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Stacey Solomon
12/07/2016 at 16:31. Facebook
Goodbye #Oz touchdown in the UK what a fantastic fun experience! I've had the time of my life and worked with the best people! Off to see my babies now who I've missed dearly!! Then straight to panto @ Milton Keynes tomorrow! Wahoo!!!!!!!!! #ImACeleb #2016
Stacey Solomon
12/06/2016 at 05:06. Facebook
Photo booth fun with turpymcturpyson! #WrapParty #ExtraCamp #ImACeleb
Stacey Solomon
12/06/2016 at 03:43. Facebook
WRAP PAAARRRTTYYYY! I'm a very happy lady at this point #ExtraCamp #ImaCeleb @benrhardy
Stacey Solomon
12/04/2016 at 05:50. Facebook
SURF CLUB!! Oh yeah! PARTY WAVE!! So much fun had to squeeze a surf in! When in Oz... #ExtraCamp #GirlTime #Surf #Wave #lucky ‍♀‍♀‍♀‍♀‍♀ xxxx
Stacey Solomon
12/04/2016 at 00:04. Facebook
CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!! Hahaha well of Main Camp vs Extra Camp anyway haha! What a laugh so so so so so much fun! #ImACeleb #ExtraCamp #luckiestGirlEver
What an AMAZING SHOW! So much fun and I got to hug Larry lamb what a legend! #ExtraCamp #ImACeleb outfit= dress @asos belt and shoes @newlookfashion
#ExtraCamp only 3 days to go xxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is Ruth, the hand who hands me the tie breaker and generally gives the games to the #extraCamp show their life. This is a tribute to you u Ruth, hands of an angel bed of a sand monster, #AllYouNeedIsDryShampoo
Long hair don't care feeling like #shakira yesterday #extraCamp #ImaCeleb @itv2 @imacelebitv
Those who bush tucker trial together.... #imaceleb #ExtraCamp @imacelebitv @itv2
Showtime!!!!!!! Love having so much fun at work i feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! #junglelife #ExtraCamp #imaceleb @itv2
The perks of the job! I LOVE BABY GOATS how can anyone be afraid of baby goats!! Sooooo cute!! @imacelebitv @itv2 @itv #ExtraCamp
Had so much fun filming some BTS for you all for Tonight's show!! It's going to be a gooden! What a fantastic trial!! You'll love it!! love my crew #BTS #EXTRACAMP @imacelebitv @itv2
#SquadGoals BTS @itv2 #ExtraCamp #ILoveMyJob #ImLucky #Oz @imacelebitv
Kiosk Keith's disco was going off last night! what a blast! I love it! @imacelebitv @itv @itv2 #ExtraCamp
I love a bit of casual jungle get up! What a fun show! My favourite was the #JunglyKyleShow and lovely seeing @jorgieporter bye @mattrichardson3 lovely having you! See you in the morning
#Dannybaker nighty night #imaceleb #ExtraCamp @imacelebitv @itv2
The best picture my boyfriend could take of me today! he's a talented man but photography isn't his thing! Great show so much fun! Ive never shimmy'd so much in my life! Gonna need to purchase a more supportive bra I think @imacelebitv @itv @itv2 #extraCamp #oz
Jungle fffrriiieeennddd hahahaha loved tonight's @imacelebitv and then #ExtraCamp wooohoooo loved speaking to @lindarobson58 missing you and all the loose ladies (and men) but having the absolute time of my life!