Less than a month into the year & we've already raised $1 MILLION for childhood cancer research :)

SHARE the good news and get involved to be a part of the next million: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Joey was an energetic, mischievous kid who loved Legos and Spongebob.

After he passed away from childhood cancer, his family attended their local St. Baldrick’s event to fight for a cure in his honor.

See how the event has come to be a cherished family tradition <3

What St. Baldrick's Events Mean to Our Family | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

Today we celebrate the life & achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. - an activist, humanitarian & leader.

Millions will gather today to volunteer in their communities as part of MLK Day. Join in their efforts & get involved today: [ Bit.ly Link ]
FACT: Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer in the U.S.

This means thousands of kids and families are affected every year.

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Phineas is cancer-free today thanks to research supported by St. Baldrick's.

Donate once a month to help us fund the most promising childhood cancer research, wherever it takes place. [ Bit.ly Link ]
St. Baldrick’s shavees are all motivated by different things — a family member or friend, a close connection to the cause, or just the desire to help kids with cancer.

So what inspires an entire family to shave year after year? Read more to find out!

Why We Shave: One Family’s Commitment to Find a Cure [PHOTO ESSAY] | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

Taking chemo meds every single day can be tough for a kid with cancer.

Unfortunately, Dr. Bhatia found that not swallowing that little pill can have big consequence. According to her study results, anything less than 95% adherence was associated with an increased risk of relapse among kids with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Read on to learn how funding from St. Baldrick’s is helping: [...
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That’s right — it’s time to take the plunge and register for a St. Baldrick’s event!

Be a part of the world’s largest volunteer-powered charity for childhood cancer research. Get involved today!

St. Baldrick's 2017 Event Registration Is Open [VIDEO] | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

Start off 2017 by doing something meaningful <3

Organize a St. Baldrick's head-shaving event in your community & help fund lifesaving childhood cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Earlier this month, 2017 Ambassador Benny and 2016 Ambassador Isaac met for the first time during a dinner event in Chicago.

Both ambassadors were diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor - Isaac currently has no evidence of disease & Benny is in treatment.

The dinner helped raise over $5,700 & counting for Benny's St. Baldrick's team! Make a donation & help them reach their...
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Ambassador Abby sent us this cute photo today! Can you tell she loves the snow?

Share your snow day photos in the comments below :) Read Abby's story: [ Bit.ly Link ] #LiveLikeAbby
Honored Kid Hugo was diagnosed with stage 4 Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid of the kidney shortly after his first birthday in 2014.

Hugo went in for scans last week and the results said he remains CANCER FREE!

Despite his challenges, his mom says, “he’s growing, catching up developmentally in speech, and a delightful, funny, and sweet child.” Make a donation to help more kids conquer cancer: [...
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Introducing our 5th and final 2017 Ambassador - Ike!

Rocky and Rambo have nothing on this childhood cancer fighter who just finished treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Diagnosed in May 2013, Ike’s now sporting a full head of hair and endless energy. Read more of his story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Meet Benny - one of our five 2017 Ambassadors!

He was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor, days after he shaved his head at a St. Baldrick's event.

St. Baldrick’s holds an extra special place in Benny’s big heart. He's more determined than ever to help find cures for kids like him. Learn more about Benny story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Let's welcome Abby - one of our five 2017 Ambassadors!

Abby was first diagnosed with Ph+ ALL, a rare and aggressive type of leukemia, in February 2011.

Her mom Patty says, “We are active with St. Baldrick's because Abby has been fighting cancer for 6 years. Abby’s cancer free, but side effects from her life saving bone marrow transplant have been close to life ending.” Read more of Abby's...
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Introducing Princeton - one of our five 2017 Ambassadors!

At 2 years old, Princeton was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is currently in remission.

Whether he’s climbing over obstacles with his brother during their American Ninja Warrior class, or swimming as fast as he can at the beach, after everything he's been through, Princeton is fearless! Read more of his story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Meet Emily - one of our 2017 Ambassadors!

Diagnosed last April with childhood cancer, Emily is currently in treatment through a clinical trial but still keeps a sunny attitude!

She's always moving, doing & striving - taking standardized tests in the hospital and even serving on her high school's student council! Read more of her story here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Give a warm WELCOME to Emily, Benny, Princeton, Abby & Ike, our 2017 Ambassadors!

Every year, we select five Ambassadors to represent the thousands of kids affected by childhood cancer.

Read all about their journeys - they're an amazing group of kids: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Let 2017 be a year of giving back and doing something different!

Sign up to become a shavee or organize your own St. Baldrick's head-shaving event to help fund childhood cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We don’t collect hair donations, but volunteers are welcome to shave their heads at a 2017 St. Baldrick’s event & donate their hair to another organization.

It’s a great way to help two charities at once, and we'll show you how in five easy steps!

Donate Your Hair in 5 Easy Steps | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research