Stand Up To Cancer
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In the fight to end cancer every action and every dollar counts. Join us to help make an impact on the lives of cancer patients today. Visit .
Stand Up To Cancer
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Even the smallest actions can lead to the biggest breakthroughs for someone with cancer. Join the conversation and share an inspiring story of your own breakthrough moment using the hashtag #CancerBreakthrough.
Stand Up To Cancer
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See how SU2C is fighting HPV-related cancers with one of our research teams.
Stand Up To Cancer
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SU2C Dream Teams work hard to bring new treatments to patients to save lives now. Learn more at
Meet a SU2C scientist who is working with a team to match patients with the best therapy for their tumor.
When Sharon lost her mother to cancer, her entire world fell apart. When she hit rock bottom she knew she had two choices. She could let depression get the best of her, or she could choose to fight and rewrite her story with a greater purpose in mind.

Finding Purpose By Helping Others Fight Cancer
Right now, there are over 3,000 active clinical trials designed to investigate new or different ways to treat, diagnose or prevent cancer. You or a loved one’s decision to participate in a clinical trial could lead to a #cancerbreakthrough that could help save many lives, including your own.

Stand Up To Cancer — Be The Breakthrough
Our mission is simple. Learn how you can join us in the fight to end cancer as we know it at
Attention women: it's #cervicalcancer awareness month. Here are some things you should know.
In honor of Katie Couric's 60th birthday, take the pledge to get screened for cancer at! Rally Health just donated $60,000 to SU2C's upcoming colon cancer research for Katie’s special day, and now this SU2C supporter wants you to join in to stay on top of your health.
Meet a SU2C scientist who is pursuing a high-risk project that has the potential to strongly impact patient care.
Not all lung cancer patients who are eligible for tumor testing get their tissue tested. This can impact their treatment outcomes. Join the American Lung Association’s Thunderclap to spread the word. #TellaFriend

Tell a Friend: Tumor Testing
A #cancerbreakthrough can happen to anyone. Learn how you can take a big step in the fight against cancer and help make breakthroughs happen:
From all of us at #SU2C, thank you for all of your stories and support. Here’s to a new year filled with hope, promise, and strides in our fight against cancer.
It’s that simple: Your donation supports renowned scientists doing breakthrough research that saves lives. DONATE NOW BEFORE THE YEAR IS OVER:

Stand Up To Cancer
Support Survivor's Adam Klein in raising funds for SU2C lung cancer research in honor of his mom. Donate today. #LiveLikeSusie

Donate to SU2C in Honor of Susie Klein
Each diagnosis is one more life you can help to save. DONATE TODAY and help make more cancer patients into cancer survivors.

Donate at .
Your 2016 tax-deductible contribution will go directly towards cancer research that can move quickly from the lab to the clinic, where it will save patients’ lives. Donate now:

Stand Up To Cancer
At 11, Taylor was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a rare cancer that starts in the bones. “If it were not for the studies I had participated in,” she says, “I would not be here today, ten years later.” Donate to SU2C now and support the research that will save more lives like Taylor’s: .