to the Florida Keys. The luminous cloud of dust is a faint glow caused by millions of tiny particles along the ecliptic, the path of the sun and planets across the sky, which ancient astronomers called the zodiac. Moonless periods in March...
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Catching a comet is a lot easier when you have the right app.

Riding Along with Comets Using Mobile Astronomy Apps
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How cute is this origami-inspired robot from NASA? The Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robots (PUFFER) is currently under development by the space agency and is designed to take on the hard to reach terrains on future space missions. Due to its small size and weight, “numerous robots can be packed into a larger 'parent' craft at a low payload cost,” according to NASA. Sounds thoroughly...
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There were way too many record climate highs in 2016.

Human-Caused Climate Change Made 2016 Way Too Hot
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What does Uranus sound like? (Sorry. We couldn't resist.)

Sounds of the Solar System: Podcast Eavesdrops on Planets
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The U.S. military is developing a fairy-tale-inspired "Gremlin" program that aims to launch and retrieve drones in midair.

US Military's 'Gremlin' Program Lets Pilots Launch and Snag Drones in Midair
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Some parts of Ceres never see daylight, hence the ice.

Dwarf Planet Ceres' Water-Ice Deposits Tied to Its Changing Tilt
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The folks from the new space thriller "Life" sent us this box. And (fearing there might be a vindictive alien inside) we let our managing editor open it! "Life" hits theaters today, March 24. Here's our review: [ Link ]