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Clayton Doss
Rebecca Cutie
Jason Alaniz
Bulls or Celtics? Jazz or Clippers?

You make all the calls:
Bulls or Celtics Jazz or Clippers

You make all the calls

Vote: How Will Each NBA First-Round Series End?
Bob Czerney
Matt Komerous
Brian Skokowski
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The argument against Chris Paul: No rings.

The argument for him? Take it away, Marcellus:
The argument against Chris Paul: No rings

WATCH: Does Chris Paul Deserve A Statue Outside Staples Center?
L.A. Clippers Lifestyle
Alex Abayon
Warren Gante
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"I've wanted to, but the urge didn't outweigh the cash."
—Kenyon Martin
"I've wanted to but the urge didn't outweigh the cash"

WATCH: SportsNation Crew On Marcus Smart Flipping The Bird
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It's Chris "Jurassic World" Pratt vs. Marcellus "Dinosaurs Aren't Real" Wiley.
It's Chris "Jurassic World" Pratt vs Marcellus "Dinosaurs Aren't Real" Wiley

WATCH: Can Pratt Convince Marcellus That Dinosaurs Were Real?
Joe Stu Beauchamp
Jordan Ray Crockett
Steven Kalinich
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Ryan Lampman
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Steve Weller
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"The way you treat your ex is how you treat your next."
"The way you treat your ex is how you treat your next"

WATCH: Time For Porzingis To Force His Way Out Of New York?
Garet Giovacchini
Toni J-Gilbert
Brandon Wilcox
"Let's just say [LeBron has] had success being the No. 2 seed."
"Let's just say LeBron has had success being the No 2 seed"

WATCH: Does The Celtics' No. 1 Seed Actually Mean Anything?
Haider Dar
Matt Thomas
Keith Langford Jr.
*record scratch* The LA Lakers had won five straight entering Wednesday.

Is that ... a bad thing?
record scratch The LA Lakers had won five straight entering Wednesday

WATCH: Is It Time To Stop Ragging On The Lakers For Winning?
Christopher LaRoche
Louie LV Watkins
Lawrence Wang
Evan Mellmer
Ben Selph
Kevin Hockett
Kenny Davis
Michael Merck
David Trowbridge
"If he hadn't been MVP the last two years ... we'd be talking about him in the MVP race right now."
If he hadnt been MVP the last two years wed be talking

WATCH: Is Steph Being Treated Unfairly During His 'Down' Year?
Justin Hardy
Mike Goldblatt
Brandon Evans
Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers?
Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers

Vote: Who Will Get The No. 1 Seed In The East?
Anthony Yachanin
Peter Otto
Dylan Philip Hunton
Dustin Smith
Brian Sharp
Walter Monroe
Should Kevin Durant lighten up?

Our crew debates:
Should Kevin Durant lighten up

Our crew debates

WATCH: Is Shaq Just Pushing KD's Buttons?
Josh Furler
Toni J-Gilbert
Chris Koller
Unlikely star? Playoff disappointment?

Give us your take:
Unlikely star Playoff disappointment

Give us your take

Vote: How Will You Best Remember Tony Romo's NFL Career?
Raymond Horlebein
Jared R. Brennan
Adam Craig
Jeff Fellows
Charles Metayer
Raphael Juarez
Micah J. Hahn
Denise Deland Ennello
Jonathan Frisbee
You can imagine the result.

(No offense, Marcellus.)
You can imagine the result

No offense Marcellus

WATCH: Marcellus Wiley Goes One-On-One With Lonzo Ball
Eugene Sanborn
Danny Torres
Reymon de Guzman
Monster truck front flip?

Monster truck front flip.
Monster truck front flip 

Monster truck front flip

WATCH: Yes, This Is A Monster Truck Doing A Front Flip
Steve Barnes
Nate Satina
Josh Dorgan