Predator cameo in Alien: Covenant!

Photoshopped by ‎Jack Louis Henkel‎
Predator cameo in Alien Covenant 

Photoshopped by Jack Louis Henkel
Samantha Jane Newson
Sloane Krieger
Johanna Reyes R
Once a fave cartoon, now a horrible nightmare!

#AVP #Alien #Predator #Beavis #Butthead #MTV #MikeJudge
Once a fave cartoon now a horrible nightmare
Cody Allen
Dennis Broszinski
David Kelly
Fabrication is important part of character and creature creation process!

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Pictured: lead special effects technician Joe Reader at work, fitting the skin to one of the animatronic lion puppets, created by Stan Winston Studio for the movie THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS from 1996.
Fabrication is important part of character and creature creation process
Chris Lowey
Camilo Calderon
Mark Clay
Miroslav Kizák
We need more teeth! (and more practical dinosaurs)

Art by Samir M Barrett
We need more teeth and more practical dinosaurs
Luke Starkiller
James Holt
Rui Amaral
New On-Demand Webcourse! How to Fabricate a Monster Suit (Part 4) - Completing Mechanisms & Assembling Components.


The "Kaiju" saga continues! Learn how to build foam creature costumes with two of Hollywood's masters of monster fabrication, Bill Bryan & Ted Haines.
ミラー マリー ジェニファー
Thiyagu Govindan
Famous Hollywood Sneakers. Can YOU name them ALL?

Art by Sons of Wolves.
Famous Hollywood Sneakers Can YOU name them ALL
Nelson Muntz
Alexan Der Di Egas
Nick Gisburne
Destruction has a name!

Image: GODZILLA by Joe Galvan:
Destruction has a name

Image GODZILLA by Joe Galvan josegalvandeviantartcom
Ramon Guerrero
Lizandro Mondoñedo
Ross Wade
Just like a modern day Frankentein, bringing monsters to life!

Pictured: master monster maker Matt Rose paints Gillman at Stan Winston Studio. See more exclusive behind the scenes -->
Just like a modern day Frankentein bringing monsters to life
This is genial! A low budget PREDATOR costume.

Thanks to Luiz Doleron for sharing it!
This is genial A low budget PREDATOR costume
Ed Dyer
Brian Knapp
Marián Ferenc
Fantastic Alien: Covenant inspired PS4 controller!
Francis Gray
Tamás Babinszky
Artur Kulczycki
After a successful exam, we have a new Clever Girl!

Shared by BuzzFeed
After a successful exam we have a new Clever Girl
Stephanie Michelle Cantrell
Thom Smith
Trevor Allan
It's inking time!

Image: bad-ass Predator tattoo by Heiko Uhlmann

Shared by Ramona Bühler. Did you have one? Please share with us!
Its inking time Image badass Predator tattoo by Heiko Uhlmann Shared by
Dustin Hodges
Roy Batty
Michael Spinks
Giant Monster Fabrication: Part 3 -->

Learn how to create a foam creature costume, including building the head mechanisms and finalizing the secondary body forms with master special effects fabricators, Ted Haines (BLADE 2) and Bill Bryan (DUNE).
Giant Monster Fabrication: Part 3 bitlyMonsterSuit3FB
Matt Arcedera
Chris J. Cook
Doug Lynn
Leon Harris
Ryan M. Campbell
Miroslav Micic
Felipe Lizano Carhuapoma
Oli Garch
Robert Parker Gadsbey-Raccoon
Carrie Fisher (Leia) and Mark Hamill (Luke), with whom she first worked four decades ago.

Photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.
Carrie Fisher Leia and Mark Hamill Luke with whom she first worked four decades ago
Stan Winston School of Character Arts
David Villeneuve
David Jewiss
That dreadful bounty hunter!

Image: Boba Fett by BBarends Illustration
That dreadful bounty hunter

Image Boba Fett by BBarends Illustration
Daniel Phelan
Matthew Clay
Tim Kingsley
This is so hilarious!

#JurassicPark #TRex #Dinosaur #Dinomania
This is so hilarious

JurassicPark TRex Dinosaur Dinomania
Rui Caleia
Anand Thomas
Michael Kizakian