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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective vs Jurassic Park III by Pixelfaker
Mulder finds a new pet!

The X-Files vs Aliens by Nicole Stone / NikktheHuman
Join us LIVE with FX mechanic Jim Kundig --> bit.ly/NeckMechFB

You will learn how to build the parts for your animatronic creations, such as necks, torsos and more! This Saturday! March 25th, 9AM - 1PM (PDT).
They are gonna fight, or just be friends?

Image: fantastic artwork by DJ Bekas: bekas.artstation.com
Tim Burton's movies has so many great makeups and this is one of them!

The entire transformation of actor Danny DeVito as the iconic Penguin in BATMAN RETURNS (1992) by makeup artist Ve Neill, applying prosthetic appliances, designed and produced by Stan Winston Studio.
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3-Axis Robotic Mechanisms: Necks, Torsos & More.

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How to Build an Animatronic Head Part 4 ➤ bit.ly/AnimatronicHead4FB

New On-Demand release with master creature effects mechanic Craig Caton-Largent (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Predator 2).

Image: Leonardo, the Artificial Intelligence robot was created in a collaboration between Stan Winston Studio and MIT.
"Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are." - Private Vasquez

Aliens poster by Kilian Eng
This is an awesome drawing! Power of the pencil!

Image: Wolverine by Vince Low.

#XMen #Logan #HughJackman #Marvel #Superhero
Jordu Schell, one of the top artisans in Hollywood's creature FX industry shares his secret sculpting techniques --> bit.ly/characmaqfb

You'll learn from a real master of the craft in this sculpting class about how to sculpt character maquettes in clay like a pro. Don't miss it!
You can learn how to make DINOSAURS from your home!

With the Masters of Special Effects -->

Pictured: key dino artist Joey Orosco sculpts the full-scale Triceratops for JURASSIC PARK (1993) at Stan Winston Studio, art department.
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Image: Dark Souls Cosplay by Chad Marsh.
Badass Aliens fan art by Cesar Sampedro

"Dog Alien" from Alien 3 by Yaron Granot Art
The man that brings iconic characters & creatures to life!

Image: Stan Winston by Mark P Tavares.

#StanWinstonStudio #SWS #Illustration #Artwork
3-Axis Robotic Mechanisms: Necks, Torsos & more --> bit.ly/NeckMechFB

Join us Online for 2-Day Live webcourse in the world of animatronics with master mechanical designer Jim Kundig (PACIFIC RIM, VIRUS, ID4).
We must report with great sadness the passing of legendary artist and renowned illustrator Bernie Wrightson at age of 68. You will be missed!

You’re one ugly mother…

Incredible Predator Drawing by The Art of Christopher Lovell
The Boss

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