When fake friends offer you sub-par beverages.
Your move: how does he escape this awkward moment?
Only one shot to recover! What would you do to avoid a super awkward fall?
How would you wriggle out of this awkies moment?
Our mate Jackson ODoherty has a whopper pimple - at the worst time. How can he save the date?
That moment you realise extra chili was a huge mistake.
When you try to 'spice things up' but your girl takes it too literally and orders the hottest dish in the world.
Yeaaaah, we'd tap that.
Responding “good thanks!” to someone who didn’t even ask. Who’s been there?
Dating notifications in a meeting. Who’s been there? #StillSwipedRight #MatchesForDays
Tinder notifications in a meeting. Who’s been there? #StillSwipedRight #MatchesForDays
When your crush has a booger in their nose, what do you do?
When the guy next to you on the train thinks you’re a pillow… What do you do?
A) Politely wake them up
B) Have a snooze with them
C) Use their head as a coaster for your Sprite
THROWDOWN. Which one is your fave?
When someone you just met has food on their face. Do tell? Or DoNut?
Matt #CutThroughTheHeat, but still hasn't found a date. Call him on 0403 581 511 if you're single and ready to mingle
When you get busted taking a sneaky snap! #CutThroughTheHeat
w/ Jacko Brazier
Tag a mate who would walk into the wrong locker room by accident #CutThroughTheHeat