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Comment your thoughts: Are the Cleveland Cavaliers geared up for their third straight Eastern Conference championship? or have their recent struggles exposed a weakness?

Don’t Let the Cavs 'Struggles' Fool You
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Former Boston Celtics great Otis Birdsong checks in for our Xfinity #MarchMadness coverage to give his #FinalFour picks.

Do you agree with his choices?

Official Blog Of Otis Birdsong - Separating the Men From the Boys!
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In your opinion, has "loud and proud" father LaVar Ball hurt or helped his son Lonzo Ball's draft stock and potential sponsorship deals?

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Lonzo, You will be Missed. Lavar? You won't be.
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Here are 3 of the 8 proposed rule changes from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Read the other 5 below
1) Jumping over the center to block an extra point or field goal will no longer be allowed.
2) Touchback would be moved up to the 25-yard line as opposed to the 20-yard line.
3) There would be a permanent ejection rule for players who commits two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls (it was only a...
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8 New NFL Proposed Rule Changes for 2017
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If you were a NFL GM, would you take a risk on signing Colin Kaepernick to your team?

Comment why or why not below

Why NFL Teams should sign Colin Kaepernick
This is apparently a real thing! There's a NFL team who is showing interests in the services of Johnny Manziel....

Johnny Football Returns? Find Out What Team Is Interested
Now this is a coach!! Parents, if you have kids who aspire to be collegiate athletes make sure they watch this video!
They've arguably been 2 of the best tight ends the NFL has seen in the past 20 years. If you could pick one to start for your team who would you choose: Shannon Sharpe or Antonio Gates?

Comment your pick below
Roger Goodell is attempting to make a massive change to the NFL game. He is trying to change the overtime period from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, in efforts to decrease the amount of ties


Is Roger Goodell's New Overtime Rule Change A Stupid Idea?
Need some expert analysis for your #Sweet16 picks?

In our Xfinity #MarchMadness feature post, Former Princeton Men's Basketball star CJ Wallace gives an update on his bracket and much more.

Official Blog Of CJ Wallace: "An Update on Brackets & Some Late Game Analysis!"
In a nutshell, here's the blogger's argument:

"A bat flip is no different than other things athletes do in other sports. NBA players with an open path to the basket could just lay it in, but usually don’t. Players will do a slam dunk, usually with enthusiasm and emotion. People don’t have problems with that and it helps make the game more exciting. The NFL has the same stuff in touchdown...
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Should Bat Flips be Encouraged? Comment Your Thoughts Below
Let's recap... Soccer players fighting. Fans fighting. Fans unfurling rival banners. Fans undressing and beating up other rival fans. Pepper gas. Riot police. Running for the exits.

And Brazilian police arrested no one...

[VIDEO] Possibly The Wildest Soccer Brawl Of All Time Happened in Brazil This Week
Fill in the blank: The greatest pitcher in MLB history is________________

Comment your answer below

Who is the Best Pitcher in Baseball History? Click To See The Answer
If you aren't familiar with the incredible story of former NFL & Florida State Seminoles star, now Dr. Myron Rolle, it's worth your time to learn!

Dr. Myron Rolle from the Gridiron to the Ivy leagues
Who out there agrees?

"When Americans picture Soccer, they imagine long matches with little to no scoring and players falling to the ground after barely being touched."

Diego Costa: The Reason America Hates Soccer
Yes or No: Does Venus Williams have an attitude problem?
Seattle Seahawks are now open to trading Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin says his antics are becoming a distraction

Seahawks are Open to Trading Richard Sherman -
You can't go wrong with either, but which player would you rather have on your team: Rickey Hendersonn or Derek Jeter?

Comment your pick below
"John Calipari would never let his team look past Northern Kentucky, but as an analyst I have that privilege. When I look into the future, I see Wichita State as Kentucky’s likeliest opponent" - Tony Delk

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Official blog of Tony Delk :: Wichita State is Kentucky’s Likeliest Opponent