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Sport&Health started as a Mom&Pop too! Please tag your favorite locally owned business in the comments so we can give them a shoutout! Then be sure to shop locally tomorrow!

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Spring has sprung and we are beginning to see mother nature wow us with bright colors of the new season. Why shouldn’t your dinner plate be the same?
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#SpringintoFitness #AmpItUp

Spring has Sprung! Has your Nutrition?
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@malik340 demos our box jump exercise for you! Get going and improve your skills on and off the court.
Repost from @malik340 using @RepostRegramApp - Today's torture inspired by @wpsorrentino. Tag a friend that needs some fitness motivation ✊‍♀ #Gymtime #NoOffDays #Consistency #FlexFriday #WeEatThose #basketball #MarchMadness #plyometrics #crossfit #xavier #gonzaga #kansas #wvu #ncaa...
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Perfect your box jump technique with these tips from Explosive Performance & add this to your leg day routine.
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Check out the fabulous ladies of Crystal Park Sport&Health! They participated in a company wide photo shoot and soon, you'll see their smiling faces on our posters, online and more! Until then, catch them leading some fantastic classes around the DC/Metro/Maryland area!

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It's finally #spring! Warmer weather means outdoor workouts but cross training in the gym is a must! Ask our trainers for recommendations on how!

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Our Lakeforest crew is looking good! Be sure to stop by and see the new updates!
Thanks to Jessica McFadden for her awesome post about our Pike&Rose location! Be sure to follow her blog, A Parent in Silver Spring and on IG @jessicamcfadd and then come into the clubs today! #PikeFit #AmpItUp
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Sport and Health at Pike and Rose: Best Montgomery County Gym, Best Personal Training #PikeFit
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tossing a handful of greens into your smoothie, like spinach or kale, can increase the strength of your immune system, give you an added boost of minerals and vitamins and increase your energy. So get your green on!
#StPatricksDay #Greens #AmpitUp
#MarchMadnes is in full swing. Our #WorkoutWednesday strength routine is specific to building strength for the court. Try it out on your next visit!

#NCAA #hip #Strength
Our Pike&Rose staff love a good #snowday! Come in for a great workout& bring a friend on us!

#snowmaggedon2017 #Stellablizzard #AmpitUp
We're making the best of the weather with a #SnowDay Instagram contest. Follow us @SportandHealth and enter for a chance to win an awesome prize pack! Multiple chances to win, see you there!

#StellaBlizzard #AmpitUp
If you're grumbling about that nasty white stuff, think of it as the latest in functional training and cross your workout off of your to-do list!

#StellaBlizzard #SnowDay #AmpitUp
Think you might get snowed in? Put all of that functional training to use!
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Shoveling Safety Tips And How To Use It As A Workout
Tuned in to your favorite team? Try this workout during the media time outs to increase your hip strength.

#SelectionSunday #MarchMadness #NCAA
Eggroll in a Bowl
This delish version of your takeout favorite is lower in sodium and has the added benefits of garlic, to reduce blood pressure and ginger, aiding in reduction of muscle soreness. Enjoy!

1 lb ground sausage
1 bag dry coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrots)
5 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup soy sauce (low sodium preferred)
1 teaspoon ginger
sliced green...
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Don't Panic!
1. Stop. Seriously. Whatever you're doing, stop. Pull over. Sit down. Freeze and take note of your surroundings and your presence in them.
2. Breathe. Slow and deliberate breaths. Inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 3 and exhale for 6 counts.
3. Focus. Stay focused on one positive thing that is happening to or around you. Repeat that thing as a mantra over and over to...
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