Spartan Race
03/27/2017 at 03:03. Facebook
Spartan is returning to the Fitness Show! We have a mega exhibition planned and will be recreating an epic indoor gauntlet - a taster for the real thing.
Join us there! All Spartans get a special 20% discount off tickets: [ Link ] or using the code EXH.
Win cool prizes and see our partners in action - True Protein Reebok CorMax Australia
Ausfit Group Training!

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Spartan Race
03/26/2017 at 08:59. Facebook
It's all about hell.. ahem.. hill repeat sessions to prepare for Picton (6 May). Don't forget to put up a clip of yourself training with the tag #spartanhillsess before this Friday!

Spartan trainer Shane Yost gave his legs a low gear burn.. 2x120m warm up, then 4x120m shuttles (spilt into 30m markers), followed by 3x26kg weighted vest climb, a 26kg vest & 32kg sandbag climb, and finally 26kg...
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Spartan Race
03/25/2017 at 23:32. Facebook
Rubber hits the track tonight for the Australian F1 Grand Prix. Hope the tyres lift Ricciardo to his first home win!

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Spartan Race
03/25/2017 at 02:09. Facebook
A strong back supports everything you do. Strong back, strong mind.
Rebuild, pick up and throw down every CorMax Beast.

#staystrong #comebackstronger #wearespartan #spartanraceau CorMax Australia
Spartan Race
03/24/2017 at 04:50. Facebook
Spartans! Whether you're doing Picton (6 May) Townsville (24 June) or Adelaide (26 August), one thing we can guarantee is HILLS! With the Sprint/Beast 6 weeks away now is the time to build in some hill repeat sessions to condition the legs and to find those low gears.
Get your friends to join you so you can keep each other accountable and put up a clip of yourself training with the tag ...
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Spartan Race is designed to test you NO MATTER what shape or size you are. Back yourself to get the job done and GET STARTED! #spartanracers #spartanraceau #wearespartan
Join us for "Rise of the Sufferfests" @ Cameo Cinema, Belgrave Mel - March 24

As usual Spartan trainer Richard Williams and his Endurance Bootcamp Crew are raising money for a good cause in some wild and unusual way. They have secured the EXCLUSIVE Aus screening of this cult OCR doco. If you are in Vic, then you're in luck! Catch up with fellow Spartans and help give back at this fantastic...
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Rise of the Sufferfests - Official Trailer 2016

Rise of the Sufferfests is the first feature documentary about the global obstacle race phenomenon. It explores the history of the sport, psychology behind i...

Hit the deck and get creative.

How many ways can you pull a burpee? Start preparing and get your burpee on.. we'll be telling you why pretty soon!

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7 Weeks to go.. You think you know the Spartan Beast. You think you know Picton. Think again. Whatever you are doing to prepare, do more.
This course will be a monument to the believers, to those that live to push their limits and are happiest OUTSIDE their comfort zone.
If this is you then you have no choice, because THERE IS NO TRY, only DO, and this event was made for you: [ Link...
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Hello Monday!
We’ve got exciting announcements lined up this week.
So polish up your team pep talk and start revving up your colleagues and friends.
Getting to the start line is the toughest part and half the fun is help each other get there.
Spartan UP, stay tuned and have a great week!

#spartanraceau #spartanup #jointherevolution #spartanmonday #gettothestartline
The weekend is still young... and time runs at YOUR pace. Whether you enjoyed a few on St Pat's, or had an avo smash for brunch, there's no better time to train than now!
Every burpee counts, so hit the floor for 50 and make today count!

#spartanup #irunmyday #spartansunday #spartanraceau #jointherevolution #wearespartan
True-ly exciting news! Spartan Race is rapt to announce True Protein as our official nutrition and supplement partner.

You train hard. You have one body. You want to look after it.

During training, a race or in recovery - True Protein offers clean, honest, premium quality sports supplements to aid your Spartan journey.

Stay tuned for some nutritional tips... plus an energy-boosting twist IN...
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What does HAPPY look like? We believe it looks like this. That moment when the going gets tough, and you rise to the challenge and show what you are capable of, what you are MADE of. Happy is that moment when amidst the fury of the storm you hold fast and say.. 'I can do this, I am made for this. Bring it on!' #spartanattitude #tryandstopme #pushharder #unbreakable Scott Sheppeard Photography
You face up against these Beasts in our races – ever present, ever ready to test your mettle.

Good team work helps lighten the load and that’s why we’re super excited about the partnership between Spartan Race and CorMax Australia – the team who create these Beasts!

Keep an eye out for CorMax products – making life difficult in upcoming Spartan races!

More info at

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Your weekends are about to take on an Asia Pacific flavour! Another exciting announcement on the Spartan scene.

Spartan Race has launched the first ever ASIA PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. Five events. Five countries. $50k in prize money.
First race kicks-off in Hong Kong on 22 April. Culminating with a final Beast event in Australia!

Whet your appetite: [ Link ]
Obstacle course racing is one step closer to the Olympics.
We belong there. In 708 BC, Spartans entered the Games, with Kyniska – a Spartan Princess – being the first woman to ever win Olympic gold.
In the 21st century, history could well be repeated.
With the UIPM (international pentathlon body) campaigning strongly for OCR to be included in the Tokyo 2020 Games, the dream could become...
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Spartan Race is about pushing our boundaries and testing our metal. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and easy never builds character. 2017 is the the year Hurricane, with epic races scheduled for Sydney, Townsville and Adelaide in the coming months it is time to stand strong against the winds and shout "I AM the STORM!" time to COMMIT: [ Link ]
#wearespartan #spartanstrong...
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We are only strong or resourceful when we NEED to be. Modern life can make us so comfortable we lose skills like adaptability and resilience.. that's where Spartan lends a hand! Step out of the ORDINARY here [ Link ] #believeyoucan #pushharder #spartanstrong #unbreakable
The biggest wall you have to climb, is the one you build in your mind #spartanraceau #wearespartan
Congrats, you've survived another Monday! We recon you've earned a cold #yendahell, perfect for celebrating crushing REAL obstacles.. there will be a few earned in Picton on May 6th. Expect Hell, ice cold! #spartanbeer #yendahell #australianbeercompany #wearespartan