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Uriel Zavala Bejar
Aaron McIntosh
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Derek Yamamoto
Jovie Mendoza
Perry DaSilva
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Anthony Rodriguez
OK with Paul George talking Lakers?

Kenyon Martin is:
OK with Paul George talking Lakers

Kenyon Martin is

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According to our crew, Phil Jackson might not want to keep saying those things about Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis ...
According to our crew Phil Jackson might not want to keep saying

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Terry Green
Our expert says the *Sixers* should pass on Lowry, not the other way around.
Our expert says the Sixers should pass on Lowry not the other way around

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Dave Vachon
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Gammaman Conlon
"He probably wouldn't pick up, know what I'm saying? That voicemail is full."
"He probably wouldn't pick up know what I'm saying That voicemail is full"

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Thomas L. Holman
Will Kevin Durant pull a LeBron James?
Will Kevin Durant pull a LeBron James

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Timothy Styles
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"Breaking news! The playoffs are hard! Thank you, Isaiah Thomas!"

β€”Amin Elhassan
"Breaking news The playoffs are hard Thank you Isaiah Thomas"

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Oras Osso
Our crew likes the look.

That price, though ...
Our crew likes the look

That price though

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Jake Henne
Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre Part II?
Aaron RodgersBrett Favre Part II

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"They had James Harden. They had Kevin Durant. ... It's time to move on."
"They had James Harden They had Kevin Durant It's time to move on"

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Lennon Larson
Garet Giovacchini