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A gallery worthy of your viewing time, featuring shots from Brian Bielmann Photography and the talented winner of our #stabfullframe x O'Neill competition, @sa_rips. Right here:

Five Days On The North Shore With Brian Bielmann
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Wedge season is upon us! Celebrate with a throwback to this time last year with Rob Machado, Kalani Robb and co, here:

One Morning At The Wedge With Rob Machado, Kalani Robb And More
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On Wednesday, after botching this air, Italo Ferreira was carried off the beach. He'll be sidelined for the upcoming World Surf League events. More here:

Italo Ferreira Is Reportedly Out For The Remainder Of The Australian Leg
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Coastal regions of Peru have been ravaged by a severe weather event, and a case for a different origin of surfing, here:

El Niño Destroys The Birthplace of Surfing
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After four years and historic strides, Peter Mel has stepped down from his role as World Surf League BWT commissioner. Dive in:

Pete Mel Departs From The Big Wave Tour Commissioner Position
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Forget what you heard about asymmetrical surfcraft and allow Bryce Young to torch your mind in this clip from Jack Coleman:

Bryce Young’s Lopsided Display
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“It’s such a cool memory for me to have all these trips I’ve done with him and then be able to catalogue it into something physical." Print (other than our own) that Stab digs:

Paradise Is A Curated Library
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Facts you didn't know about the most recognisable voice on the WSL payroll. Joe Turpel Vs Mark Occhilupo, right here:

Owen’s Comeback, Overcoming Shark Phobia And The Weirdest Stat In Surfing
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You know the favourites and the underdogs, is gambling on the World Surf League a road to affluence? Find out, here:

Can You Get Rich Off Surf Betting?
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Jordy Smith just released his first full-length film since 2013; we highly recommend you come in here:

Watch: Jordy Smith In "Just Now"
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"Wave number two of the morning and my day was made." - Brett Barley. (Vid: @jeffrey.oneil)
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With words from Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, this will be an unmissable look into one of surfing's heaviest stories. Here's the preview with Owen Wright and Tyler Wright:

Owen And Tyler Wright Will Tell Their Story
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A tuck and a spin worthy of comparison with the best we've seen. Watch it here:

Brett Barley's Submission To The Jordy, Kolohe Combo Club
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Stab and Summer Bright Lager's guide to the Sunshine Coast. Where to get coffee, where to surf, where to jump off, who to watch out for in the lineup, where to dine, where to enjoy some post-surf suds, and more with Harry Bryant, Mitch Coleborn & Kai Hing.
Jordy Smith's got a 19-minute sizzler set to drop tomorrow, a preview here:

Coming Soon: Jordy Smith In "Just Now"
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The radiant diet behind six-time world champ Stephanie Gilmore. Light, fresh and full of life!

What A Six-Time World Champion Eats In A Day
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BREAKING: The below D'Bah aerial just disabled one of Stab's favourite Brazilians, Italo Ferreira. More, here:

Italo Ferreira Just Injured Himself On The Gold Coast
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"Stephanie Gilmore is adorable and highly approachable. Even when there’s a room full of people celebrating her win. Just don’t talk about work, uh, I mean surfing."

A (Single) Rookie Journalist’s Guide To Surviving The Snapper Bender
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Mickey Mouse lifejackets, the 'Rat Pack' and thrilling wave riding with Luke Davis. Watch here:

What's Pushing Luke Davis?
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Whether you dig twin fins, single fins, bonzers, thrusters, longboards, or just grabbing a burger and a beer with pals, April 9 is your date and Avalon is your venue: // Board Collector Surf Swap

There’s No Such Thing As Surfboard-Buyer’s Regret