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"My 86-year-old mother is down picking fruit and she has worked like
that all her life, she’s a tough woman.” Gary Goodwill, fruit farmer.
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Thumbs up from the team doing a great job getting our fruit ready!
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As the kids are back at school, a reminder that every time you buy SPC, your family can support local farming families and keep them producing great Aussie Fruit. Thank you Australia!
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It's the time of year again. Show us how you celebrate #SPCSunday.

Whether it's peaches & ice-cream, plum tart or baked bean jaffles, share your pics! :)
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Thank you Australia for all of the great nominations this year. Congratulations to our Aussie of the year, Drought Angels!
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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Wishing all our fans a truly prosperous Year of the Rooster!
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The best way to make use of your barbie this Australia Day? Grill some apricot or peach halves... and enjoy with a tinny or two ;)

Have an Awesome Australia Day!
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Last year, the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners were our Aussies of the Year for their incredible work donating hay and delivering it up to Queensland to help out farmers dealing with drought!

Tell us who you would nominate as your Aussie of the Year this year - it could be anyone, from a local neighbourhood hero to your nan, or even your healthy little human being!
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This is our version of the Australian Open ;)

Who are you looking forward to seeing play?
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We love Aussie ingenuity! One of Adrian’s mates made him a candle that has his family on it. Thanks for sharing the pic Adrian, and thumbs up to your mate who made the candle!
How have you surprised your mates with a good deed lately?
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Get out your thongs, bucket hat, sunscreen and SPC peaches
– because Australia Day is just around the corner! We want to celebrate the Aussies of the Year that mean the most to us – whether it’s your best mate, your super mum, or your own happy little human beings.

Comment below and tell us why they deserve to be recognised!
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A new year dawns on Shepparton.

Happy New Year from the family at SPC!
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Here's a partridge in a pear tree!

Merry Christmas from the family at SPC :)
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We’re lucky to have one of the safest and cleanest soil environments for planting produce! Aussie farmers regularly check the the pH of the soil - an optimal pH level ensures growing produce thrives, so we can enjoy the delicious fruits of their labour!

It’s easy to do in your own backyard! Simply purchase a pH testing kit from your local home and hardware store, and follow the simple...
View details ⇨
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Today we are celebrating 60,000 amazing Facebook fans who support SPC and Aussie farmers! Tag your family and friends who would love to be supporters too
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If you're worried about not having enough space to grow your produce - no worries! Certain types of fruit can be grown in hanging pots or baskets.
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Look at Jennifer's proud grandson, Noah and his little backyard farm! He enjoys growing and harvesting his tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and more - and trying to eat them!

Do you have a Happy Little Human Being who loves to help with the gardening?
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How's this for Aussie innovation! A man in Shepparton created this incredible Christmas light display. It goes to show that great things are made in this city!
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Peaches are in this season - so it's time to stock up! Why not make a delicious festive summer pavlova? Yum!

Check out this amazing Spiced Peach Pavlova recipe, here on Food to Love: [ Bit.ly Link ]