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Thinking about cruising through California this summer? ☀Make sure you tick off these 21 MUST sees along the way. ✅ Visit The USA [ Link ]

21 must-see stops along the West Coast of USA
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There’s an incredible chain of tropical islands in the Pacific that is sprinkled with pink, white and black sand beaches.

If you’ve not been before then that’s a shame, because, as the saying goes: It’s more fun in the Philippines.
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We’ve been following British band Skinny Living across a 10-day adventure, as they experience various aspects of Filipino life. It’s impossible not to envy the trip, and so we are giving you the chance to win your own ‘Philippine Experience’.

Enter : [ Link ]
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Monday mornings are better on holiday. ✌
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Ever want to chase a sun-drenched trail of coconut-strewn beaches, perfect waves and laughing locals? Of course you have! Take an island hopping tour and be blown away by the sheer beauty and diversity of the islands, and humbled by the kindness and generosity of locals.

There is nothing more amazing than the simplicity and barefoot joy of island life.

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For one night only, from dusk til' dawn, the city of Melbourne is transformed into a colourful carnival! Follow us on snapchat - STATravelglobal to see what's going on in this illuminated city tonight...

hihaihihai Melbourne, Australia
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When you’re sitting at work and daydreaming about a secret island paradise, tucked away from the world, you are probably picturing Palawan!

Its 1,200 miles of coastline is punctuated with rocky coves, deserted islets, and white-sand beaches. The capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa, is home to the mind-boggling Underground River.

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Friday feels.
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White beaches, crystal clear coral waters, colossal rice terraces, active volcanoes, and paddle boarding through lush green rainforest: welcome to the sparsely-populated region of Palawan.

We know why it’s more fun in the Philippines… [ Link ]
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Always take the scenic route. Visit The USA
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Some people need to be inspired to travel, others travel to be inspired.

Raw, unscripted and all-access, our new film series will show the beauty and honesty of the Philippines.

Look out for the first video tomorrow, and you could be in with a chance to win your very own trip!
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It's never too cold for an ice lolly. Especially when you're in Australia. ☀
We've never been any good at poems...
Turns out mother nature was also a bit of a romantic…

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When they give you that look.
City of the Sun are here to share with us some hidden gems in NYC Do you guys know anywhere good to go in the Big Apple ? We promise we won't tell.
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