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Team Elizabethany Hot wins! Thanks to HOT 99.5 &all of our participants!#995HBChallenge
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February is known for being the fitness "cliff", in other words, you've fallen off the resolution wagon. Our Trainers can get you back on track with your goals & seeing results in no time.
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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer
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99.5 Hot Body Challenge Update: Team Elizabethany Hot member Jessica Likas is getting her butt kicked at Old Town Sport&Health! #TrainHard #IGotThis
Stay tuned for more updates from our challengers! Meet the challengers here >> [ Link ] #995HBChallenger
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Our 4 legged friends keep us moving! We want to see your cardio companion so post a pic of your pooch below!

Don't have a furry friend of your own? Volunteering at a local animal shelter can help you get extra steps in your day and make for a very happy shelter.

You can also check out apps like Wooftrax, that donates money from sponsors every time you take a walk.
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We are open regular hours today & hope you'll stop by for a great workout!

#presidentsday #sportandhealth #mondaymotivation
Great info about macros from our team at Capitol Hill Sport&Health. Be sure to follow their page for more great health and fitness info!

#washingtonDC #CapHill
Sweet can be healthy with this tasty Chocolate Mint Protein Shake. Try it out & satisfy your sweet tooth!
1 cup almond or coconut milk
2 drops of food grade peppermint oil
1 large handful of spinach
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1 large handful of ice, Blend well and enjoy!
#ChocolateMintDay #ChocolateLover
In case you needed a reason tonight… 8 reasons to drink up
- Promotes longevity
- Reduces Heart-Attach risk
- Reduces risk of heart disease
- Lowers risk of Type 2 Diabetes
- Lowers risks of stroke
- Reduces risk of Cataracts
- Cuts risk of colon cancer
- Slows brain decline

Thanks to @FoodandWine for the research, cheers Sport&Health!
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Hello daddy, hello mom!
This little powerhouse of a fruit can really blow your nutrition to the next level. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain-reducer and sleep aid, be sure that you are adding these into your diet!
#NutritionTip #CherryBomb
February is #HeartHealthMonth and we'd love to hear how you take steps to live a healthier lifestyle. Share your healthy heart tips below or tag someone that inspires you to keep your heart going strong!

#February #LoveSH
99.5 Hot Body Challenge Update: Team Intern John Radio member Hannah is building some serious muscles! #TrainHard #IGotThis

Stay tuned for more updates from our challengers! Meet the challengers here >> [ Link ] #995HBChallenger
How do you #LoveYourselfFirst? Remember that self-confidence is key, what's your favorite thing about you?
#ValentinesDay #SelfLove #SportandHealth
Grab your SO, your bestie (or yourself!) & join us Today and Wednesday for great giveaways, demos and more! #IGotThis #OpenHouse #ValentinesDay
Get your heart pumping today&tomorrow at our February Open House! #IGotThis #OpenHouse #SportandHealth
Download this wallpaper to your phone & have #MondayMotivation everywhere! #SportandHealth [ Link ]

New! Mobile Wallpaper: Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat
Our members are the best & we don't care who knows it! Thank you for the nomination @washingtoncity paper
We would love your support as we compete, please click the link below to vote!
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An AWESOME shot from member @deborahbrooks14
Come dive into your best self with #sportandhealth ‍♀
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"Just keep swimming" having a high cardio week with another cycle + swim combo today. Someone will sleep well tonight. #happyFriday #swim #swimbikerun #tritraining #sweateveryday #pushyourself #goals #sweatpink #igothis #GoPro How's your Friday going?
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