While volunteering at her town’s St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event, Jenna realized she didn’t want to just organize it – she wanted to #RockTheBald!

“Once my hair was gone, I was humbled and thankful to be a part of this amazing event for this cause that means so much to me."

She ended up raising $5,297 for kids’ cancer research :) Get involved & sign up for an event near you: [ Bit.ly Link ]
IBM executive Diana Kelly didn't give a second thought when it came time to shave off her hair for childhood cancer research.

In fact, her tech company colleagues joined and cheered her on!

“I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t worried. It was really fun.” Find out why Diana is so passionate about this cause & raising funds for kids' cancer research.

Be Bold and Go Bald: Tech Executive Shaves for Kids' Cancer Research | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

BIG NEWS: We just hit $20 MILLION raised for kids' cancer research so far this year :)

Find out how you can get involved and help us raise the next million: [ Bit.ly Link ]
That moment you realize shaving your head was totally worth it :)

Help create moments like this - organize a head-shaving event in your town & raise money for childhood cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
This is a story about love. A story about joy and happiness, fear and anger and sadness — about faith and, ultimately, hope.

When Honored Kid Luke passed away from a large brain tumor, his parents began working hard to fund childhood cancer research.

Luke’s dad, Scott, tells the story.

'They Know Who They're Fighting For': Luke's Legacy | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

"Because I want to stand in solidarity with those who don't get to choose to be bald."

We asked people all over the country why they shave their heads with St. Baldrick's - tell us in the comments why YOU shave your head!

Not rocking the bald yet? Find a head-shaving event near you: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Pat joined her grandson and her son-in-law on St. Patrick’s Day to shave their heads for kids with cancer – her daughter even flew in from Denver to be a surprise barber!

“I know it's easier to be 70 (in May) than 16 and have a bald head but at least my children and grandchildren can see that it's okay to take a risk.”

Give Pat an early birthday gift with a donation to her page :) [ Bit.ly...
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Today is the official first day of spring - flowers are in full bloom and the snow is finally melting!

Here are 5 fun ways you never thought of to raise money for kids' cancer research while celebrating the new season :)

5 Ways You Can Fundraise For Kids With Cancer This Spring | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

On March 4, 2017, Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub and Grill put on a fantastic head-shaving event in St. Louis, MO! They exceeded their fundraising goal of $400,000 and raised $457,795 (and counting) for kids’ cancer research with 569 participants: [ Bit.ly Link ]

A big round of applause to VEO Peggy Schneider for putting together an amazing event!

Start your own head-shaving event: [ Bit.ly...
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How did your friends and family react after seeing your bald head?

Share your stories in the comments below and tag someone you want to #RockTheBald with :)

Sign up and shave your head for kids' cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
St. Baldrick's events are like a party for good! And Space Coast Conquers at The Avenue Viera in Florida had one successful head-shaving party raising over $259,000 (and counting) for childhood cancer research!

Share your event photos in the comments & they could end up on our page too [ Bit.ly Link ]
Honored Kid Ryan gave us a special tour of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children this weekend!

Be on the lookout for a blog about our day with Ryan and how he's been doing since he relapsed in December of last year.

Ryan's St. Baldrick's Hero Fund just hit $78,065! Help them raise even more - donate to Rally for Ryan! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're at The Avenue Viera in Florida today & their event has raised over $250,000 so far this year for childhood cancer research! Shout out to VEO Garrett Lamp and check out these awesome shavees [ Bit.ly Link ]
After years of saying no, a dream awakened Laurel’s courage to finally rock the bald for kids’ cancer research.

“In my dream I shaved my head and raised a ton of money for doing it. It felt totally liberating!”

She joined a team with her close friends and haven’t looked back! Sign up and join the 30,000+ people shaving their heads this year: [ Bit.ly Link ]
URGENT RESEARCH NEWS: We want to call to your attention to urgent issues around childhood cancer research funding.

The new federal budget proposal calls for a 20% cut from the NIH, the largest funding source for childhood cancer research.

Here are two important ways you can help kids with cancer and childhood cancer research.

Champions Needed: The Future of Childhood Cancer Research is at Stake | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

From all of us at the St. Baldrick's office, we hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Share your March event photos with us below & tell us how you got involved
FLASHBACK FRIDAY: We found a rare photo from the very first head-shaving event in 2000 organized by our founders Tim Kenny, John Bender & Enda McDonnell :)

17 years later, we have over 900 events so far in 2017! There's no better day than today to get involved and help fund lifesaving childhood cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We get this question a lot — who is St. Baldrick of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation?

Is he the patron saint of the shaved? Would he be the wrong guy to pray to for a good hair cut?

Read on to find out the real identity of the mysterious St. Baldrick!

Who Is St. Baldrick? | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

We are live from the Jim Brady's St. Baldrick's event on St. Patrick's Day where 17 years ago, we held our first head-shaving event!
Help them reach their fundraising goal on this very special day ☘[ Bit.ly Link ] #StPatricksDay
March 17, 2000: 19 people went bald to raise money for kids with cancer.

17 years later, St. Baldrick’s is the world’s largest private funder of
childhood cancer research grants :)

SHARE & comment if you’ve been part of our 17-year history: [ Bit.ly Link ]