Penny traveled from Taipei to Stafford House Chicago and shared her experience with us! Read her blog to learn more about the Career Preparation Activity.

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Improving My English at an American Workplace
Congratulations Elise!
Another good English expression from London
Thanks for the kind words Deva and congratulations on your success!
Great Valentine's students in Canterbury!
Four levels and the Career Preparation Activity? You are the inspiring one Shusaku! Keep up the hard work!
Congratulations Eunwoo! Passing IELTS is a great accomplishment.
Did you know this expression before studying in the UK?
Good tips on practicing your English while watching TV - thanks Sandra!
Welcome home to a Chicago host family! We love that our host families in all our cities welcome in students from different cultures every day and provide an amazing experience for them.
Great expression from London today. We should all 'pull our socks up' this month!
A good English expression from San Diego!
Beautiful images from one of San Francisco's most vibrant neighborhoods.
Learning has lots of methods - thanks for sharing Marta
We love when our students tell us about their positive experiences at Stafford House! See what one of our Canterbury students has to say.

Student Experience - Helia, South Korea

We love our teachers at Stafford House but is even nicer to hear this from the students.

Stafford House Student Insight - Teachers

We love when our students practice their English and share their experiences for our blog. Thank you Iris in Canterbury! In their own words: Studying in Canterbury [ Link ]

In their own words: Studying in Canterbury
University Fair in Boston. A great way to kick off the weekend is to meet with local universities and find out about programs for international students.
Another good expression from London teachers - have you ever been 'under the weather?'