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“Women were necessary to the war effort but I’m not sure we got the credit we deserved. A lot of us were only 17, 18, 19 years old. Women certainly had something to prove."

Pat Fordham, 90, joined the ATS in 1943 at just 17 years old, still entitled to a daily milk ration as she was technically still a child. She worked as a teleprinter operator at the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied...
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Today we’re celebrating three heroic women who worked through an air raid, staying at their posts during the heavy Luftwaffe attacks on 1 September 1940.

Sgt Joan Mortimer, FO Elspeth Henderson and Sgt Helen Turner were all teleprinter operators for the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. They were stationed at RAF Biggin Hill in Kent, which suffered some of the worst air raids during the Battle of...
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Today our thoughts are with the loved ones of all those affected by yesterday's attack on Westminster.

The Metropolitan Police Federation are raising money for the family of PC Keith Palmer, the Police Officer who tragically gave his life as he guarded the Palace of Westminster.

Before joining the Police PC Keith Palmer served in the Royal Artillery he spent his life protecting others and...
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Today, as part of our sisters in arms campaign, we're celebrating Brigadier Sharon Nesmith, the Army’s first female commander of a brigade.

She has been described as the ‘most powerful woman in the British Army’, after being put in charge of some 5,000 front line soldiers in the 1st Signal Brigade. Brigadier Nesmith joined the Royal Corps of Signals in 1992 and started her army career in...
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We're thrilled to have been chosen as the beneficiary charity for a very special classical music event, L'Orchestre du Monde, which will take place on Tuesday 17 October.

L’Orchestre du Monde (Orchestra of the World) is a unique ensemble, which brings together leading world-class virtuoso musicians to promote and support humanitarian causes across the globe.

The concert will take place at...
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Two female World War Two veterans have been honoured in a ceremony at RAF Brize Norton.

Mary Ellis and Molly Rose flew for the ATA during World War Two. Mrs Rose died last year but Mary just turned 100 and is going strong. She joined the ATA in 1941, after obtaining her flying license by the time she was 16, and delivered over 1,000 airplanes during the war.

Speaking at RAF Brize Norton, Mrs...
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Today we're celebrating the ATA girls, the unapologetic pioneers of female aviation and equal pay.

Together, they became the first women to receive equal pay to their male counterparts in 1943. Air Transport Auxiliary were responsible for ferrying new fighter and bomber planes to their bases, as well as flying transport aircraft and some air ambulances.

The female ATA section soon grew from...
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A hero World War Two RAF pilot who hid in a haystack after his plane was shot down by the Nazis has died aged 92.

Charles served in the RAF for three decades and flew 27 missions during the war, many into Germany’s dreaded Ruhr Valley. In 1944, his plane was shot down in Nazi-controlled Deurne in Holland. Charles hid in a haystack, buried his uniform and escaped while disguised as a peasant....
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Happy 100th Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn, forces sweetheart and SSAFA ambassador.

Dame Vera is supporting our #sistersinarms campaign, celebrating women in the armed forces from World War One to the present day. She had the following to say about women in the forces:

“I have worked alongside some truly inspirational women in our Armed Forces and I am extremely proud of the work they do; we...
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"We were warned about what it would be like and shown films about what would happen if we did speak. We would have lost Enigma and that was the thing that was making the difference."

June joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service as soon as she was able, serving with the secretive P5 branch attached to Bletchley Park. She was on duty deciphering codes during the D-Day landings in June 1944. The...
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Masterchef finalists will be hosting a charity dinner on the 27th March at his restaurant, The Frog E1, to raise money for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

Adam Handling and fellow chef, Andi Walker, who appeared on MasterChef: The Professionals in 2015, decided to organise the dinner after reading about Albert Simpson, the 92-year-old war hero who was scammed out of £10,000 by con artists...
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Gurkha soldiers who helped to secure key sites in Afghanistan have been honoured at a Buckingham Palace ceremony.

The Prince of Wales, Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, and Prince Harry, who both have long-held links with the Gurkhas, presented the troops with Operational Service Medals.

The soldiers are among 300 members of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles (2RGR), who were...
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Today we are celebrating Private Michelle Norris as part of our 'From Factory to Front line' campaign, the first female to win the military cross for saving the life of her sergeant while under heavy fire.

Michelle was just 19 years old and had only recently completed her Army training when she braved heavy sniper fire to climb on top of a Warrior armoured vehicle to haul her sergeant to...
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An amputee soldier who lost his leg to a Taliban bomb has deployed with his comrades to Kenya.

Fusilier Sean Wiseman, 24, feared his soldiering career was over when aged just 18-years-old a buried device took off his right leg. But Sean from Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, has battled back for his first overseas posting with his battalion since suffering the war injury.

He now plays an essential role...
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2014 saw the first female submariners in the 110 year history of the Submarine Service. The ban on women submariners based on health fears was lifted in 2011.

Lieutenants Maxine Stiles, Alexandra Olsson and Penny Thackray earned their "Dolphins" after months of training, including operations on HMS Vigilant.

Lt Stiles, 29, said: "As long as you can do your job and you're good at what you do,...
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A soldier killed during a tour of duty 21 years ago is set to be remembered with a tribute held in his memory.

SSAFA Fundraiser Lauren McLeish was only six-months old when her father Lance Corporal Christopher McLeish, of the Royal Engineers, lost his life in a fire at his base while service in Bosnia. He was just 24-years-old. Now, as she is marking the 21st anniversary of her dad’s death by...
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Society saw a massive change in the role of women during World War One, with women taking over a number of traditional male roles.

Women who were recruited to work in munitions factories were known as Munitionettes or Canary Girls because the chemicals involved in the making of the ammunition turned their skin yellow. They made roughly 80% of the weaponry and ammunition used by the British...
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"You won't last very long... we've already got a replacement!'
Famous last words from June's Staff Sergeant.

If June had become pregnant before 1990 she would have had 2 options, leave the army or get an abortion. June was one of the first women to have a baby and continue her military career, overcoming prejudice and a lack of any formal support. Her grit and determination helped her...
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We filmed Fanny, a Wren who received the Legion of Honour for her role in plotting the D-Day landings and Amy, a royal navy engineer, discussing how the roles of women and attitudes towards them in the Royal Navy have evolved through the years.

Between them, Fanny and Amy span 8 decades of Royal Naval service. But one thing absolutely shines through, no matter what year, during wartime or...
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