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Calling all corporate teams..we want you to run Round the Bays!

We need 40 more runners for Round the Bays 2017 and we'd love to have your corporate team on board. Raise over $1500 for animals in need and we'll visit to say a huge thank you accompanied by a canine buddy.

This is the perfect chance to join together and raise vital funds for unwanted, abused and sick animals. Register now...
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Check out the story on our brand new doggie playground in Nz Herald News

We are just over halfway to raising the funds needed for the build which is a purpose made playground designed to not only help our dogs have fun, but give them a chance to build their confidence in surroundings they have never faced before.

Slides, ramps, platforms, tyres, gravel, grass, plants, signs, gates.
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SPCA dog playground will give sick, scared and sheltered pups new lease on life

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Can you give our fine feathered friends a loving home?

To honour Year of the Rooster, we've been sharing the love with a FREE ROOSTER WEEK this week!

Our roosters are available for adoption to a suitable and loving home free of charge. This weekend is your LAST CHANCE to take us up on this offer.

So, if you are looking for a leader of the flock, someone to sing beautiful songs to you, or...
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My name is Selena, and I have been at the SPCA for a wee while now.

This is me learning something new with my dog friend Pagan! It requires a lot of patience and control as I need to go slow and sometimes sit, or lie down.

I am yet to master this as I love to go fast and have never done anything like it before - but it was only my first time and I made it to the very end. I felt so...
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Today is the day! Don't miss out on the wonderful Auckland Pride dog show held at Ponsonby's Western Park.

If you want to participate, come on down with your pooch entering into our various friendly competition - just $5 entry per category will make a huge difference. Or if you just want to see dogs at their best, come on down and enjoy the show!

This is definately a Pride Festival...
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<3 Bad boy with a heart of gold <3

Everyone meet Buster.

Buster was brought to the SPCA after his owners decided he was not a good fit for their household. Buster has spent some time in foster care to work out his behaviour, he passed with flying colours, and is now ready for a home.

He may seem shy at first, but soon comes around if you show him he can trust you. He has a playful twinkle in those beautiful big eyes and...
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There's still time to register for Round the Bays and start raising vital funds for animals in need!

Make a difference today by running the iconic 8.3km along Auckland's scenic waterfront on March 5th. Funds you raise will help give sick, lost, abandoned and unwanted animals a second chance in life.

For more information, visit spcaauckland.org.nz/rtb2017
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JT, the extremely handsome and athletic 1 year old has his whole life ahead of him.

He is a born explorer and climber of many things (especially trees), so the confidence course that we are building is a dream come true!

JT was found wandering the streets, alone and confused. And because he is still so young, he has never had the chance to learn self-control, focus, or experience much fun...
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We are FULL to the brim with felines for adoption! Spread the word to anyone looking for a new fluffy family member.

We have kittens and adults galore, who all so desperately want to move on to new homes. All of them are little characters and we have plenty with just the sweetest personality who would make all round family cats.

Are you able to be a hero and come and whisk one of our...
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A few more of our lovely dogs have made their way into forever homes this week and we now have this gorgeous mixed bunch available for adoption. Along with Amber and Selena, our two long-stay girls, we have sweet Bobbie and some adorable puppies.
Come and visit them all today. Our Animal Village is at 50 Westney Road, Mangere, and we are open 10am-4pm, 7 days.
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After a quiet couple of weeks in our rabbitry, we've had a few newcomers hop through the gates this week. All of them are friendly, cuddly and looking for forever homes to settle into.
Come and meet them in person to appreciate their wonderful personalities. We are at 50 Westney Road, Mangere and are open 10am-4pm, 7 days.
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Did you hear that its FREE ROOSTER week at SPCA Auckland? If not, come down to our farm today as for a limited time only, all of our roosters are available for adoption to suitable and loving homes free of charge.
Don't delay, visit the village today! We are at 50 Westney Road, Mangere and are open 10am-4pm, 7 days.
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Here's a lovely snap of some of our staff dogs testing out the new tunnels in our doggie playground during a group training session.

These well behaved and relaxed pups all have families to call their own and are used to the big wide world and everything that comes with it.

They all have routine, guidance and someone to consistently show them how to have fun.

All of these dogs have the...
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PLEASE HELP: Our SPCA Op Shops are in need of donations of good quality furniture - small or large, any donations help raise funds for Auckland's animals in need.

Our friendly staff will happily accept donations during opening hours. Please see a list of your local Op Shops here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

We can also collect furniture from most areas of Auckland if required - call our Howick Op Shop...
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Did you know that SPCA Inspector Kevin was the inspiration behind building our very own Doggie Playground here at SPCA Auckland Animal Village?

This is Inspector Kevin and staff dog Bosco testing it out!

You may remember the story of Banjo, our blind and deaf dog who learnt how to enjoy life again on Inspector Kevin's home obstacle course. After being found alone in the bush, this...
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To all our lovely dog owners, here's some useful tips on how to keep your dogs safe when out walking and poisonous plants to keep them away from!

Attention dog owners - Five plants to keep your dog away from

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The 2017/18 is now available for Pre-Order!

Treat yourself today and raise vital funds for Auckland's animals in need. Order before 7th April and receive BONUS VOUCHERS worth $160 for the printed Book, and $400 for the Digital Membership!

Simply purchase a 2017/18 Entertainment Book from us for $70 and 20% of proceeds from every book sold go towards supporting Auckland's animals in...
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It's the middle of a long week, so here's something to make you smile <3
Share your pets then and now pics below!

Pictures Of Grown Up Puppies To Brighten Your Day

02/15/2017 at 01:24. Facebook
We are HALFWAY to raising the funds we need for our new doggie playground!

Often the dogs that arrive here at SPCA Auckland have never known what its like to bound up slides, climb up ramps or even just go for a normal walk and smell the plants and trees out in the open.

Our doggie playground will give them a chance to do this before they move out into the big wide world, and much, much...
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