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Find yourself on the course. #SpartanRace

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Spartan Pro Team member, Orla Walsh is known to haunt her competitors dreams. Will she live up to her name the Vermonster, this season? #RoadToTahoe

Get to know Spartan Pro, Orla Walsh Vermontster. [ Link ]
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Day 24- extended planks. #Spartan30
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Joe DI says "Put THIS on your Bucket List!" USE #25: Put Bucket over your head.

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The race is on! Season two of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge premieres Monday, June 12 at 10/9c on NBC.
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Family man and Spartan Pro Team member, Glenn Racz may be loving off the course, but on the course he's driven and dedicated. Will he take his dedication on his #RoadToTahoe?

Get to know Spartan Pro, Glenn Racz. [ Link ]
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Here's what you missed in Las Vegas this past weekend. #SpartanRaceLasVegas

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TWO DAYS LEFT to win a FREE Spartan Race and two InsideTracker High Performance plans to crush your next race. Find out if you have Spartan blood and get your personalized nutrition plan.

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Winner announced Friday, March 24th. Good luck!
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Day 23 - Stability ball plank with Spartan Pro Team member, Faye Stenning OCR. #Spartan30

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Mythbusting: Spartan Style Ep. 4 | The Truth on Fats
Spartan Race
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You can conquer the Spartan Bucket Brigade no matter what size or shape you are.

For more obstacle training tips: [ Link ]
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2016 Stadium Series Champion, Kate "The Ripple" Cramer is back to tear you up on the course. Think you can beat The Ripple?

Get to know Spartan Pro, Kate Cramer. [ Link ]
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Definition: MUD MONSTER. #DunkWallWednesday [ Link ]
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Get off the couch and start your Spartan Race Training with our Couch to Spartan Sprint training plan: [ Link ]. #WeAreSpartan AROO!
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Day 22 - Stability ball, pike-planks. #Spartan30

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Coming in all different shapes, sizes and colors, lentils are packed with nutrients.

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Spartans found their fire on the course in Las Vegas. #SpartanRaceLasVegas

How did you rank? Find your results here: [ Link ]
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Thank you to all the racers, spectators, volunteers and brand ambassadors who came out to Las Vegas Super/Sprint for a great race weekend. #SpartanRaceLasVegas

Who's heading to San Jose next weekend? [ Link ]
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"Left pic at 200 lbs post baby, a year and 3 months later feeling great, strong and shredded extra weight as I became a Spartan! I am more motivated than ever especially now that I am training with my team, Spartan Chicks Bay Area where we prepare to Spartan Race. No better feeling than to be an active and healthy mom."
AROO Spartans!

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Spartan Race
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Paul, age 75 and his son Shawn completed their 5th race of the year this past weekend in Las Vegas - their goal: 4 TRIFECTAs.

What's your excuse? #WEARESPARTAN