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There's DEFINITELY more to Thailand than just beaches. Here's how to find a different type of paradise... [ Link ]

Thailand: Beyond Bangkok
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Today's to do list:
Fly to Canada from £445. ✅
Find Ryan Gosling. ✅
Tell him how you feel. ✅ [ Link ]
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Machu Picchu you look pretty cool. We like you. [ Link ]
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Wednesday feels.
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You'll make life long friends, eat amazing food and have the most toned legs. [ Link ]

7 things to expect when trekking the Inca Trail
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Never let your mind tell your heart not to wander.

Sierra Nevada Mountains
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Pack those bags and be prepared to call in sick to work, because you'll probably be heading to Canada tomorrow... [ Link ]

10 images of Canada that will make you want to book your flights immediately
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Travel, because it brings love back into your life.

Sydney, Australia
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When in doubt. Travel. ☀
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Lush palm trees, golden beaches and impressive temples... Asia is like nowhere else on the planet. ✨

Return flights to Asia from £399! | STA Travel
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Thailand just keeps on getting more beautiful. [ Link ]

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Couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of intimacy.

Patagonia, Chile
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How could you not want to work in a country as gorgeous as this? Canada Keep Exploring [ Link ]

Banff National Park, Canada
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☘ Happy St Patrick's Day! ☘

It’s time to get your bright green clothing out the back of your wardrobe, and start training your taste buds for copious amounts of Guinness.

10 most surprising places to celebrate St Paddy's | STA Travel
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Just look how beautiful Ireland is... Dalkey Island, Ireland
Earn, learn and see the world. Check out our AWESOME apprenticeship schemes for 2017. APPLY HERE: [ Link ]
If you're going to do farmwork, you might as well do it on a beautiful, tropical island. ☀ [ Link ]

4 places you didn't know you could do regional work in Oz
Relax on Thailand's white sandy beaches and explore the foodie culture of the north... what are you waiting for?

Return flights to Thailand from £299! | STA Travel
Thirsty? Check out these quirky cocktail bars, boozy pubs and sunny beer gardens dotted around Surfer's Paradise. [ Link ]

Surf's up, drink up: the best bars in Surfers Paradise