Stand Up To Cancer
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"If Katie Couric can do it on TV, you can do it in private." - Actress Lin Tucci

Stand Up To Cancer
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Colon cancer is curable in 90% of cases when detected early, and with appropriate screening, often entirely preventable. #StandUp2ColonCancer and get screened now.
Stand Up To Cancer
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We are fighting #coloncancer with a team of scientists working to find new treatments for patients now. Learn more at
Stand Up To Cancer
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Exciting news! SU2C Dream Team leader becomes President-Elect of our scientific partner, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

SU2C Scientists In The News
Stand Up To Cancer
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Blogger and writer Matt Walsh is going to get screened for #coloncancer and thinks you should, too! Learn more about colon cancer screening at #StandUp2ColonCancer
How do cancer cells fight back? This #SU2C scientist and his team are trying to figure this out in order to create new therapies for ovarian cancer. Learn more about his work at
Accepting Research!America's award for national leadership, SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Phil Sharp mentioned our beloved Co-Founder, the late Laura Ziskin, and the management mantra she would often cite: “culture eats strategy for lunch.” Getting new treatments to the patients who so desperately need them quickly is the core of SU2C’s research culture, and we are profoundly...
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A colonoscopy, one of the recommended screenings for colorectal cancer, can actually prevent it by removing polyps during the procedure. Colorectal cancer is 90% curable when diagnosed early. Are you 50 or older? Ask your healthcare provider which method is right for you.
We are excited to have SU2C Ambassador Brenda Song be a judge for this year's Honorary Bat Girl Contest! Join us and MLB to share your stories! Enter now: [ Link ]
This #SU2C scientist is looking into how cancers get the fuel they need to grow. His goal? Getting effective treatments to patients. Learn more at
See how SU2C is fighting #coloncancer with one of our dream teams in collaboration with the Dutch Cancer Society.

SU2C-Dutch Cancer Society Dream Team: Molecular Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
Did you know #SU2C was founded by 9 women who hoped cancer research could be done differently? Learn more about our all-female leadership team at . #InternationalWomensDay
Have you been screened for #coloncancer yet? Take charge of your health and learn more about your risk factors.

Colorectal Cancer is curable in 90% of cases when detected early
Each cell in a tumor is different: some respond to treatment, while others don't. This SU2C scientist is monitoring changes within cells over time to try and understand their response. His approach could potentially unleash ways to overcome treatment resistance.

Learn more about the work of this Innovative Research Grant recipient at
March is colorectal cancer awareness month, and we’re joining Katie Couric all month long in urging everyone who should be screened for colon cancer to get screened. Take it from Ty Burrell of Modern Family and let a doctor look up your backside. #StandUp2ColonCancer

Learn more at
Collaboration + Innovation = new treatments to patients faster than ever before. #SU2C
Immunotherapy has emerged as a viable treatment for cancer, but it still isn't effective for all patients. Meet a SU2C scientist trying to change that.

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We believe in this kind of collaboration. #Convergence
It’s time to take your health in your own hands for #CancerPreventionMonth. SU2C + Rally Health made it easy. Find out which cancer screenings are right for you at .