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Real talk
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That Friday feeling!
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We're so happy we've made it to hump day we're jumping for joy!
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Please say we're not the only ones!
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Still think of hopping over to Europe but want to avoid the crowds? Check out our fave underrated places in Europe for some inspiration!

Top 10 underrated places in Europe! – STA Travel NZ Blog
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Where we'd rather be... What better way to finish off a day than with a spectacular sunset!
Warning: Severe wanderlust will hit you if you watch this video. How amazing does India look

Epic video from our friends at Tripper Society along with Polkadot Passport
ICYMI, we just dropped the hottest London price you've seen in decades, only $979 return! Now we're asking you to vote for the destination you'd love to see an insane flight deal to, and our magical flight deal fairies might just listen to you... Got another destination you'd like to see for cheap? Tell us in the comments!
To celebrate St Patrick's day here's our top 10 things we love about Ireland!

10 things we love about Ireland! – STA Travel NZ Blog
Advice anyone?
Ready for the deal of a lifetime? Fly RETURN to London from only $979, and nope, that's not a typo! Tag your London-bound buddies or if you're keen to snap up a seat, check out the deal here: [ Link ]
What wouldn't we do to be lounging on a beach in the Philippines. It doesn't get much better than spending your days island hopping, diving, and sunbathing!
Hands up if you're always at the airport extra early because you're too excited to be doing anything else
The best kind of relationship TBH...
Does it get any better than this?
Real diagnosis
Sometimes you don't have to go all the way overseas for an adventure. Check out what our mates at Tripper Society got up to up in the stunning Bay of Islands...
Be ready to brave the bitter cold if you want to head to Lake Baikal. Russia's deepest and oldest lake of all lakes is worth it though!
Happy International Women's Day to all our global gal pals! Tag your badass BFFs to let them know you love them <3 #internationalwomensday