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#ChekSquad member Carmyy shares one of her favorite smoothie recipes for when she is craving a little extra Vitamin C! #MyBetter

Vitamin C Monster Smoothie - Carmyy
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Control the pitch in the Blue Blast #ACE17 Purecontrol. Available now.#NeverFollow
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#ChekSquad member Amy, helps us stay motivated, and keep going to create a better version of you! #MyBetter

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#ChekSquad member MELSAYS plans to tackle some unfinished business from last year, and achieve new greatness. What are your 2017 fitness goals? #MyBetter

My Fitness Goals for 2017 -
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All day, Every day. Athletic-inspired pieces that can keep up with your active life. Your life, Your style. #MyBetter
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True athletes never stop crossing boundaries looking for new ways to train. #NeverDone #Teamadidas
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#ChekSquad member MELSAYS explains how proper preparation is absolutely key to achieve her 2017 goals. #MyBetter

Get Race Ready -
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#MotivationMonday: #ChekSquad member Christina The Athletarian shares some tips on staying injury-free during training season. #MyBetter

Marathon Monday: WEEK 4 (& tools for recovery!)
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The time is now! #SportChekAthlete Simon Tacilauskas is ready for another exciting mountain bike season #WhatItTakes
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Total control. The Blue Blast #ACE17 Purecontrol is available now. #NeverFollow
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"Either hit all 3 of these moves in a single training session or work them into your weekly routine." #MyBetter

​3 Sleeve-Busting Biceps Moves
Thanks Erik Gudbranson for stopping by our Robson Street store and showing a group from Canadian Tire Jumpstart how the Vancouver Canucks work on team buidling. #MyBetter