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American members of Congress and UN ambassadors who stood with Israel against the UN resolution denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount were treated to a private tour of the City of David this week.

US Senators Tour Jerusalem's City of David
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HAPPENING NOW: Reports of approximately a dozen injured in an incident outside UK parliament.

Join us in praying for all those wounded and on the scene.

UPDATE: The following has been confirmed:

-Scotland Yard is investigating “as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise”.
-A police officer has been stabbed and the alleged assailant shot by armed police
-Photographs have emerged of a...
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Healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables abound in Israel.

It’s no wonder there are so many vegans and vegetarians!
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Congratulations to the IDF Lions of the North battalion who intercepted a missile fired into Israel from Syria this week!

Join us in saying THANK YOU to these defenders of Israel, whose battalion is supported by The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews!
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Wow, what a beautiful sight of God's creation in the Holy Land! This is a daily scene in the ancient town of Caesarea, Israel.

Captured by Yael Eckstein :)
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The co-founder of the BDS movement against Israel is suspected of failing to report some $700,000 in income over the past decade.

BDS Founder Arrested in Israel for Tax Evasion
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“Eat this bread…so that as long as you live you will remember the day you departed from Egypt.” –Deuteronomy 16:3

Passover is a time that celebrates God’s faithfulness and redemption of the Jewish people. But due to poverty, illness, or other misfortunes, many cannot afford to celebrate this holiday that is so crucial to the Jewish people.

Be a blessing to God’s people this Passover by...
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Today, the United States stood with Israel by boycotting an entire UN discussion about Israeli human rights abuses.

Thank you for standing with Israel on the world stage!

US Boycotts UN Discussion on Israeli Human Rights Abuses
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An IDF battalion supported by The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews shot down the 200kg warhead anti-aircraft missile fired from Syria on Friday, in the first ever use of the Arrow air-defense system.

Thank you to these brave men and women!

IDF Battalion Adopted by Christians Shoots Down Syrian Missile
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Unfortunately, voices of hate, negativity, and opposition often become the loudest ones that we hear.

Let’s stand together and make our voices of love, truth, and compassion even louder!

Sign our statement of solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people, below. And don’t forget to SHARE this post with your friends and family!

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Fifteen years ago, Rabbi Eckstein saw first-hand the hopelessness in many of Israel’s impoverished regions.

This experience forever changed him, and led to the creation of Kupat Yedidut, a program which supports Israeli social workers to impact their communities.

Read Rabbi Eckstein’s life-changing story below!

Whoever Is Kind to the Poor
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Did you know this well-known Bible verse actually refers to Israel?
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Israel’s innovation culture led one American company to invest billions to make Israel the new center of the driverless car market.

“It’s not the money. The money is important. We want to change the world, change the face of cities.”

Intel to Create Thousands of Jobs Inside Israel
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Hamas may be putting on a moderate and pragmatic front to the Western world, but to its counterparts in the Middle East, these terrorists are clear in their intentions to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

The Real Hamas
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Passover is less than a month away!

Learn the importance of this important Holiday for the Jewish people that celebrates their Exodus from Egypt which led to the Jews inhabiting the land we call Israel today.

Download our Passover devotional guide, here: [ Link ]
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No matter what the weather is like around you, it can always be bright and sunny in your heart!

Just make sure you take a Shabbat!
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Cobblestones are appearing all over Europe with the name of someone murdered in the Holocaust in the areas where they used to live.

While these brass cobblestones might be inconspicuous, they remind us that those who perished in the Holocaust could have been our neighbors, people we interact with every day.

Why Jews’ Names Are Etched Onto Sidewalks Across Europe
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BREAKING: Early this morning Syria fired three missiles at Israeli aircrafts that were targeting weapons shipments being delivered to Hezbollah.

This is the most serious incident between the two countries since the outbreak of Syria's civil war six years ago.

IDF Arrow Defense System Intercepts Syrian Missile
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Share if you agree with Bibi!
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Rasmea Odeh, who is affiliated with the recent March 8 “A Day Without a Woman” campaign was also convicted of terrorism by the Israeli courts.

In this age of excess information and media spin, we must always decipher the truth for ourselves.

Truth in an Age of Lies