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As the video of Champagne our new resident superstar with her Kong went down so well last week, here is another one to brighten your Monday evening.

How happy do her and Jaxon look having a run and play around the off-lead area?

She has come on leaps and bounds (literally ) since arriving here and is such a bright spark, happy girl.

Before you ask, yes she is still up for adoption, and is...
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Sale starts today! Get 50% off a great range of men’s, women’s and children’s summer clothing at your local SPCA Op Shop.

Every dollar you spend goes directly towards helping animals in need!

Find out more at
Sale ends Sunday 9th of April.
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Don't miss out on your last chance to pre-order the 2017/18 Entertainment Book this week!

If you get in before 7 April, you will receive bonus vouchers worth up to $400 which means not only will you be getting extra value out of your purchase, you'll be raising vital funds for Auckland's animals in need.

The Entertainment Book is filled with hundreds of valuable 2-for-1 and up-to-50%-off...
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Dear animal lovers,

My cat Moby came from the SPCA. Every day he brings me so much joy, and I can’t even think of a life without him in it.

I love watching him hanging out with his other feline friends in the neighbourhood, obsess over flies, and seeing how excited he gets when he sees his brush.

I look forward to him sneaking under the duvet while I’m sleeping or hear him chat to me in...
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Remember Joy? She was brought to SPCA Auckland last year by one of our Inspectors after living in cramped conditions with her health left to deteriorate.

On arrival, she was anxious and very unsure of her surroundings. Extremely nervous, our canine attendants had to spend lots of one on one time showing her the world was OK and she could trust them.

They were lucky enough to find a...
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Everyone loves a fairy-tale. Here at SPCA Auckland we have our very own princess looking for the glass slipper to fit with a new family.

This is Snow-White, and she has a real rags to riches story. She was found lingering on the side of the motorway in Massey, scared and alone.

When she was saved in time and brought here, the vets noticed she was deaf, which means she may not have known how...
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Looking for something to do today? Come visit 'General Collective Market ' at ASB showground from 9am - 3pm. With a variety of crafts, arts and food vendors, it's a place for everyone! Don't forget to say hi to our SPCA members!

For more information visit: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Macey, Maude and Mara were cruelly abandoned and dumped in a cardboard box at only 2-weeks-old.

These three young puppies had no food, no water and nothing but the empty cardboard box to keep them warm. They were dumped by the very people who were supposed to be looking after them and keeping them safe.

Fortunately, a kind boy found them and brought them to the SPCA, they were then taken to...
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Check out Rambo showing off how good he is on our new doggie playground confidence course.

Village staff came along to a BBQ and demonstration to celebrate the new exciting build, and Rambo stepped up to the plate to trial the course. Guided by one of our canine attendants, he completed the beginner course as he walked along platforms and across steps.

Our doggie playground will play an...
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Hi everyone! My name is Jaxon!

I am only 8 months old but my life has already been rather uncertain. You see, I thought I belonged to someone who I could trust, and who would be there for me forever.

When they couldn’t find a place to live that wanted me too, I wasn’t scared because I never thought my owner would give up. I thought we were meant to be soul mates.

Then I heard my owner say...
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Get 50% off a great range of men’s, women’s and children’s summer clothing at your local SPCA Op Shop.

Visit one of our eight Op Shops across Auckland. Find out more

Sale starts Monday and ends Sunday 9th of April.
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Did you know that you can use any event as a way to help change the lives of animals in need in your community?

Are you signed up for the Get Moving festival in Millwater next Sunday? How about Shore to Shore on April 9th? You can turn any event like this into a fundraising opportunity by creating an online page and sharing it with your friends and family.

By letting your supporters know...
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Although kitten season is slowing down slightly, we are seeing an influx of adult felines arriving here at SPCA Auckland in need of life long companions.
We have a mix of personalities, and have no doubt that we have a cat to suit every type of home and family.
Please do come and meet them! We are at 50 Westney Road, Mangere and are open 10am-4pm, 7 days a week.
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Our dog squad has grown this week and we have some gorgeous new arrivals!
We have some down right adorable puppies and some wonderfully unique adults, who all have their own special stories as to how they ended up here at SPCA Auckland.
Please do come in and meet them, they would be very eager to see you.
Visit our animal village at 50 Westney Road, Mangere. We are open 10am-4pm, 7 days a week.
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Can you guess which farm animals are looking for homes this week?
Gold star for you! We do indeed have an array of feathered and friendly roosters and hens looking for families to join.
Got a pad in the country or with a little bit of land? Then we have just the companion for you.
Come and meet them all at our animal village. We are at 50 Westney Road, Mangere, and are open 10am-4pm, 7 days....
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Our small animals team have been busy this week, and we have found some of our furry little ones wonderful forever homes.
We still have 3 guineas and 3 bunnies who are all just totally adorable and friendly who would like new homes too.
Come and meet them at our animal village. We are at 50 Westney Road, Mangere and are open 10am-4pm, 7 days.
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Jump to the rescue of lovely ladies like Nala today by donating to any of our brave skydivers!

Team SPCA is taking to the skies next weekend and we need you to help them get there. Please donate to any one of our jumpers pages to not only help them achieve bucket list goals, but also to help save cats like Nala who deserve a second chance for health and happiness.

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Our FREE CAT DESEXING March event finishes today and this has been our most successful March campaign to date with over 800 cats booked in with our partnered vets in targeted suburbs!

We have had a huge response over the past few weeks, and we're sorry to disappoint anyone who missed out on making an appointment. We will be running more desexing programmes later in the year – watch this space...
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Could you picture, for a moment, three little kittens abandoned with nowhere to go?

Bernese, Crispin, and Ashley were all alone in the world, with nothing but each other. Confused and frightened, they found what they thought was a safe place to hide and took cover under a pile of sticks and leaves.

Suddenly the world of Bernese, Crispin and Ashley was disrupted again when their shelter...
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Join Team SPCA at the Rotorua Marathon this May for an unforgettable challenge!

You can save lives with every step by registering for any distance at the Rotorua Marathon and start your fundraising journey today. Every dollar you raise will provide food, mediation, shelter and love to animals that wouldn't otherwise stand a chance.

Whether you raise $10 walking 5km or $1000 running the a...
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