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Scary collision in a soccer game ends with a player saving the life of his injured opponent.

[VIDEO] One Player Saves Another's Life On Soccer Pitch
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Why do most people watch competitive car/truck racing? For the crash.... And we had a good one to open Trucks season this weekend!

[VIDEO] That's One Way To Start The Trucks Season...
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"Mayfield began to walk away from me. I repeatedly told him to stop. Mayfield then began to sprint away. I chased after him. Mayfield was tackled to the ground. While on the ground, I gave repeated orders for him to place his arms behind his back."

Sooners QB Baker Mayfield arrested in Arkansas, could hurt his college football future
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During her last hospitalization she was so malnourished that her organs were in danger of shutting down. She was 80 lbs. and starving herself. The doctors didn't even want her to fall asleep because they were afraid she may go into cardiac arrest, and she was 24 hours away from certain death

Top WWE Superstar Was 24 Hours Away from Death
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The term "greatest of all-time" get's thrown around a lot, probably too much now a days. One of our top NBA bloggers breaks down all the #GOAT's from George Mikan to Michael Jordan

The NBA Greatest of All Time Championship Belt
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And the first MAJOR rule change in MLB has officially been implemented. Comment your thoughts on the new "No-pitch Intentional walk"

MLB Eliminates Four-Pitch Intentional Walks
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#ThrowbackThursday Remembering the dominance of a young Shaquille O' Neal and Penny Hardaway with the Orlando Magic

#TBT When Penny And Shaq Were The Hottest New Thing In Basketball
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On February 22, 1980, what is described by many as the proudest moment in US sports history took place.

It was on this day that the U.S. ice hockey team faced off against the Soviet Union at the #WinterOlympics in Lake Placid, New York

This Day In Sports History: Miracle on Ice in 1980
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Note to MLB, this is why you ACTUALLY pitch the intentional walk... #DontChangeTheGame

Intentional Walk Wild Pitch Gets Texas A&M the Win! [VIDEO]
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Yes or No: Will Magic Johnson be able to turn around the LA Lakers franchise to a contender in the next 5 years?

Comment your thoughts below

Why Magic Johnson Was Just What the Lakers Needed!
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On Monday, the The San Diego Union-Tribune released a candid interview with recently retired WNBA player Candice Wiggins entitled 'Wiggins: WNBA's 'harmful' culture of bullying, jealousy'.

Monique Currie blogged her response and reactions

Perception is Real: Candice Wiggins' Truth
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Wow! The Volusia County Sheriff's Department confirmed there were injuries---Luckily none believed to be life threatening....

[VIDEO] Crazy Sprint Car Crash in Florida injures 3 Fans
Sometimes it's not what you win that matters, it's who you become during the process.
Biggest "Posers" as success in professional sports?
A) Dallas Cowboys
B) L.A. Clippers
C) New York Knicks

List: Exposing The Biggest 'Posers' in American Professional Sports
Is this taunting or not?

If you were the ref would you have given this kid a tech?

[VIDEO] High School Ref Gives Kid A Tech For Dancing While Dribbling
Wow! Blockbuster trade just went down!

Boogie Cousins Has Been Traded
If you were the GM of the Houston Texans and you HAD to choose between building your franchise around 27 year old JJ Watt or 24 year old Jadeveon Clowney which one would you choose?

The Houston Texans Will Have To Choose Between JJ Watt And Jadeveon Clowney Within 2 Years
Most memorable NBA All-Star game performances?

A) Michael Jordan 1988 40 points & Dunk Champ
B) Magic Johnson 1992 return from HIV game
C) Kobe Bryant 2011 37 point game
D) Glen Rice 1997 20 point quarter

Top 5 mMost Memorable All-Star Game Performances
This was a heated debate a few years ago, is it still one?

Who would you take to run your team: Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck?

Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck? The debate Should be Over... For Now