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It's official! Spartan Race ADELAIDE is GO!
Get ready to tear up the EPIC Paris Creek course on Saturday 26th AUGUST.
Sign-up NOW to score your preferred wave time. Early wave times will sell out fast. [ Link ] #SpartanAdelaide #GameOn #ChallengeAccepted #SpartanRaceAu
Spartan Race
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Melbourne SPRINT course map & elevation.. this 7km course is a perfect entry point for first time Spartans, but make no mistake, no Spartan course gives up the finish line without a fight!
The Sprint has the highest density of obstacles per km of any Spartan course.. so come ready, because you're going to have to show us your metal before you get to keep ours! If you know someone who should...
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Spartan Race
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Melbourne Super map & elevation. This is going to be a cracker of a course, and Paul and the build crew say the water is perfect! Registrations close in 48hrs.. time to commit at [ Link ] #spartanraceau #yesyoucan #spartanstrong #2017trifecta
Spartan Race
02/24/2017 at 02:04. Facebook
Hurricane Heat, SGX and Endurance Boot Camp Coach Richard Williams takes you through 5 basics for racing smarter during the upcoming Spartan Race.

He'll also introduce One Girl and explain the 4HH.

- [ Link ]

- [ Link ]
#EBC #EnduranceBootCamp #UFTplaygrounds #SpartanRace #Australia #SpartanRaceAustralia #HurricaneHeat #Aroo...
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Spartan Race
02/23/2017 at 04:44. Facebook
The Spartan Victoria build has begun! ​The containers have landed and ​we’re busy unpacking & building for 4th March!
​We hope you're ready.. it's ​time to get familiar with our Racer Guide, read it carefully as it contains important information​! [ Link ]
​#spartanraceau #gameon #pushfurther #wearespartan
Spartan Race
02/22/2017 at 02:54. Facebook
When you're on the edge and hanging on by your fingertips it pays to bring a friend that's got your back. Who would be your #1 wingman on a Spartan course? #wearespartan #spartanwingman #choosewisely
Spartan Race
02/21/2017 at 05:56. Facebook
It's time to show your Spartan colours and volunteer!
Help us make sure we leave NO Spartan behind.
Big shout out to our Vic community and awesome volunteers. Let's get 'em over those walls!
Score a Crew t-shirt, free lunch [yes there is such a thing] and race credits [use on the day or another event] join the crew at: [ Link ] #spartanraceau #spartancrew #spartansgiveback...
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Spartan Race
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There is no Spartan gene, no magic potion, and strength will only get you so far.
Spartan is a way of looking at the world and the inevitable obstacles we will face. We either succeed or we learn so we can succeed next time. The only wrong choice is the one not to try. #TimeToCommit #spartanraceau #yesyoucan #spartanstrong
Sharing REAL experiences with REAL friends creates memories that will last a lifetime. Sign up to any Aus race by 11.59PM Wednesday and you can save 10% with the code SPARTANREAL, also tag a friend or repost and use #SpartanReal for a chance to win a #SpartanTested #alteclansing Lifejacket series portable speaker. #waterproof #sandproof #everythingproof #spartanraceau #comptime
The world's leading obstacle race company is coming to Melbourne!
Check out these highlights from the 2017 Gold Coast Spartan Race!
* Join the Melbourne Facebook Event: [ Link ]
* Download the Training Guide: [ Link ]
* Melbourne Race Info & Registration: [ Link ]

#SpartanRace #SpartanRaceAU #SpartanRaceMelbourne #SpartanMelbourne #SpartanRaceAustralia
Can you survive a Spartan Race intact.. Definately your shorts.. 50/50 2 weeks to Melbourne Sprint/Super, who is ready to leave it all out on course? Commit at #spartanraceaustralia #barbedwirecrawl #staylow #keepyourshortson
Sometimes there are only 2 choices.. bow out and quit or go all in and get your hands dirty. If the latter is you, we have something you want! #spartanstrong #allin #pushfurther #spartanraceaustralia
Gold Coast race images are now up and ready for you to view. Go to and relive your race in hi def! #spartanraceau #spartanimages #auroraimages
'Once you do a Spartan Race, you can do anything!' This quote from a racer over the weekend perfectly captures the Spartan mindset, and it has nothing to do with fitness level, it is all about commitment and self belief. With 4 races in 4 states between now and July, where will you be earning your Spartan Finisher medal? Find a race at [ Link ] #SpartanRaceAus #GoldCoastSpartan...
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You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice left.. after that you'll be #unstoppable. Define yourself at #yesyoucan #spartanraceau #ChallengeAccepted #spartanstrong #wearespartan
Don't let anyone tell you that spending today swapping flowers, chocolates or expensive gifts is going to bring you closer. Spend some time EVERY day sharing real goals no matter how crazy. It's amazing what you can do with the right Spartan by your side. Share experiences not landfill ❀ #shareeveryday #spartanliving #wearespartan
Hit the ground running in 2017 with our new Training Guide created by legendary trainer Shane Yost.
Our new guide has everything you need including training and nutrition programs to give you the perfect preparation for your next Spartan Race!
Download your FREE copy of the Spartan Training Guide here >> [ Link ]
#SpartanRaceAU #IAmSpartan
Gold Coast Spartan Race will go down in history as one crazy day of racing. These first images from Spartan photographer Scott Sheppeard capture candid moments through the day. The one recurring theme are the beautiful smiles! 40+ degrees, gruelling terrain, burpees galore and still Spartans smile and get the job done. We love it! #spartanstrong #wearespartan #goldcoastspartan
Not all obstacle races are the same.. we love the courses, the community and the atmosphere that is uniquely Spartan. Thank you Gold Coast for letting us come and play! With Melbourne in March, Adelaide in April (tbc) Sydney in May and Townsville in June we've got plenty for you to enjoy, what's your next race? Find it at #spartanraceau #wearespartan