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Happy birthday to the
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We asked WWE fans for their phone numbers, and then Mike The Miz surprised 'em with a call.
"As Drake said, 'I've had a lot of people showing fake love to me.'"

WATCH: T.O. Says He's Not Bothered By HOF Snub
New England Patriots fans waking up like ...
The ?
Going in for the last piece of pizza like
The New England Patriots could use someone who knows about overcoming big deficits...
So, Marcellus and Keanu Reeves walk into an elevatorโ€ฆ
Marcellus Wiley gets called out by former teammate for pooping his pants
Bernardo Osuna tours Mexico prior to the first NFL game in the country since 2005! It's Toyota USA's #LetsGoPlaces
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Bernie on the street in Mexico prior to MNF - ESPN Video
You twerk. The NFL fines you.

You wear cleats with your kids' faces on them. The NFL will eject you???

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NFL 'insane' to make Brown change shoes - ESPN Video
When Doc Rivers says "we don't feel like there's a gap" between the Clippers and Warriors...


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Is Rivers confident or delusional? - ESPN Video
"Everyone was swiping left [on Tom Brady]. Bill Belichick swiped right... and turned him into a Hall-of-Famer!"

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How does the Patriots' 3-0 record diminish Brady's legacy? - ESPN Video
The best punt return you've seen this season

WATCH: HS kid breaks 14 tackles during unreal 28-second punt return