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"Spain is a country that lives through its citizens. The culture and heritage is not affected by time. Spain beckons your soul to live in passion" - D. Dominguez #InLoveWithSpain [ Link ]
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We know you love Spain... but how well do you know it? Our new series will put your knowledge to the test! Tell us what city appears in the picture and show us your expertise. Clue: the city featured below begins with a "B" #Ispyspain
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Got a constant hunger to learn? Love to discover new things while traveling? Spain has exactly what you need! Embark on a cultural adventure while walking through the most beautiful landscapes and cities you could ever imagine: take one of the many cultural routes through Spain! [ Link ] #visitspain
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“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” ― Salvador Dalí
Visit one of the many museums in #Spain dedicated to his surrealist work and without a doubt, you´ll be inspired too! #Dali #SpainIsArt [ Link ]
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Good night from the Teide National Park in Tenerife! Visit Spain and enjoy magical nights like this: [ Link ] #visitspain
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You're finally going on vacation, and you can't wait to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life... we know exactly what you need! Explore Spain's most charming, fairytale towns and relax in its hidden corners; places that you only could've imagined in your dreams! Make your dreams a reality and visit the #VillagesOfSpain: [ Link ]
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When Salvador #Dali was a child, he wanted to be a cook! Yes, he was a foodie! He even published a recipe book inspired by his wife, Gala. One of his favorite foods? Bread! We don´t blame him: Who can resist this delicious "Pan am tomaquet" from Catalonia? [ Link ] #SPAINlicious #SpainIsArt #Dali
"What I love the most about Spain is the people. No matter where you go, the people are happy and enjoying life. Let's not forget about the food, some of the best in the world with great places to eat anywhere you go. Did I also mention my wife is from Madrid?" - C. Baker #InLoveWithSpain [ Link ]
Costumes, music, food... and one week of non-stop fiesta! Believe us when we say that Spain's Carnival is a must-have experience. From South to North, these unique festivities are celebrated all over Spain throughout the month of February, each city with its own special touch. Which one are you attending this year? #visitspain

Carnival Celebrations in Spain | USA
Happy Valentine's Day! They say couples who travel together stay together... so what are you waiting for? Grab your special someone and take them on an adventure with these 5 romantic excursions in Spain! [ Link ] #Valentinesday #love #visitspain
You may have heard about Ibiza's famous summer parties... but did you know the island is also an incredible winter destination? From nature sports to traditional gastronomy, arts and stunning landscapes, Ibiza has everything you need to escape those endless cold months! [ Link ] #IbizaBetterInWinter #visitspain
Valentine's Day is approaching... are you ready for that romantic escape? Don't think twice: grab your special someone and come to Málaga. You'll fall in love forever! [ Link ] #visitspain
Are you the kind of traveler who enjoys exploring the most traditional cuisine, marked by recipes passed down from generation to generation? Or maybe you're a modernist, who prefers the innovation of haute cuisine? Either way, you're in luck! Whatever the type of food you crave, we've got it in Spain...and it's going to be delicious! [ Link ] #Spainforyou
The Dalí Theater-Museum: set in the artist's hometown of Figueres, this masterpiece embodies the life and work of Salvador Dalí, a genius of Surrealism. Come visit it and live a "real" surrealist experience! #SpainIsArt #visitspain [ Link ]
"Art, craftsmanship and finesse, these are the things I love most about Spain. Fine wine, fine dining, beautiful people from all cultures and ages... all entice us to love this grand country. Spain here I come!" - C. Barry #InLoveWithSpain
Planning on visiting Spain for the first time? Let us help! We're launching our new series #FirstTimeInSpain, to bring you the best tips and advice for traveling all over Spain. Ready to make your trip unforgettable? Vamos! [ Link ] #visitspain
Five-star hotels, top-notch wineries, Michelin star restaurants, the most comfortable transportation, perfect weather... if you're looking for a luxurious vacation, you've found it: it's waiting for you in Spain! [ Link ] #visitspain
Wanna have a very happy Monday? Have some churros for breakfast! We promise it will make your day Yum! [ Link ] #SPAINlicious #yummy
A stroll around the historic quarter of Badajoz will leave you speechless. The only thing left to do after your walk? Devour some traditional roasted lamb! [ Link ] #visitspain