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Karl Malone. Dennis Rodman. Hulk Hogan. Diamond Dallas Page.

Yeah, it happened. DDP tells the story:

WATCH: How DDP & Malone vs. Rodman & Hogan Happened
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The Boston Red Sox and New York Mets' farm teams are going back and forth:

Tim Tebow Is Already Causing Minor League Baseball Teams To Beef On Twitter
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"If you're really a hooper, where the defense at?"

WATCH: SportsNation Crew Not Fans Of James Harden's Rest Comments
After a slow start to the tourney, the madness picked up over the weekend.

Vote: What's The Biggest Upset So Far In The NCAA Tournament?
That he could beat MJ one-on-one? That his son is better than Steph? Or something else?

Vote: What's The Most Outlandish Thing LaVar Ball Has Said?
LaVar Ball says he'd beat Charles Barkley one-on-one ... so Marcellus wouldn't be much of a challenge, right?

WATCH: LaVar Ball Plays One-On-One Against Marcellus
Northern Kentucky students would get to enjoy quite the meal.

Restaurant Owner Promises $1 Million In Free Steak Dinners If Kentucky Loses Friday
Carmelo Anthony tonight:
1-0 vs Pacers
1-0 vs Winter
Michael Jordan + Ed O'Bannon + LeBron James = LaVar Ball

Marcellus explains his math:

WATCH: Marcellus Is On Board With The Ball Family's Billion-Dollar Shoe Deal Plan
The Houston Texans? Denver Broncos? Someone else?

Vote: Which Team Will Tony Romo Play For Next Season?
30,000 points ... and counting.