03/25/2017 at 18:58. Facebook
I just uploaded episode 500! It's crazy when you think about how long I have been doing videos in the same world. I really hope you enjoy the video.

[ Link ]

Minecraft Xbox - Memories [500]

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have b...

03/24/2017 at 23:32. Facebook
This years Christmas special in my lovely world is online now. This year we leave the surface of my world and head into space!

I hope you enjoy the video and have a very merry Christmas.

[ Link ]
Lauren just shared with me her 13th birthday cake. She wanted a youtuber birthday cake since she was 10! The characters look amazing! I wouldn't want to eat it.

I hope you had a great birthday Lauren.
Sorry for not being very active on here recently. I have been away for the last week in Sweden. I took part in a live stream to raise money for the block by block charity.

You can check out my travels in this vlog - [ Link ]

More info on block by block - [ Link ]

Blockjam Charity Event - Snowstorm In Stockholm! - Vlog

Welcome to a another vlog. In this video I show our trip to Stockholm in Sweden to host the humble bundle block jam charity live stream. Watch VOD of the liv...

Today I reached 8 million subscribers on my channel. I have never focused on subscriber numbers while doing youtube but on these landmarks I always force myself to step back and look at what I am doing and think about how I could improve. I must say that at the moment I am really happy with how everything seems to be going. I always take an extra moment to appreciate everyone that has helped...
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Build My Life - 8 Million Subscribers Special

To celebrate reaching 8 million subscribers on my channel I decided to make a build my life video. I take a trip starting from my childhood and leading up to...

Today we uploaded a special Halloween themed Wonder Quest video. It is another special video that you can watch in 360 degrees. I recommend watching on your phone, it's really cool.

[ Link ]

Wonder Quest 360 Video - Scary Story

Wonder Quest is Back! New episodes premiere every Saturday! Subscribe! In this special 360 degree episode, Stampy celebrates Halloween w...

It was Jameson's birthday and look at the cake he got. It's a mix of Sqaishey, Squid and me. I wonder which section tasted better. It's also great to see him with my book and t-shirt.

I hope you had a great birthday Jameson.
Today was the grand final of the grass race in Cave Den. We started Months ago and it all let up to today. I won't spoil who won but it was really exciting. The winner will become the king/queen of cave den.

You can see the video here - [ Link ]

Minecraft Xbox - Cave Den - Grass Race Final (104)

Welcome to Cave Den. In this series Sqaishey and I live in a giant cave while having fun, building and completing quests. Sqaishey's channel - https://www.yo...

The other day I had my first attempt flying with the Elytra in Minecraft. It terns out that cats are best on the ground rather than in the sky. I was far from graceful.

Chew Zi Yue drew me this beautiful picture of me with my wings. I love the water colour art style. Thank you Chew Zi Yue.

Here is the video - [ Link ]
I uploaded a new Stampy Short today. This one is about what bed bugs think when we say "don't let the bed bugs bite". Small spoiler, some of them don't like it! People seem to be really enjoying it.

You can watch it here if you are interested - [ Link ]
I am really happy to announce that I have a new plushie coming out. It only become available to per-order today and will be shipped next Month. There is only a limited amount being made though.

For the next 20 hours if you use this coupon you get free shipping - FREESHIPPLUSH

There is also an extra discount if you get a Sqaishey plushie too!

You can check them out here - [ Link ]
It's been another packed Wonder Quest weekend. The main episode featured the one and only Dan TDM. I Wonder saw Flunky and Lackey traveling the world. The Side Quest had Wizard Keen, Sqaishey and me flying through the sky and I even uploaded a funny little outtake on my second channel.

You can watch it all below.
Wonder Quest - [ Link ]
I Wonder - [ Link ]
Side Quest - [...
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I Wonder - Season 2 Ep 8 - Postcards from Flunky & Lackey - WONDER QUEST
It's Minecon time once again! I will be leaving soon to travel to America so I can attend Minecon 2016. If you are going to be there then I will see you there! Much more likely however, you are not going. Don't worry though. All of my videos will continue as normal and you can watch everything that is happening on the live stream.

Here is the schedule - [ Link ]

I will be on...
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I was just sent this picture of Jed with his new blanket. I have no idea how it was made bu it looks great. It has a giant iBallistic Squid and Stampy. They are about the same size as Jed himself!

Thank you for sending me the picture Jed.
In today's Lovely World video I added Tiffany Simpson to the love garden to say thank you for all of the drawings she sends to me. I know lots of you have loved her artwork on here too. Here is a new one she sent me today. Thank you Tiffany.

Tonight's video - [ Link ]
I started my brand new series today. It's called the 20 Block Challenge. I need to get the platinum trophy on the Playstation 4 version while only placing down 20 blocks. It will be a tough. I didn't get off to the best start either...

[ Link ]

Minecraft PS4 - 20 Block Challenge (1)
I am back from my trip to America. I had a great time there. Sorry I wasn't able to post at all on my page while I was away. I did however vlog my days at Minecon. See everything I got up to below.

Day 1 - [ Link ]
Day 2 -[ Link ]

Minecon 2016 - Vlog - Part 1
I uploaded a new Stampy short today. This one is very different to my other ones. It's a story about two fairies that meet each other in a magical world. The story is almost hidden so people are coming up with their own ideas about what happened in the film. I would love to hear what you think the plot was.

[ Link ]

Stampy Short - Not Alone