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It looks hungry! What do you think?

Image: fantastic goblin bust by artist Aris Kolokontes.

See more: boularis.deviantart.com
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The basics of creature costumes with master fabricators in creature effects industry, Amy Whetsel (ZATHURA, THE MUPPETS) and Dawn Dininger (PACIFIC RIM, AVP: Alien Vs. Predator). This is the perfect webcourse for any cosplayer or aspiring monster maker. Don't miss it!
Just take some clay and start to sculpt a monster.

Pictured: master creature effects artist and our teacher, Casey Love at work on a vampire creature body for the movie PRIEST (2011) at Knb Efx.
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Charlie Chaplin (Official) vs Pulp Fiction
Check out our latest Forum Artist Spotlight: bit.ly/JasNelFasFB

Jason Nelson and his Terminator Predator Mask!
Same kind of moon. Same kind of jungle.

Image: Predator by Sean Sweeney: sweens07.deviantart.com
CHARACTER DESIGN: Digital to Practical --> bit.ly/digitopracfb

How to design CREATURES with top FX artist CASEY LOVE (AVP: R, Predators, The Thing), from design in Photoshop and sculpting the maquette in clay to achieving professional quality results.
The Art of Making Teeth, Eyes & Nails: bit.ly/EyesTeethNailsFB

How to add realism to your creature creations working with various materials and using a wide range of different techniques.

Pictured: master FX artist David Monzingo details the teeth of animatronic raptor puppet for Steven Spielberg's blockbuster THE LOST WORLD: Jurassic Park (1997) at Stan Winston Studio.
Every monster needs a killer costume, but where to start? Creature Costume Basics ➤ bit.ly/CreatureCostumesFBVD

NEW On-Demand Release with master FX fabricators Dawn Dininger (Wolverine, Tron: Legacy) & Amy Whetsel (Jurassic Park 3, The Edge).
Maybe you missed our Jurassic Park behind the scenes video from 2010. If yes, have fun!

***it's not your computer, there's no sound***
Check out this incredible timelapse video about the making of a beautiful outdoor garden dragon sculpture by Pal Tiya!
And in case you've been very, very bad during this year.

Image: fantastic artwork by Richard Sashigane.

#Christmas #Santa #Krampus #Demon #Monster #Horror #DigitalArt
You can bring fantasy creatures to life using old, but gold FX tricks!


#StopMotion #Animation #Puppets #Creature
It looks almost like Santa's workshop...

See more: bit.ly/jp1trex

#JurassicPark #TRex #StanWinstonStudio #PracticalEffects
One of the Alien stunt puppets created by Stan Winston Studio for Aliens.

Make your own Alien Suit with the help of our online webcourses. SUBSCRIBE. LEARN. CREATE ➤
You're lost in the mountains. This guy is closing in. What do you do?!

A) I will run like Forrest. B) Nothing. C) I will fight with it. D) Tell us in the comment area!

Image: The Old God of the Northern Mountains by Bjarke Pedersen - artstation.com/artist/bjarkepedersen
Remote Viewing ➤ bit.ly/remview

Jordu Schell, one of our SWSCA teachers, creature designer, makes his directorial debut in this Sci-Fi / Horror short film. Help him to make this awesome project and be a part of it!

Image: Sculpture by Jordu for Scary Movie 3.
Who wants one for a pet?

Image: Woola by Valentin Tyustin: walentart.artstation.com

#JohnCarter #Creature #Artwork
Visual Effects: Mirror Magic --> bit.ly/MirrMagicFB

Learn how to use trick photography to achieve optical illusions for your film projects with master of the craft, VFX expert and cameraman, Mark Sawicki (THE TERMINATOR, THE GATE, DAYLIGHT).