Now you can experience The VR teaser in Hyderabad that we have been bragging about!!!
Fantastic poster...!!! When are you showing us Rana...?
Cant wait...
And.... The Baahubali.....
TODAY... Baahubali 2..
Baahubali - The Beginning will release in Japan and Korea, early 2017...

Bollywood Breaks Borders as Indian Studios Expand Distribution Footprint
Mighty Bhallaladeva / Palvalthevan out to destroy...

#KingBhalla #KingPalvalthevan #Baahubali2 #WKKB
Wishing Indian Superstar, Thalaivar, Rajinikanth garu a very Happy Birthday :)
Very well discussed Jayaprakash Narayan garu! The five doable/must do things along with demonetization that will touch the life of every citizen.‬

3 Weeks After Demonetization, Five Practical, Rational, Effective Steps That Need To Be Taken To Curb Black Money
After 25 years in film industry venturing into VR for the first time. First shooting day of THE SWORD OF BAAHUBALI.
The Master coming with a double bonanza... Next Diwali will be even louder! Can't wait... #2point0
Congrats Actor Shashank on Mayabazar's 1st anniversary. Madhapur outlet's ambience & the food were great as always. Had nice time being there.:)
To envision a world, and see it come to life on the big screen is onething. But to see The World Of Baahubali unravel and grow... it's something else! Here's a preview of Baahubali - Battle Of The Bold, our Baahubali Graphic Novel, in association with Graphic India
RGV back with a "BANG"...? Literally...