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It’s easy to have opinions about people you have never met and places you have never been.

Read how one American journalist spent a year in Israel and saw the truth for himself, not filtered through the lens of media.

One Year in Israel Changed His Perspective
Stand for Israel
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BREAKING: There has been another vile anti-Semitic act committed in the United States.

Sign our petition now to say that you stand with the Jewish community against these hateful crimes!

Sign here: [ Link ]

Headstones damaged at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
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Many in the Jewish community feel unsafe at the recent outburst of anti-Semitic crimes occurring all across our country.

Sign our Stand for Israel statement of solidarity with the Christian community today!

Stand for Israel
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Are you a Christian who stands with your Jewish brothers and sisters? We need your solidarity now, as Jewish institutions across America face many threats. Join Yael Eckstein to learn about it, and sign the 'Petition Against Hate' here: [ Link ]

Stand for Israel
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Israel will always be the place of refuge and safety for the persecuted Jewish people!
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Thanks to Christian donors from The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in partnership with other Jewish organizations, the city of Nice, France, is getting much-needed security upgrades for its Jewish community’s schools, recreation centers, and synagogues.

We must protect Jewish communities wherever they are in danger!

The Fellowship to Provide Security for Jews in Nice
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Once again, anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head. A Jewish cemetery was vandalized in St. Louis, and 54 Jewish Community Centers were evacuated due to bomb threats. Rabbi Eckstein urges us not to become desensitized to these “small” acts of hate; this cannot be our new normal.

You can take a small action today by signing our Stand for Israel statement of solidarity with the Jewish...
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Standing Up to Anti-Semitism
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Israeli innovators developed a revolutionary machine that helps doctors more accurately detect the presence of breast cancer in their patients, reducing the amount of surgeries needed to remove cancerous tissue.

Over 100 American hospitals are already using this life-saving tool!

Israeli Device Can Eliminate Need for Follow-Up Breast Cancer Surgery
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Life is always better with a couple of friends beside us.

Shabbat Shalom!
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Sign our petition now to say that you do not accept anti-Semitic threats and attacks in our country!

Sign here: [ Link ]
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Join Lt. Rom as he takes us on a tour of Hebron and shows us firsthand what the Israeli military does to protect its nation’s people.

An IDF Tour of Hebron
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“Modern day anti-Semites, unlike their forbearers, need to find excuses for their hatred, and anti-Zionism has become the excuse de jure.”

Don’t believe it when people blame Israel for terrorism and anti-Semitism.

Israel Does Not Cause Anti-Semitism
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Already this year, a Jewish cemetery was desecrated and 54 Jewish community centers have received bomb threats.

This is unacceptable for a nation that cherishes religious freedom and Judeo-Christian values.

Sign our petition below and declare with us that there is no place in America for this kind of hatred: [ Link ]
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Thank you, Mike Pence, for standing with the Jewish people!

The United States should not have to witness another anti-Semitic attack!

Pence: “There is no place in America for anti-Semitism."
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Ancient Hebrew carvings were just discovered in a synagogue dating back almost 1,800 years!

This new discovery gives strong evidence for Galilee’s ancient Jewish history.

Hebrew Carvings on Column Lend Weight to Galilee Village’s Jewish Past
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20-year-old Fanya wandered through the forests, the sole survivor of her family after Nazis liquidated her ghetto.

Eventually, she stumbled on the Konyuhks, a Baptist farming couple living in a remote village of Ukraine. The couple took Fanya in and would bring her to their Baptist congregation’s weekly meetings at their pastor’s home. Everyone in the congregation was blessed by her presence...
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'I Consider It an Honor to Save Jews'
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Ayatollah Khamenei offered his full support behind what he calls a “holy intifada” to destroy the “cancerous tumor,” Israel. He later claimed that no people throughout history have endured as much pain and suffering as the Palestinians.

Perhaps the Supreme Leader needs to brush up on his knowledge of history.

Ayatollah Backs 'Holy Intifada' to Destroy 'Cancer' Israel
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“We have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of its very ugly forms.”

Thank you, President Trump, for speaking out against the latest attacks and threats to the Jewish community!

Trump: 'Horrible' Anti-Semitism Must Stop
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Two rockets fired from the Sinai Peninsula landed in southern Israel yesterday morning. No civilians were harmed, and ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack.

While the media has been rightly focusing on recent anti-Semitic crimes throughout the US, let us not forget that Israel confronts hate and prejudice daily.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Latest Attack in Southern Israel
Stand for Israel
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Vandals desecrated over 170 gravestones in a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis, today.

People of all religions should feel safe in America. May the perpetrators be brought to justice soon.

"Horrific Act of Cowardice"