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There's an epidemic of passports being used in incorrect ways!
Remember... trips and adventures make them happy!
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This video features a purple space dog...
AND great tips on why our Travel CashFLEX Visa Card is the perfect accessory for your next trip

For more info click this magical link [ Link ]
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Where do you want to learn more about?
Let us know by clicking on the emoji of the destination you'd like us to dedicate next week to.
❤ = South Africa = Nepal = Vietnam
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Want to know more about Croatia?

TOP CROATIA TIPS, including:⭐Packing ⭐Budgeting ⭐Food ⭐Drink ⭐Getting around ⭐Activities [ Link ]

Croatia Cheat Sheet ????????
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Croatia is basically the European version of that person at school you were slightly jealous of...
Hot, good-looking, fun and everyone wants to date them! [ Link ]

10 Reasons Why It’s Time You Went To Croatia
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Add 'seeing my favourite band play live in a new country’ to your bucket list! Who knows where the music could take you...
[ Link ]

It Started With… A Gig: Travelling The World With Mumford & Sons
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New Zealand! Views so good that Mother Nature thought "Maybe I'll put an epic rock chair here so people can admire my work!"

See it for yourself: [ Link ]
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Passport control be like...

To be honest, I'd be exactly the same if I had to watch excited people going travelling all day everyday!
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Thanks to YOUR votes, we'll be featuring Croatia next week!
Great choice
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Goooood times ahead! ✈ Who are you excited to have 2017 adventures with?
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A wise man once said... 'Adventure starts at the end of your comfort zone'
[ Link ]

Why you should break out of your comfort zone NOW
Take a seat... Have a good old travel chat...
Snap up a mega in-store deal... WINNING!
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The Top 5 Reasons to book in store
Psst, get all the must-have info on Canada here:

'Canada Cheat Sheet' [ Link ]

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A $99 lay-by is a very wise move. But why, you ask...
[ Link ]

6 Reasons why you should LAY (BY) with us!
When you refuse to admit that you may have taken a slight wrong turn
A serious dose of eye-candy
Courtesy of Canada [ Link ]

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12 reasons NOT to go to Canada!
Road trips with awful scenery AND it's such a stressful place to live. Click to see the other 10 reasons - [ Link ]

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Where do you want to learn more about?
Let us know by choosing the emoji of the destination you'd like us to dedicate next week to.
❤ = Antarctica = Japan = Croatia
⚠ Dream job alert!
Love travel? Have experience leading teams? Fancy working with great people AND recieving amazing travel perks and opportunities?

We are recruiting for a District Manager - Queensland.
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Mum: Why do you want to travel so much?
You: Is that a real question, Mum?!

The 'REAL benefits of travelling' [ Link ]

The REAL benefits of travelling