When Bryce was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, his parents were fearful for his future. But everything changed when Bryce was offered ongoing care at St. Jude. [ Bit.ly Link ]
When Jeziel’s doctors in Puerto Rico determined he had an immune system disease, they referred his family to St. Jude. Jeziel’s treatment included three stem cell transplants and chemotherapy. He’s finished with treatment and back home now. Jeziel is an active, outgoing boy who loves cars and trains.
"They’ve been taking care of us from day one. It’s such a relief," says Da'Maya's mom. Learn more about Da'Maya's St. Jude story. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Alex and Ty celebrated the end of treatment with Mythias at his No More Chemo party. All three teens have Hodgkin lymphoma, and supported one another during their treatment at St. Jude. “When one of us was down, the others would lift us up,” Alex said. “We encouraged each other, because we knew what we were going through.
When Danny Thomas was building St. Jude, the first integrated hospital in the South, he turned to renowned African American architect Paul Williams. Learn more about his impact on our lifesaving mission. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Architect of hope: Paul Williams

Mia began treatment at St. Jude almost 10 years ago. Now, she's a college student. Read her inspiring story: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy Valentine's Day from Khushi and all of the kids of St. Jude!
“Gavin always has a smile on his face,” says his mom. “No matter what’s going on, his smile is always there. His smile is what everyone knows him by.” Gavin loves baseball and his menagerie of dogs – two German Shepherds, a Jack Russell terrier and a weenie dog.
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Valentine's Day

What began with a first dance at the St. Jude Teen Formal led to a first dance as husband and wife. Learn more about Lauren and Chet's story. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Meet Lauren and Chet

Best Buy celebrated its partnership with St. Jude on Wednesday with a Virtual Reality Experience for our patients (and a check for $18.2 million). Thank you for your support of the kids of St. Jude!
Thanks for supporting the kids of St. Jude!
When St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital opened its doors on Feb. 4, 1962, it was the first fully integrated children’s hospital in the South. Learn more about St. Jude and its history in the civil rights era. [ Bit.ly Link ]

St. Jude in the Civil Rights Era

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Finley, who lives in Canada, practices parkour and likes to ride his bike. "We love coming to St. Jude," said his mom. "Finley enjoys spending time here, and we love that we're seeing doctors who specialize in his tumor type."
Sisters Kaitlyn and Khirsten have come to the hospital for treatment of sickle cell disease since they were born. See how their father is using his knowledge as a St. Jude parent to help make the hospital even more friendly to families who turn to St. Jude for care. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Expanding patient care

On this day in 1962, founder Danny Thomas officially opened St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with the unveiling of the statue of St. Jude Thaddeus. Explore our history: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Valentine's Day

Let’s end childhood cancer. Together. Registration for the 2017 St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer is now open! Sign up today, and support the kids of St. Jude. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Take a peek behind the scenes and explore the colorful new inpatient floors at St. Jude!

Explore New Inpatient Floors at St. Jude