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Once again, Ski Québec Alpin shows us how skiing is a demanding sport, yet thrilling!
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Who said it was easy to get results by training?
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How are the ski conditions where you are? At Tremblant, it's the perfect time to have fun on the slopes! Thanks for the picture, @dkcoopertremblant.
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"Teaching police foundations in schools, I see areas that need improvement. That’s why I created Les Forces, a hockey team that allows young people in need to develop a sense of belonging and self-confidence. They learn that they can achieve results by putting in effort, which they can transpose, then, into their personal lives."
-Christopher Harding, Coach, founder of Les Forces and member of...
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Happy Valentine's Day to all athletes, tall or small!
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Drinking beetroot juice in hope to boost your athletic performances, really? Science says so. Discover why this red juice makes so many hearts beat.

Can beetroot juice improve athletic performance?
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The classic whool toque during winter, a faithful partner of your comfort and your style!

Women’s Tuques & Headbands
Marie-Claude Perron - Page officielle shares her tips and must-knows for first time skiiers, after her recent trip to Sommet Morin Heights. #StayingFit
Si jamais vous cherchez une nouvelle source de motivation pour vous rendre sur les pistes de ski, regardez cette magnifique vidéo de Ski Québec Alpin !
Push your limits.
Rise with the new Under Armor collection!

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"When I was young, my father introduced me to taekwondo and my mother introduced me to yoga. She taught me the spiritual aspect while my father taught me personal discipline. When I started school as an adult, my goal was to share my knowledge with both adults and children. I love to marry these two arts, because they have a philosophy of life that touches me a lot."
- Marie-Claude, sports...
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How do you get back to working out after an injury? Jean-François Harvey, osteopath and author of Quebec bestseller Courir mieux, how to put luck on your side to get back into it quickly.

Nine expert tips for getting back into working out after an injury
It's cold. Another reason to warm up before running!

All you need for winter running
For those who want a style as solid as their performance."

REEBOK Combat Glory - Built for the combat warrior in you.
Last Passe-Partout draw! Tell us who you would like to go skiing with and you could win a pair of Ski Passe-Partout tickets! Winners will be drawn on February 9th.
Les échauffements sont primordiaux pour exceller en ski. Faites-les avec des athlètes de la Fédération Ski Québec Alpin grâce à une application! Android:

En Piste
Like to ski and hike? Then alpine touring is the perfect outdoor activity for you. Get a workout climbing the mountain, get away from it all and ski virgin powder!

Alpine touring: a new sport to try out
"In my Latin American culture, dance is big part of life. Thanks to dance, I discovered the theatre, and today I'm aspiring to be an actress. But I will never forget dance which has been a part of my life since the age of 4. I will always use dance to let off steam, feel good and to thrive!"
- Maribel, professional dancer
Our new training collection is now available. Remain stylish and free in your movements!
Sportswear that provides fluidity of movements is good, but it's even better when they are stylish! Discover our new training collection.