Why should you make a donation to childhood cancer research?

Here are 10 REALLY good reasons why your donation matters!

Your Donation to a Shavee Matters, and Here's Why | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

In 2013, Honored Kid Jillian was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, just after her 3rd birthday.

She's currently two years cancer-free and her mom Amber says, "Her fighting spirit helped her overcome a poor prognosis."

Jillian loves to sing, dance and use her vivid imagination! Help kids like her take their childhood back from cancer. Donate here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Together, we can take childhood back from cancer with a simple act of kindness.

Help change the world for kids like Chase - make a donation to fund lifesaving childhood cancer research, wherever it takes place: [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're less than a month away from St. Patrick's Day - also known as the day of our first head-shaving event 17 years ago!

Find an event near you & join in on the fun: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Don't see one near your town? Start your own head-shaving event: [ Bit.ly Link ]
It’s no secret — here at St. Baldrick’s, we adore all of our amazing volunteers and everything they do to help fund childhood cancer research!

And we’re not the only ones who feel that way! Hear why our Honored Kids & Families love St. Baldrick's shavees :)

Why Our Honored Families Love St. Baldrick's Shavees | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

It's Fun Fact Friday with our St. Baldrick's 2017 Ambassador, Princeton :)

He's a budding artist who loves music, drawing and being outdoors. He's also in remission from childhood cancer!

Let's give kids like Princeton a chance to be creative - make a donation to fund kids' cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Did you know Twitter is a great tool to raise awareness & money for kids' with cancer?

Here 5 tips from the pros on how to use Twitter to raise money for childhood cancer research!

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Your Fundraising | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

THAT WAS FAST! We just hit $5 MILLION raised for childhood cancer research so far this year!

Honored Kid Ella is helping us celebrate & and wanted to say thank YOU for helping kids, like her, with cancer.

Get involved and help us find cures: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Make 2017 one for the record books!

Sign up to #RockTheBald & raise money for childhood cancer research: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Say hello to our first Advocate of the Month: Wendy Baskins, who never backs down from a fight — just like her son, Stephen, who battled cancer three times.

Read their story and how you can join Wendy in fighting for all families facing childhood cancer!

February's Advocate of the Month: Wendy Baskins | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

Make a difference in someone's day while helping kids with cancer. Find a shavee (maybe someone you don't even know!) and donate to their fundraising page.

Post about your act of kindness and tag someone to pass it on :) [ Bit.ly Link ]
Honored Kid Leon is an easy going kid and a tough cookie, all at the same time.

He's fought childhood cancer not just once, but twice -- this time Leon and his family hope it's gone for good.

See how Dr. Daniel Lee, an investigator with the Stand Up to Cancer - St. Baldrick's Dream Team is helping take Leon's childhood back from cancer.

The Kid With Superhero Cells: Leon's Immunotherapy Story | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

New drugs are being tested for patients who relapse or fail to respond to treatment for Ph+ALL, a rare type of leukemia in children.

Learn the symptoms, treatment options, and how your support is moving clinical trials forward to help kids with this type of childhood cancer.

Types of Childhood Cancer: Philadelphia Chromosome Positive ALL | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

Two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner is headed to the North Pole & raising money for kids’ cancer research along the way! Oh, and did we mention that he’s doing this all with one functioning lung?!

Make a donation of $5 or more in honor or in memory of a child fighting cancer and their name will be added to the flag that Sean will fly at the North Pole!

Donate to his fundraiser by March 15...
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Since 2006, Reed has raised over $125,000 and counting for childhood cancer research!
See why he's rocked the bald for 11 years & find out how YOU can get involved: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Now is the time to #RockTheBald!

Sign up to be a St. Baldrick's shavee and help raise money for kids' cancer research while rockin' a new do! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Every two minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Childhood should be fun and worry free. But for kids with cancer, it’s not. Donate to St. Baldrick’s and let’s take childhood back from cancer: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“People told me, ‘oh don't do it your hair is so pretty.’ But this is my second shave and my pretty hair has been, in total, worth $6,750 to support kids going through something I do not think I'd have the strength to go through.”

Ashley J. was inspired to shave her head by her niece Lorna, a friend’s daughter and Honored Kid Hazel - all who have battled childhood cancer.

She's SO close to...
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Looking for a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day AND make a difference for kids with cancer?

Here are 5 really good reasons YOU should go bald with St. Baldrick's!

5 Reasons to Shave Your Head on St. Patrick's Day | St. Baldrick's Blog | Childhood Cancer Stories & Research

2017 Ambassador Benny recently spent his 100th night at the hospital and is working on his 6th round of chemo for medulloblastoma, a brain cancer.

He hopes to go home today. Benny could use some words of encouragement (or maybe a funny joke) to put a smile on his face during this tough time.

Leave something in the comments & we'll pass it along to him <3 Or donate to his fundraising page: [ Bit.ly Link ]