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Here is another idea for activities to do in class. What activities have you come up with others should try as well?
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Even the best fumbles. Don't be afraid to be fast.
That's one way of doing the downstack...
VERIFIED: Josh Hainsel is the new world record holder for the 3-6-3. Record now stands at 1.786 seconds.

Individual 3-6-3 Sport Stacking World Record 1.786 (Josh Hainsel) (Sport Stacking)

VERIFIED: William Orrell is the first person ever to achieve an under 5 second cycle. The world record now stands at 4.813 seconds.

Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 4.813 (William Orrell)

OFFICIAL: Logo for the 2017 World Sport Stacking Championships is finalized.
What is your New Year Stacking resolution for 2017?
What do you think Coach Ty was saying to Jaydyn before he set this new Australia record?
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Merry Christmas from Speed Stacks!
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Best Stacker 2016

Way to go John!
Mats vs. Feliks... The difference of 0.01 seconds!
Congratulations to Feliks Zemdegs - Speedcuber on the new Rubik's Cube world record!
"Don't let others define you by what's on the outside," he said. "Define yourself by what's on the inside."

Stacks on Stacks: Ball State freshman is an international cup stacker