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ozzie wright, Anthony Lister, skate demos, trivia, beer, bands and big vibes in Manly. More from Volcom, here:

A Lot Of Good Things Happen In Pubs
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Pink hoodies, Craig Anderson and the Former shopping experience, right here:

Dane Reynolds And Craig Anderson's Former Is Alive
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After another fatal shark attack on Reunion Island, Kelly Slater urged the French Gov for a daily shark cull. The exclusive interview on his reasoning here:

Kelly Slater Elaborates On His Call For A "Serious Shark Cull" On Reunion Island
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When you see a grom showing a full set of claws like this, credit is due. // Hurley

Bronson Meidy Frees All Three, Today At Duranbah
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Is there anyone who tackles the Queen of The Coast’s crowd better (heelside) than Bobby Martinez?

One Minute With Bobby Martinez, Yesterday At Rincon
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Miss Erickson, Malia Murphey... sure, why not. Here's the shoot:

We'll Take Any Excuse To Run A Sage Erickson, Malia Murphey Gallery
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"Things escalated fast," said Nic von Rupp of Dane Reynolds' detainment. Here's the back story you've been waiting for:

Dane Reynolds Released From Custody In Portugal (And How It Happened)
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Here's how a 15 year-old Belgian-Costa Rican (@deanvanderwalle) attacked an oncoming opportunity yesterday morning on the north coast of NSW. Vid: Layne Stratton // Hurley
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For us, paradise is boardshorts, blue water a hollow peak and a wet rail. Here Michael Dunphy finds it:

Michael Dunphy Found Paradise Three Times
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Dane Reynolds is currently being held in custody in Lisbon. More, here:

Dane Reynolds Is In Jail In Portugal
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Blue-hued entertainment. Slide in with Griffin Colapinto and Seth Moniz, right here:

Not-So-Breezy On The North Shore
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After Mick Fanning and Rip Curl dropped the right that shook the internet claims were made that Kepa Acero had already found it. Today, he debunked such claim.

The Location Of Mick Fanning's Wave Debunked By Kepa Acero
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After the shark warning signs were reportedly "sawed off" at Saint-Andre Beach, Reunion Island, another wave rider has been killed by a shark. The story, here:

Another Fatal Shark Attack In Reunion Island
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Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson and Chippa Wilson gave seven off-the-rack small wave surfboards a test drive for SurfStitch. Turns out Chilli Surfboards' Churro was the fave. Watch them in action, here:
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"There are plenty of people trying new things, but the most inventive stuff seems to be aimed at boards built to for the scoliosis crew. That’s counter-intuitive – you can draw a boring line on anything."

Review: Superbrand’s Fling Changed The Way I View Surfing
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Whatever else was going on behind the scenes will remain a secret for the time being and is largely irrelevant anyway, because the core ingredients of a world class surfer were on show for all to see today:

Here's How Owen Wright's First Heat Back Unfolded:
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Watch now surf later, or surf now and watch later–either way, we recommend this one:

Watch: We Like Seabass Better Without A Jersey
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14 year-old Eli arrived in Oz yesterday on his first visit down under and didn’t waste any time getting busy out of the Cabarita bowl. // Hurley

Eli Hanneman Lofts On His Maiden Australian Voyage
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Due to a heated incident last season Gabriel Medina's notorious stepfather/coach has been suspended from the competitor's area by the World Surf League. More, here:

Gabriel Medina’s Stepfather Charlie Has Been Suspended By The WSL
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#offthewall is Vans' long-running homage to the ineffable fruits of surf. Their latest film piece celebrates the vast variety of our ever-growing global family – including their very eclectic surf squad (Nathan Fletcher, the Gudauskas bros, Alex Knost, and plenty more). Watch here:

This Is Off The Wall