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Dog owners, please be aware of Karaka tree berries whilst walking your four-legged-friends this summer.

Throughout the warmer months (January – April) the berries ripen, turn orange and fall off the trees - these berries can be FATAL if eaten by dogs.

Although these are a staple in the diet of the native Kereru (wood pigeon), the kernels in the fruit contain the alkaloid karakin, which is...
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SPCA New Zealand
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A man and his two pups are going to great lengths to raise awareness for animal cruelty and the SPCA by walking around New Zealand.

Stephen and his two dogs Jake and Piccolo embarked upon their year-long adventure last week accompanied by their custom built trailer visiting SPCA centres along the way.

Way to go Stephen! We are with you every step of the way

Taking dogs for NZ’s longest walk

SPCA New Zealand
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If you are in need of a pick me up this Monday Morning we've got just the thing
SPCA New Zealand
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We love hearing your happy adoption stories! These two have certainly settled in wonderfully <3
Share your happy adoption photos below...
SPCA New Zealand
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We are leaping with excitement to see that our page has exceeded 50,000 followers!
From all of the animals across the country, thank-you for all your support. We couldn't do it without you <3
SPCA New Zealand
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With the arrival of the warm weather, it is really important to keep an eye on your pet rabbits during summer months as the heat can be very dangerous for them, and overheating can be fatal in some cases.

Always make sure you rabbit has access to plenty of shade. If housed outdoors you want to make sure there are plenty of cool spots for them to escape the heat. Try positioning their hutch...
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SPCA New Zealand
01/10/2017 at 20:12. Facebook
The SPCA National Rescue Unit have been very busy lately after being called out to the third bird rescue in recent weeks!

Now we are into Summer months, this is a timely reminder for anyone fishing to clear up any tackle, lines and hooks after doing so, to prevent birds and other wildlife getting caught in these.

SPCA rescues shag on Wellington Harbour spotted with fishing hook in its eye

Do you have room in your home to foster and help the animals in need at North Taranaki SPCA?

The centre is full to capacity and has a waiting list for stray animals. They are looking for more foster carers who are able to take in stray cats short term until they find their forever home.

Sadly, some people have threatened to harm or abandon stray or unwanted animals because the centre does...
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Threats to pets as overcrowded SPCA reaches cat capacity

Don't forget to keep your dogs paws safe and don't walk them when the ground is likely to be too hot. Early morning or evening is the best and safest time to take them out in the Summer.
When beautiful Holly arrived at SPCA AUCKLAND, her collar wounds from being tied up for so long were horrific and the worst the team had ever seen.

Fast forward over a year and she was lucky enough to be adopted by two previous canine attendants at the SPCA - so her new mum and dad sure are the perfect doggie owners, and have been helping her improve her confidence.

Sadly, Holly is not the...
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Dog abuse cases investigated by SPCA jump to more than 8000 in a year

Remember our story about Mindy, the SPCA Southland superstar who was due to be put through her paces to see if she would be a good fit for a career as an explosives detective dog? Well great news, she passed and is due to begin her training soon!

She passed the test with "flying colours" and if all goes well will be graduating from the New Zealand Police Dog Academy next year. Go Mindy!

SPCA dog's new career set to take off

Without the unyielding support from communities all over the country, we really wouldn't be able to do what we do. So this is a big thank-you to you! <3
Firefighters in New Plymouth managed to rescue a poor wee kitten from the engine of a car!

After meows were heard coming from a parked car, the small kitten was able to be rescued in time by Firefighters who then handed the kitten over to the police and then North Taranaki SPCA.

With kitten season in full swing nationwide and many centres now full with kittens, SPCA New Zealand urges pet...
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Firefighters save kitten from engine of a car

A Waikanae man has been prosecuted after throwing a rock with force at an elderly dog’s head, causing injuries so severe and painful that the dog had to be euthanised to end his suffering.

The man found the partially blind, deaf and elderly fox terrier cross dog on his property after noticing the sensor lights outside had been triggered. He then proceeded to throw a large rock with force at...
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Man prosecuted after throwing rock at elderly dog, breaking its skull

It's not too late to give a very special Christmas gift to the kittens at the SPCA!

By donating you'll be giving these innocent and vulnerable animals the food, shelter and vet care they need. And you'll give them the greatest gift of all - the chance to find a forever home. Please visit [ Bit.ly Link ]

Plus, when you donate you'll get to suggest a name for a kitten too!

Meet Sasha, named...
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Happy New Year!

Thank-you to all our supporters and donors who have helped our animals in need the past year, we couldn't do what we do without you!

If you would like to become a regular giver in 2017 and help unwanted, abused and sick animals around the country visit here:
It's New Year's Eve! Which means its time to celebrate!

However, we urge pet owners to take extra precautions and be alert to the danger and distress fireworks can impose on your animals.

Today's festivities will see a number of public and private displays around the country, however please remember to ensure your pets are kept safe and sound away from any displays.

Read our top tips for...
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Whilst on your adventures over the holidays, don't forget the five-second rule when walking your dog: if you can't hold the back of your hand on the pavement for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog!

Exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon to keep your dog's paws safe!
We love nothing more than hearing happy stories of animals beating the odds and finding wonderful forever homes.

Toru was adopted from SPCA AUCKLAND some years ago after losing his way. He sadly had to have one of his legs amputated due to a previous injury and just wanted some comfort and reassurance in life that everything was going to be OK.

Fast forward a few years and not only has he...
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