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Shivaji Jayanthi Rally in Surat (Gujarat) organized by VHP
Let's celebrate the success! Congratulations to #ISRO on the successful launch of PSLV-C37, carrying a record 104 satellites.

Beauty #ISRO makes India proud ???????????? What a lovely sight!

India beat Pakistan by 9 wickets to win the blind cricket T20 world cup.

Only format changes... Not Pak bashing.
TRS leader Nandu Bilal has requested Telangana Govt to relocate Fish Market from Begum Bazar to another place.,

The fish market is spreading pollution in the area as fish waste is being dumped on road and the smell is spreading to very large area and lots of people are getting diseases due to it. Its high time such market is shifted out from center of residential area and put in outskirt...
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Narendra Modi .. master stroke on #Jallikattu explained by a Tamil Brother
The most dangerous Auto Accident you will ever see

A Laborer Jangaiah was killed on spot in Hyderabad due to rash driving of Auto Driver Mohammed Mehathabuddin
Congratulations to 45th President of United States of America Mr.Donald Trump
संक्रांति पर्व बेशक मनाये बस थोड़ा सा ध्यान रखे China मांझे से कोई निरपराध पक्षी की जान ना जाये.

#TiaFoundation #BanChineseManza
Chinese Manja is illegal and banned all over India by NGT,


Request Govt to PLEASE implement the ban and do not allow sale of CHINESE MANJA, its killer Manja and injuring people very badly
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Two innocent Hindus Ramji Kalsangra and Sandeep Dange were killed and their bodies were disposed of as unidentified victims of 26/11 by Maharashtra ATS under Congres rule to prove Hindu terrorism,

A terrorist Isharat jahan was made household name by Media and Jihadis, Why Can't Hindus make these two inncoent Hindus a household name and...
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BJP going to form government in #UP

Ram Lala Hum Aayenge Mandir Wahin Banayenge... Jai Sri Ram
ISIS Coming Soon written on the walls of Mansa Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh.

Oh really then welcome to the Temple, Have Darshan of Mansa Devi and denouce your terrorism and become normal again.

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Quam which says they only do sajda before .. their A only, here is Malaysia a Islamic country where Muslim children do this to mothers at their feet. Seems the Hindu DNA of Malayaisans still intact.
PM Narendra Modi Cousin Bharatbhai Modi, 55, is a petrol pump attendant at a gas station in Lalawada village, some 60 kms from his home in Vadnagar
A Stray Dog Walked 600 Km With A Sabarimala Pilgrim, And Became His Friend For Life

We’ve all heard the phrase: Dog is man’s best friend. But you’ll be amazed to know how far your furry friend can go to show how much they care.

The story of Naveen and stray dog Malu is one such heartwarming story of loyalty and friendship.

On the second day of his 700 km long journey by foot to the...
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Bengal police gave 2 minutes to Hindus to run away #BengalRiots