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January is time for putting those New Year's resolutions into practice. Who didn't think about being healthier this year? Luckily, there are plenty of spots in Spain to make that resolution a reality! Relax and revive with these destinations: [ Link ] #Spainforyou #Healthy #visitspain
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"I am in love with Spain because it is everything beautiful. Do you love the mountains? Go to Spain. The ocean? Sail to Spain. There is even desert in Spain. Spain is for everyone!" - Adrienne Scurtu #InLoveWithSpain
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From devouring Iberico ham in Huelva to attending a worldwide stargazing meeting in the Canary Islands. Discover all the events you can't miss this 2017 in Spain! [ Link ] #visitspain #Events
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The Canary Islands Music Festival is a great opportunity to explore the striking beauty of the islands while enjoying the best of international music. A winter festival never felt more summery! [ Link ] #visitspain Festival de Música de Canarias
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Sunny beaches, beautiful weather, marine sports, slow living... it's called Formentera and it's waiting for you in Spain! Explore the island on your next vacation; warning, you might never want to leave! [ Link ] Página Oficial de Turismo de Formentera #visitspain
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Good morning from the beautiful Cerler sky resort! Whether you like skiing, snowboarding or simply walking around a gorgeous snowy landscape, you can't miss this perfect winter destination! [ Link ] #visitspain
Garlic baby eels are typical from Northern Spain. With simple but delicious ingredients, it's the perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday lunch! Learn how to make them here: [ Link ] #SPAINlicious #visitspain
If there's a way to discover a country from the inside out, it's through its little villages and rural towns: streets full of history, nature and the most traditional lifestyle. Come visit #RuralSpain and explore its stunning countryside! [ Link ] #visitspain
Did you know the Tower of Hercules is the only working Roman lighthouse in the world? Visit La Coruña and discover more about this incredible ancient construction! [ Link ] #visitspain #SpainInDetail
"I lived in Spain for 2 years and miss it terribly. I love the culture, the weather, the food, the nightlife and my friends.There really isn't any other place like it. I might be from America, but I long for my home in Spain!" - C. S. Fletcher #InLoveWithSpain
Logroño is located in La Rioja, a region of Spain famous for its incredible wine and gastronomy. Want to taste it for yourself? The flavors of Spain are waiting for you! #visitspain [ Link ]
Do you know where to find the best Iberico ham in Spain? Or what Ernest Hemingway's favorite 'fiesta' was? Put your knowledge to the test and tell us! How much do you know about Spain? #visitspain #quiz #SPAINlicious

What part of Spain does it come from?
Winter blues? We've got the cure! Take a stroll around the streets of Altea and you'll immediately feel invigorated: [ Link ] #visitspain
Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you have a special person you want to discover the world with? You must visit Spain! Small rural cities, magical gardens, stunning landscapes, turquoise waters... whatever you want to share with your special one, there's a #Spainforyou! [ Link ] #visitspain
SALE season starts today in Spain! Whether you like hunting for the best deals, buying souvenirs or simply exploring the local goods, you're sure to find the perfect item to take home! [ Link ] #visitspain #Sales
Do you know what today is in Spain? It's gift giving day! And that means it's also time for the delicious "Roscón de Reyes", Spain's special holiday cake. Want in on the fun? We'll save you a slice! [ Link ]
In Spain, children receive their Christmas presents tonight! They're brought by the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar) who make appearences in different parades throughout the country before delivering their gifts. Want your gift? Come #visitspain! [ Link ]
"I love Spain's lifestyle, the countryside, the music and the fresh food. I think I should have been born there. But I have the next best thing: my husband from Spain who is a chef! I want to go live there forever." - Babette Arroyo #InLoveWithSpain
Have you been to Madrid? Visit the capital of Spain and discover a city full of culture, art, history, the best gastronomy... and lots of fun! [ Link ] #visitspain